Medalion of Mesob

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The origins of the Medallions of Mesob are lost in the antiquity of the Tosian shadows. Little is known of them save rumors of a few powers gained by those who found one of the medallions. Powers are not uniform and vary in power levels.

Rumored powers

The following list is grouped in powers more commonly spoken of in the legends down to the powers less frequently spoken of but considered possible.

Most likely common in all stories

  • Shadowwalking: The power to shadowwalk in all the levels of the Shadowlands
  • Immortality: Istari Immortality
  • Improved physical attributes: Raises a human to chaos rank stats
  • Immunity to illness: Complete immunity to sickness

Powers common in many stories

  • Immunity to magic used by the undead.
  • Immunity to lycanthropy
  • Regeneration
  • Immunity to poison.

Powers in some legands

  • Reverse Conjuration:The ability to return an item that has been conjured to its place and time of origin.
  • Clean Body:The Power to clean a body of dirt and grime. To remove all bodily refuse emptying bladders, digestive systems and stomachs.
  • Clean Mind: Cause a person to forget everything, rebooting them to a newborn's knowledge.

Known Elements

What is known is that the medalion melds into the holder, leaving a tattoo on the palm only other