May 30, 1927 -- Letter To Hannalore Rhyner

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Back To Carl Emerson 1927 Personal Letters

Believed to have been mailed from Iran, just after traveling through China.

May 30, 1927

Dear Hanna,

Much has happened since last I wrote. I shall do my best to try and inform you on what has occurred.

We have left Tsines' place and are now trying to find a Mr. Stone (*). There were several people with us. This large group of people posed problems. Most have left for the states leaving myself and Mr. Rand(**) to continue our job. I am happy at this turn of events as several of them were troublesome.

We are in Iran now, preparing to leave. I understand that Henry(***) is with you. Please send him my warmest regards. Tell him, if possible, that he missed quite a lot of excitement. I'll tell him about it the next time I see him.

I will write next when I'm in the states, but do not plan on being in Boston for several months. I have been under a great deal of strain, so please excuse the writing.

My thoughts go with you Hanna, my hopes go with you and Henry. Good Luck and long life to you both.(****) I hope to see you both within a few months.

Your Dear Friend Carl Emerson.

(*Thought to be Phillip Stone - a known cultist and sorcerer)
(**Arturius Rand - friend and fellow adventurer)
(***Henry Williams - Emerson's best friend)
(****This is believed to be written in response to learning that Henry and Hanna were engaged to be married))