Medalion of Mesob

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The origins of the Medallions of Mesob are lost in the antiquity of the Tosian shadows. Little is known of them save rumors of a few powers gained by those who found one of the medallions. Powers are not uniform and vary in power levels.

Rumored powers

The following list is grouped in powers more commonly spoken of in the legends down to the powers less frequently spoken of but considered possible.

Most likely common in all stories

  • Shadowwalking: The power to shadowwalk in all the levels of the Shadowlands
  • Immortality: Istari Immortality
  • Improved physical attributes: Raises a human to chaos rank stats
  • Immunity to illness: Complete immunity to sickness

Powers common in many stories

  • Immunity to magic used by the undead.
  • Immunity to lycanthropy
  • Regeneration
  • Immunity to poison.

Powers in some legands

  • Reverse Conjuration:The ability to return an item that has been conjured to its place and time of origin.
  • Clean Body:The Power to clean a body of dirt and grime. To remove all bodily refuse emptying bladders, digestive systems and stomachs. It causes all pores to empty of retained oils.
    • This power can be used in two ways. Causing all material to disappear or causing all material to eject violently from the body. If used as an attack it eacts with the target's psyche and if they lose it distracts them for at least a minute.
  • Clean Mind: Cause a person to forget everything, rebooting them to a newborn's knowledge. This power can not be reversed.
  • Time Travel: This may be a function of Shadowwalking.

Known Elements

  • What is known is that the medallion melds into the holder, leaving a tattoo on the palm and the forehead only other holders of the medallion can see.



Many rumors exist concerning these items but none can be confirmed.

It is almost certainly not what you think.

The drawback to possessing one will be surprising.

Known or Rumored Wearers

Among the rumors are a few names of wearers of the medallion.

  • Tolknor Scripter, King of York, Paradoxian, Time Lord, King of Plymouth, King of Amber Fallen, First Speaker of the Second Foundation.
  • Conf of Shadows
  • The Steel General. Fugue Master.
  • Vramin. Angel of the Seventh Station. Angel of the House of the Dead.
  • Kylokal. The Efreet.
  • Guiness. Employee of the Palace Commons. Member of CHAD
  • Beor. Thrice Crown Bard. Crowned Bard of Paradox Translated. Crowned Bard of Tosa. Crowned Bard of Amber Fallen.
  • Grog. Emperor. Wanderer


From Arloxedra

Prince Arloxedra to Sir Alexandra Mira:

"Mesobians..... " He waves his hand over his forehead and a symbol appears.

"Mesob is a person sort of out of place. Unbelievably powerful. Unaligned. Impervious. There are creatures like him across shadow. Beings that ignore the boundaries. Tolknor is a lot like that. Mesob is one. A Paradoxian. He travels shadow and the many different marbles. Every so often he leave behind an artifact call the Medallion of Mesob. It gives someone greater strength, powers similar to people at the poles like Amber and Chaos. Lets them shadowwalk. lots of protections. and a whopping block of good luck and protection."

(Permanent Good Stuff 3)

"Early in my life i found such a medallion. Its what led to Eric to finding me."

Alex nods slowly she then turns a page of her sketchbook and starts to recall the man and the kid she had seen with the symbols. Just to keep it in her memories.

All the while she does listen to Arlo his explanation and show and tell of his own symbol.

"So these two we saw are not of the blood, they are not of Chaos. They both found a medallion like one you found and it gave them a symbol like that? Which gives them powers. But does it besides powers give them also strength to deal what might come on their paths in shadows?" She closes her eyes really trying to recall the details she had seen in such a quick glance.

"Even if i didn't know it i was always stronger and faster then the others in my class. But if they are able to move through shadow they can run into nasties that could seriously be a danger to them. Or is that what the protections are for? "

She turns the book to Arlo to have him look at the drawing she did of the man and the child.

"did i miss something?"

"No. Looks good. They Medallions are mercurial.. They provide strength, health. Somewhere in the region of Chaosians. Protections from many things. But they tend to stay in safer shadows when they travel. Shadow is vast. There are uncountable number of creatures able to travel shadow. Many very bizarre. Most harmless. Many dangerous. One never knows. One might spend a century in a brutal shadow and never know a moment of danger."