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McMercenaries: Who do you want to kill today?

(descriptions of McMercenary companies)

Target Tactical

Shoot more. Pay less.

Target Tactical is the second largest McMerc company in the world, after Wal-Mercs (see below). While the Wal-Mercs tend to cost less for ops, TT are positioned as an 'upscale' discount mercenary corps. Their company flak jackets tend to jarringly conflict with the landscape a little less than Wal-Mercs', and they are more tolerant of customizations and variations from the norm. Don't let that fool you, though, they are just as ruthless and intolerant of screw-offs (which tend to be the wide majority of their employee base) as Wal-Mercs. Company flak jackets are rust-red, with a khaki-colored helmet covering. Target Tactical is famous for its policy of giving 5% of its profits to charity; however due to some poor choices, most of the beneficiaries of this policy are NGOPS (see below). You can always tell a rookie TarTac (as Target Tactical McMercs are called) or the one who pissed off the boss most recently.. they are heavily into branding, and one of their group has to wear the Company's logo (alternating rings of red and white, which has led the TarTacs to be called the BullsEye Boys.)
AKA: TarTacs, Bulls-Eye Boys


One of the more ahem.. rigorous McMerc companies out there (and boy does that say a lot!) It's said that even higher management eats, sleeps and screws on a schedule (if they had enough toilets, they'd probably <bleep> on schedule too.) Pioneered the JNT (Just in Time) ammunition delivery system that scans every team, and is supposed to deliver their ammo just before they run out. (In practice, they haven't QUITE figured out that the average WalMerc shift is 7 hours, 59 minutes and 15 seconds of boredom, and 45 seconds of screaming terror with fingers clenching on the button marked "Full Auto"). Their standard uniform is a bright blue PsuevLar armor (giving them the nickname "Blueberries" among other McMercs), with a yellow happy smily face on the helmet.
AKA: Blueberries


They used to be one of the big names in McMerc companies when the concept exploded, but they've been reduced to a mere shadow of what they once were. They hired General Stewart Marthanan to try to give them a name brand kick, which failed miserably when Marthanan was splattered three months after hiring. K-Batt recently went through a much-needed merger with another McMerc group (Strategic Engagement And Recon Services) to stay in the McMerc game. K-Batt is the last straw.. some of their McMercs have been booted out of better McMerc groups, others that wouldn't qualify for a reputable McMerc group ever.. It's the bottom of the barrell, but they're surviving on a series of high risk/high reward missions, known as Blue Light Specials due to the fact that the K-Batt Ambulances use Blue Lights to signify themselves as non-combatants. They wear green/red camo.
AKA: "Those Poor Bastards", Dinosaurs.

NGOPS: Hippies... they're everywhere...

NGOPS - private, non-profit combat charities, like Assassins Without Borders, Meanpeace and Christian Children's Corps - are the bane of every McMercenary's life: Do-gooders on the battlefield, fighting for causes they believe in. They are better trained than you, better armed than you, and filled with the enthusiasm and zeal doing good works brings. And because many McMercenary companies have policies of giving some of their revenues to charity, most often they're partially funded by you.

What a bunch of bastards.

Worse, the NGOPS - nigh-universally the kids of rich parents who kept them out of student debt in college - all think that you're all a bunch of corporatist bastards who sold your souls for a paycheck and the latest in cyberware, while their org is running on a shoestring and a prayer and barely has enough money to keep its operatives in bullets. NGOPS are nigh-universally a way for militant post-college liberals to meet other militant post-college liberals, form short, tempestuous marriages and result in bitter children.

Yet, somehow, their Birkenshock Smart Armor is always shiny, and their Latte always steaming hot.

Utter bastards.

In the heads-up displays of McMercs, NGOPS tend to be labeled as "Civilian: Do Not Shoot" unless their designer autorifles are clearly visible to the sensors.

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