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** [[Meamnar:Hativean_Steppes|Hativean Steppes]]
** [[Meamnar:Hativean_Steppes|Hativean Steppes]]
** [[Meamnar:Caladorn|Caladorn]]
** [[Meamnar:Caladorn|Caladorn]]
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Meamnar is a classic fantasy campaign setting for the d20 system.


Welcome, traveler, to the lands of Meamnar. I am the Misfit and I shall be your guide throughout your exploration of this beautiful realm.

I have spent the better part of a century learning some of the things that I will share with you here. Much of my knowledge, though, has been gained just in the past two seasons, as a humble guest of Vasha Elventree, the legendary sage of the Northern Kingdoms. It is with deepest appreciation that I thank my beautiful hostess for the wealth of knowledge that she has shared with me, so that I may, in my turn, share it here with you.

The guide you hold before you contains, to the best of my ability, a description of all the known wonders of Meamnar. With some exception, I have penned it myself. Sidebars are attributed to their original authors, when known. Some also are direct transcripts by yours truly of digressions and mental wanderings of the ancient sage that were simply too rich in their original form to paraphrase.

It is my genuine hope that you will find this guide entertaining, and perhaps even useful. May it aid you in your travels, wherever they may lead.

The Misfit

18th of Garamond, 1429, Northern Reckoning



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The planet of Meamnar, which is about 25,000 miles in circumference, has a surface similar to our own, composed of vast oceans separated by several continents. The foremost of these is called Alu'drial in the elven tongue, though humans native to the continent have no name for it other than Meamnar. In contrast to our own world, Meamnar's northern polar ice cap covers a land mass, while its southern extreme is oceanic.


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