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Story 1: Panopticon Project

Episode 1, Part 1 - On the remote world of Cloture in the Skyllian Verge, an astronomical research outpost receives a cryptic message that warns of an impending threat. Soon Penumbra Securities, contracted by outpost director Beorn Rasmussen, find themselves scrambling to protect the Panopticon Project in the face of hostile intent.
Episode 1, Part 2 - As the bullets start flying, Penumbra Securities keeps on the offensive. The real reason for the attack on the Panopticon Project soon becomes evident, and Rasmussen reveals a name that gives the foe a worrying identity.
Episode 2, Part 1 - Pinned down in the Panopticon Project complex, Penumbra and the staff take cover as the hostile force begins bombardment from orbit. A seeming stalemate follows, but both sides know it isn’t over yet and the attackers have the upper hand.
Episode 2, Part 2 - The ordeal is finally over, leaving the Panopticon Project counting the cost and Penumbra Securities dodging pointed questions about the true nature of the mysterious attackers. The eerie star that vanished receives a name, and as interested parties race to the location, the Penumbra team decide on a well-deserved rest.

Story 2: Citadel

Episode 3, Part 1 - After a scant week of r&r, the Penumbra team are back on the job. While eyes across the galaxy are on the race towards the mysterious Umbra, the mercs have their hands full with a trio of contracts in Tayseri Ward on the Citadel, including protection detail for a very controversial hanar.
Episode 3, Part 2 - Tempers flare and tensions rise as things in Tayseri Ward get complicated, fast. The team’s VIP seems intent on stirring up trouble and provoking an incident, testing the patience of his minders; while the mysterious force behind the sabotage takes on a far more sinister slant, an echo of the war still persisting amidst the rubble and reconstruction of Tayseri.
Episode 4, Part 1 - As the hanar establishment rallies to condemn the avant-garde artiste Tharamensis, Penumbra are faced with the increasingly difficult task of keeping him safe despite his best efforts; meanwhile politicians continue to meddle in the situation around the Tayseri temple, and Yghorl discovers worrying evidence.
Episode 4, Part 2 - While digging up leads around the geth-assembly imports, the team encounter a disturbing entity that hints at the truth of the forces at work; and the tension in Tayseri finally comes to a head as citizens take to the streets with fists (or tentacles) raised up, and the various factions embroiled in the mayhem make their move.
Episode 5, Part 1 - As Ganesha clears the way, a vicious firefight erupts in Tayseri Ward. With rioters, Geth and Blue Suns all lunging for the prize, Penumbra face a tough job keeping their clients alive and foiling the nefarious schemes of their foes.
Episode 5, Part 2 - Pursuing their foe through shattered buildings and across the sky, Penumbra refuse to let the quarry escape despite the risks involved. But a meeting with the strange Dr. Marcus Rann and an ultimatum from a mysterious enemy show the team that the true threat is still at large, bringing everything back to a final showdown in the Hindu temple.

Story 3: Green Gold

Episode 6, Part 1 - The team are called in to investigate a missing biotic scientist on a far-flung world of Prothean ruins. The whole affair is shady from the start, but a little digging soon reveals that things just don’t add up; the black market auction of a Prothean relic lies at the heart of what looks to be a complicated web.
Episode 6, Part 2 - Penumbra set to work on the stark, beautiful planet of Sinecure, attempting to track down the last known whereabouts of their target, Dr. Hannah Kerensky. The waters are muddied as the team realise there are quite a number of interested parties, and the only certainty seems to be Kerensky’s disappearance.
Episode 7, Part 1 - The team continue on the trail of the missing doctor, contending with local bureaucracy, the influence of Arkhus Pharanos and the problems of tracking someone across a vast area of rugged landscape. A meeting with Arkhus gives up a surprising truth about Kerensky and the auction, and Penumbra re-evaluate their assessment of the situation.
Episode 7, Part 2 - After encountering the intimidating Weyrloc Hawak and discovering the role of Dr. Kale Amegrion in events, the team finally have a chance to find and rescue Hannah Kerensky. But the other factions are circling like sharks, and Hannah herself may not be so willing to leave just yet...
Episode 8, Part 1 - With the ethics of the situation challenging Penumbra’s dedication to the mission, they are forced to question how to proceed with Dr. Kerensky’s request. Then an unexpected channel is opened, and the mercenaries find themselves dragged back in to the mayhem...
Episode 8, Part 2 - Dug in around the Fastness, Penumbra find themselves in a three-way stand-off with no obvious solution. Without support and with the threat of a ticking clock over their heads, the team need to secure their target and try to resolve this goddamn mess.
Episode 9, Part 1 - From within the stony embrace of the Fastness, Penumbra are planning their next step – how to secure their objective and escape with it from under the noses of both the Blood Pack and the Turian veterans. Unfortunately, the other forces at work are not sitting idle, and their own plans are in motion.
Episode 9, Part 2 - The situation on the ground changes fast, but Penumbra keep their eye on the prize – the precious Prothean data in the hands of the Doctor and his Blood Pack allies. But Weyrloc Hawak is one tough nut to crack, and the team have to keep looking over their shoulder as the Blue Suns and the Salarians close in...

Story 4: Charybdis

Episode 10, Part 1 - With the Sinecure situation safely behind them, it’s time for Penumbra to relax, enjoy some rest and recreation, then hunt out work that’s a little less exciting. But things aren’t going to stay that way for long; now the team are on ‘The List’, and they’re about to be given an offer of a contract that will be hard to refuse – one that will put them on the trail of a myth, and of a conspiracy of merciless killers.
Episode 10, Part 2 - The Scalpel is on its way to the Charybdis system where, amidst weird phenomena, paranoid factions and eerie natives, an old acquaintance awaits Sam and Russell. It seems that myths and shadows may turn out to have more substance than anyone believed.
Episode 11, Part 1 - Hidden away in Pete’s sanctum aboard Rust Station, Penumbra start to formulate their plans. Pinning down Orion will be tough, while hunting for the Heavenly Claw is complicated by a revelation hidden amongst Pete’s artefacts. But the team have a contract to fulfil and an entire system to cover, and planning soon has to turn to action.
Episode 11, Part 2 - Penumbra puts its feelers out, beginning the search in earnest. While Kane programmes and Yghorl ends up in a fight, the team have their first meeting with one of the eerie Undertakers, the aliens native to Graveyard. But delving into the truth of the mysterious krogan Sarruka clan reveals something even stranger than Undertakers, and leaves Yghorl with a great deal to think about.
Episode 12, Part 1 - While Yghorl learns more of the strange Sarruka, his comrades prepare for a daring raid on a Vors communications facility. If Kane can infiltrate the remote outpost, then Penumbra Securities may well have their hands on the evidence needed to pinpoint Orion.
Episode 12, Part 2 - It’s time to plan the next step against Orion. Armed with new information, Penumbra have a chance to intercept the conspiracy’s transactions and, perhaps, finally unpick the purpose that drives them. But the team needs to move carefully – if Orion become aware of their actions, the advantage will be lost
Episode 13 - Penumbra prepare for their showdown with Orion in the creaking chambers of Sai Feredos Station; and what is already a difficult situation is made more so, as other forces at work show their hand and their interest in the events that unfold.
Episode 14, Part 1 - Penumbra have a solid success under their belt, but the team is split up and they need to get their prisoners into safe hands. More than that, though, they need the tools and expertise to investigate the truly bizarre object that Orion wanted from the Collectors – something which challenges the very laws of physics themselves.
Episode 14, Part 2 - With the Orion team seemingly neutralised, Penumbra Securities focus on the second part of their Alliance contract – the hunt for the Heavenly Claw. The evidence they have points to its possible presence on Graveyard, and so it’s time to head down to the chill world and its cemetary of long-dead vessels.
Episode 15, Part 1 - Crossing the icy, metal-strewn waste of Graveyard, Penumbra Securities find a whole host of obstacles to their search for the Heavenly Claw – desperate local bandits, sudden beacon storms, avaricious corporations and the enigmatic nature of the Undertakers themselves. Soon enough, though, they’ve made a key discovery about the Undertakers’ memory of the Claw’s descent – Protocol has changed.
Episode 15, Part 2 - As if dealing with the local fauna and Kassa Fabrication’s machinations wasn’t enough, Yghorl’s hunch turns out to be right – something is at work aboard the Scalpel. Down on the wintry planet surface, the ground team prepare themselves for an expedition to the Sarruka dig site, hoping to find proper answers to the strange conundrum of the Sovereign-class Geth vessel. And everything that is going on is slowly dragging Penumbra towards certain inescapable conclusions...
Episode 16, Part 1 - As the hostile fauna of Graveyard descends upon the Undertaker settlement, Penumbra scrambles to aid in its defence.
Episode 16, Part 2 - The team descends down beneath the planet surface as the Undertakers reveal the truth of the Heavenly Claw’s descent, leading to a race to find the enigmatic vessel before other interested parties can stake their own claim.
Episode 17, Part 1 - Penumbra drop back onto Graveyard through blizzard and beacon storm, racing to unearth the Heavenly Claw before Kassa Fabrications can lay claim to it. Executive Amerigo has no intention of giving up her prize quite so easily, of course.
Episode 17, Part 2 - It’s time to try and pry the Heavenly Claw free of Graveyard’s grip, which would be much easier if anyone had the faintest clue how to fly it. The team find themselves in an accidental deathtrap as Kassa Fabrications make a last-ditch effort to stop Penumbra; and there’s questions still about how the alien vessel ties in with the Scalpel, the bizarre ‘key’ and the structures deep beneath Graveyard’s surface.

Story 5: Dacian Colony Zone

Episode 18, Part 1 - Since the Charybdis mission, Penumbra have been working hard to build up their operations and investigate the mysteries that they uncovered. Now, with refits and upgrades complete, it’s time for a new contract – and this time, the Turian Hierarchy have need of proxies in a shadowy conflict with colony seperatists.
Episode 18, Part 2 - With the contract accepted and the primary target identified, it’s time to set plans into motion on the old Turian colony of Dacia. The team have a wide-ranging remit and a wide area to cover, but it’s not going to be hard to find traces of Aeterna’s activities. Before even that, though, Umbra has a little surprise for them...
Episode 19, Part 1 - Under cover of the sun’s sudden flare, the team kick into action. Their first target – the mansion of Thraxian, suspected ringleader of the Dacian seperatists, and a known associate of Servillius. But setting up surveillance on the magnate’s heavily-defended mansion will be tricky, requiring a careful approach.
Episode 19, Part 2 - Needing to take a more active pursuit of the leads that might take them to Servillius, Penumbra search for the Solar Institute scientists that Tribune Vexatus believes to be seperatist supporters. Snatching one or both from right under the noses of a military university is going to be problematic, but could be the break the team needs.
Episode 19, Part 3 - A long interrogation and the interference of unexpected Volus finally gets Penumbra more information on the activities of Aeterna and the Dacian seperatists. Now the path takes them off-planet and out of system, into the colony territorial zone. There, the scope of Aeterna’s plans begins to become clear.
Episode 19, Part 4 - It’s time to hit first and hit hard. The Eclipse outpost could hold vital information leading to Servillius, but the team can’t risk the Eclipse mercenaries alerting the rest of the organisation and Aeterna to Penumbra’s activities. A co-ordinated strike is launched, but Kane’s looking a little green round the edges...
Episode 20, Part 1 - With the Eclipse outpost reduced to wreckage, Penumbra are still empty-handed when it comes to finding Galerius. Empty-handed, that is, but for a single Eclipse prisoner...
Episode 20, Part 2 - The team must plan and execute an infiltration of the mansion at a time when its security is heightened and dozens of notable guests are present. It’s a tall order, but if it works then Penumbra will finally have Galerius Servillius in their custody. And just what is it that this seperatist knows that makes him so dangerous to the Hierarchy?

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