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Following the rumors she's gathered she prowls the industrial area of the southside of the city of Amber.
A city is a city. And the city of Amber is just more so. Not known as an industrial city it still has its industry and needs storage places and warehouse. Food shops serve the working people and close up at dusk. Working people need their rest so the district has no night life.
Sitting a roof top she sees a carriage that is out of place. Following it from above she notes the twists and turns that lead to a parking lot of carriages, horses, and even a few of the clockwork vehicles coming into vouge. No one loiters outside though as might back home. They move to a alcove where a light briefly shows as they enter a door.

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah smiles seeing the place happy she found it.
In a straight line she walks towards the building going to the alcove where now and then the light shows fro. The inside. She keep her eyes out if there are customs to uphold or something is needed to get in.
Checking her pockets making sure everything is secure enough and checking on Cicero is he is still okey.
Then she takes the final step to thr door.

Michael James Watson
Inside the heavy steel door is a large man in red, with a red beard. He looks down, "Yous lost? "

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks up with a slight smile.
"No not lost, exactly where i want to be. " she then nods to behind him.
"Are you going yo let me through?"

Michael James Watson
"Lets see your coin. Unless you plan to pay in trade? In that case you can start running a tab right here"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah produces a few coins between her fingers. Letting them move about the smiles
"I don't like to owe. So i'll pay. "

Michael James Watson
"I'll take two silverwings then. Start a tab"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah not wanting to discuss or negotiate from the start pays two silverwings. She can always try and get more later.
"Happy? Can i now get in?"

Michael James Watson
"Sure, but feel free to come back if you are looking to earn"
Entering the place looks unlike anything she has seen in Amber., Though a little like the Palace Commons.
Several stories of an abandoned warehouse converted to gaming dancing, fighting, and drinking. The place is heavy with smoke, much of it multicolored.
The music has a hard beat but is unlike anything she has heard. Strange combinations of instruments, some she can't identify.
Broken booths surround the dance floor. SHe sees stairs upwards where noise wafts just loud enough to pierce whatever these people are playing on stage

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah walks in she inhales the air. It might not particularly a great smell but it usually helps Alvah to get a bit intune with a place.
Even if the music has a hard beat it is still only a beat one needs to start a dance. The melody cares for the grace.
She can't help but be drawn to the music. Watching, walking around it. Her steps becoming more graceful more part of a dance to the music. But seeing the dancefloor is also a part hunting ground she watches her step for now. She is afterall also looking for Fisk.
For the safety of her sanity she figures to leave the booths which are more private to stay private.
And this is only the first area.
She moves on. Seeing the other area where one pays to get a tankard to drink she figures it is no night out without proper abiding of alcohol.
Alvah walks up to the guard and pays the copperwing to recieve the tankard.
Already having heard the tip don't look just drink it. She decides to follow that.
Filling the vessel up she starts to drink. While staying in movement.
Somehow she got the feeling thtmat if she stops moving she might get snared.
Silly paranoia. Barely anyone will know you here. How long have you been in Amber. And you are of little significance within this whole whirlpool of... well of something. Sometimes i can't think of analogies.
Strolling along the floors seeing people. She can't help the feeling that she is being watched. Not knowing what gave it away, maybe it just is her paranoia.
She does a little trick she ones learned, everytime she has the feeling someone is following her she taps her finger in growing number of times on her leg. And turns to do something completely different.
Until she reaches the room where the guests are dancing.
Standing still was never her strength. Moving is dancing. And while dancing you can look around easier. Little chances of surprises.
Alvah moves to the dancefloor having watched others and listened to the music now for a while she figured how her body could translate it to fitting movements. She might not be the best. But she certainly won't be the worst dancer.
And while she moves. She keeps an eye out, to see if someone sticks out of having seen multiple times. To see who might have been following her.

Michael James Watson
As she dances feeling the Amber style forged from Thelusia, Darali, Alamond, and Mandalay styles. There is a heavy earth vibe that has Mandalaian overtones. But its a fast music and the dance is fast. She is noticed among the dancer because she has expertise they lack. Her moves are the same as others but somehow seem more correct when she does them. Dancers around her take their cue from her. Synch with her movements. Move with her choices.
Around he dancers echo her, and the music fills her. Men and woman from dozens of shadows on the dance floor echo her steps. Riff and rack, Slip and slide..
When the music stops she finds them around her, applauding the feel of the floor Alvah caused. Unknowingly she had become the center of attention while her attention sought someone else.
And that caught the attention of someone else.

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah stands looks and curses herself internally for not noticing that. She blames it to the new surroundings.
She does a graceful little bow and moves off the dancefloor.
Trying not to make eyecontact. She just needs a drink now and hide for a moment.
Letting yourself go like that, stupid stupid. Rookie mistake.
Alvah tries to just stand somewhere in a darker corner drink and rethink what the hell she is doing.

Michael James Watson
Walking among the sides, a copper here a silver there, the master of ceremonies walks the edges of the dance floor, a dented tankard in the blue green of Reardan metal in his hand. A walking stick in his other hand and a top hat pulled forward to shade his eyes. While he stands out he does in ways blend in, just another curiosity in the new landscape of the dance.
When the music rises and the dance continues the master of the house watches, step and joins the dancing horde. phrase, after phrase till he sides beside alvah among the dancers.
When the music stops and she bows her way out she finds her dark corner and thinks. After a moment into her darkness steps the Master of the House.
He is before her suddenly, leaning in, sliding a rearden tankard to her, beside her, singing softly, tipping his hat.
"Welcome, Madam, sit yourself down
And meet the best innkeeper in town"
Waving his hand toward the crowds
"As for the rest, all of them crooks:
Rooking their guests and cooking the books."
Seldom do you see, Honest men like me;
A gent of good intent Who's content to be"
Stopping singing, smiling a wicked smile, "Content to be your host, you were looking for me? Your power hums above the raucous cacophony. It must be me your Pattern Imprint seeks. Have a drink with me, tell me all your sins and I'll show you mine!"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah her eyes slowly travel from bottom to top a curious look on her face.
A slight smile on her face. She does appreciate looks and the smooth ways he talks.
"Always learned that only those with plenty to hide refer to themselves as honest men."
She looks at the tankard then with a nod accepts.
"Thank you, and well if you were keeping me in your sight then yes. I was watching out for you. But the music took me away. "
She then chuckles soft and shakes her head.
"Ah dear host, sins, but i would be the most honest woman around. "
Alvah smiles sweetly.
"But my due compliments for your establishment it is truely an interesting place."

Michael James Watson
He leans in, the force of his psyche strong enough to make her worry about coercion.
"oh but but my young padawan I am an honest man! Honest to the code of the streets. Honest to the laws of survival. Honest in a bargain and I have learned the hard lesson that one never plays client poker or cheat at cards when at the table of the King of Amber. Never forget that kings and queens and statesman all across shadow are all honest; honest to he who casts shadows of them, that sits the throne of Amber. He is a honest man, but he isn't devout about it. He that sits the throne has sat in a cell. But then, who among us hasn't, eh?"
He looks almost as if he was going to lean in for a kiss, then he twists claims a set beside her. As he sits a waitress quickly appears with a wood platter with cheese, bacon, and dried fish chips. She also sets down a pitcher of a strong smelling beer.
"Try the ale. We brew it upstairs. It is always stronger then the weak ales you might find at a royal soiree. "
"Oh, Honeyest, get me some pickles and let me know if that Digan is winning upstairs.. Let me know when a seat at his table opens up. I want it."
HE looks aside as he sips, "Now..I'm Thin Whip, as you know. I'll leave introductions to you. I know the name they call you in the castle or in the deck. What is your name here?"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah inhales as she feels the radiance of psyche still getting used she is the smaller fish here.
A slight uneasy shift in her seat as he comes near.
Her hands clench ready to pounce or to dodge.
Noticing he just sits beside her she exhales and relaxes her hands again.
She still has her slight smile on her face appreciation apparent.
"I'll go by Whisper here, time to bring that one out again. "
Alvah leans back looking at the food the beer and then again the man.
" it is a pleasure to meet you. Heard alot about you. Heard i should absolutely not be here.... so here i am. "
Looking at the waitress and hearing about the game she smiles.
"I would not want to keep you from your business here, Thin Whip. Was at most just looking around and seeing if i could find someone."
Alvah does look at the beer tempted and after concideration pours herself a bit.

Michael James Watson
"A pleasure to meet you, Whisper. And let me assure you i have no business that is more important then meeting you. I have a card game upstairs in time. I have a trio in the play room that are looking forward to my dropping in. I have a dozen enterprises that will bear fruit or poison tonight. and i have two seperate threats on my life come from the castle, but all of that is of little importance compared to hosting a scion of Lighthandler. One must know where the dragons bite and i want to see if you are just the tip of the knife if Lighthandler is returning to the streets. The Gray Guild has missed his touch, even if he only stole secrets, not treasures."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah raises her sarcastic eyebrow.
"Oh how i should feel flattered i suppose. By some recognition of who the ones are that might or might not be in my life. "
Alvah laughs.
" and if you want information from me i am afraid i must disappoint. "
Alvah keeps an eye out to see if she can spot familiar faces. Her hand moves in her jacket to check on Cicero.
"But it does truly sound you are a man whose attention is appreciated, why else death threats if not caring about your coming and goings. That people suck up to you is just a natural way how people react when they see a way to stay out of a deadly bite and rather in the shade that you cast."
Alvah grins and leans her head on her hand.
"So what is your first impression? Do i live up to the expectations you had?"

Michael James Watson
"People don't suck up to me. We are a friendly people. Most people out of the royal circles trade have concerns and i help them. They think i do it for coin so they pay well. "
He raises a glowing symbol in his palm, looking like multicolored snakes twisting together. Cicero tightens in its presence. Thin Whip extends his man through it and pulls out a large green cut diamond that looks vaguely familiar. He tosses it on the barrel being used as a table. "What good treasure if it can be drawn from shadow so easily.?"
"As for the death threats, they don't really threaten death. Roofer, who you know as Ryba, assures me he will make my business interests problematic by his interfearance. The other comes from the Crown. Hands off it says or Brand will have company. Neither would kill me. They are worried i might lure you. Into my world of crime. And Lightwielder says if i soil you he will set up camp here. Tempting to take such risks isn't it? Especially when the prize is between your thighs. "
He sips and gnoshes.
"First impressions. You dance first then drink. I like that. I want to see more.."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah her smile turns in a grin and she shakes her head slowly.
"So endearing and infuriating knowing i am not believed to make my own choices and let a smooth and good looking talker set me on a path of crime. And that was Logrus right?"
Alvah rolls her eyes.
"So i have a suspicion who carries the name lightwielder but i am not certain. Who is it you refer to?"
Alvah then leans closer and smiles sweetly.
"That is so sweet. Life is dance so that comes first. So far it made my life easy and fun."
Then lifting her chin and leaning away
"There is no prize to be found between my thighs, i would not know whatever you were hoping to achieve with that.."
Alvah does a double take....
"Wait how do you know the name Ryba? Thought he only used that back home."

Michael James Watson
"No prize between your thighs? Either you sell yourself short or you misused shapechange. Either can be fixed with a bit of effort and there are rooms upstairs just for it. And, it was not me seeking it, it was them afraid of me seeking it. I have been known to lure waifs away from the path of righteousness.
"Fear not, Whisper. I have no interest in such sport with you. My tastes run to the exotic and my wife has particular interests of her own. "
He raises the sigil again, powerful snakes writhing together quickly. The look of serpents fades and its revealed as a glowing ring. "This? Its the Logrus. Its the sigil of Chaos. I gained it by stepping into the logrus in Suhay way at the risk of my life. It was hard beyond belief. I was expected to fail and leave my bones around it. But i survived. It made me a Lord of Chaos, but it didn't make me wiser. I don't recommend it. Though if you fancy gaining a Woven Logrus imprint., we can do business."
Smiling,"As for Lightwielder and you know the game the elders play when it comes to secrets and information? You asked of the logrus. I answered. My turn. You bear a Dufiro of Guard. Who bound it to your companion? They are tricky at best and troublesome at worst. I can tell its mentality is submerged, delivering energy but not intellect. Whoever bound it knew your companion was highly loyal. Who installed it?"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah shrugs
"what is it to them really who i might or might not be with. Seriously it is so annoying the overprotectiveness. Even Ryba this time.. that actually stings. And yes i figured that your wife might not be to pleased, heard actually scary stories of her."
Alvah smiles
"i had no aspirations to deal that closely with the logrus, but thank you. "
Alvah then sighs
"right right i've been warned about that, the answer for an asnwer thing. A Dufiro you say. In Cicero?"
Alvah guides Cicero a bit more out of her sleeve looking closer at him.
"you are kidding me, well the only ones that were close to me and Cicero would be my father or Ryba... so my biggest guess would be my father. "
Alvah shrugs
"it is clear that he is handling alot of strings in my life and so far i noticed that will not change with me being in Amber and such. "

Michael James Watson
he laughs , "my wife would be very angry. Angry she wasn't invited. She deeply desires to have one of Amber, beside me of course, to apply the whip. She has esoteric interests that run toward the painful."
"I would be surprised Del..
Ah...Lightwalker deals in dufiro. But I don't know him well. But he's an east sider and Dufiro are certainly west side. You have a westside ally. Now...your turn "

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah shrugs hearing about the wife
"About your wife, well yeah concidering....., i can imagine. Though i would still like at a point to talk to her."
She then frowns hearing that it might not be her father.
"well that is interesting, about the Dufiro and all surely something to look further into."
Alvah sits back and looks thoughtfully at Cicero as she let him slither through her fingers and over her hand.
"Alright simple question which you can just answer with a yes or no, though i would less likely believe you then, then if you would answer more elaborate, " Alvah is silent for a moment.
"Are you familiar with the reason why some are so bloody overprotective, over me?"

Michael James Watson
"If you want to be all to Uta talk to Random. She is in tg he Dungeon psyche ward with his sister Mirelle. Seperate rooms. Of course. "
He lights a tiny pipe
"Over protective? They are parents?"

Amber Bronkhorst
"Oh really she is in prison. for an disclosed amount of time?"
Alvah shrugs as he answers
"ah yes surely a part of it. "
She looks about seeing if more beer can be brought to the table. With a sideway look to Thin Whip she smiles
"So how do you know the name Ryba? to my understanding that was a name he only used there. Yeah i have still plenty of questions so as long as you answer i'll sit here drink beer. " she looks in her tankard and smile " which is damn good. by the way, and ask questions."

Michael James Watson
"She is under protective custody voluntarily. She requested asylum. Her family is crazy. "
"As for Ryba, Roofer, ..Fisk...he's guild master of the Gray Guild in Amber. I'm a member. We do business."

Amber Bronkhorst
"Alright so have to go through different channels then to talk to her. But her family is crazy how so? in what way do i have to think of? "
Alvah nods
"ah okey well that explains alot about Fisk. Oh he should be around here, i have something for him. "

Michael James Watson
He shrugs."Want to see how crazy?"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks a bit suspicious but after another sip she sighs and hten nods
"sure i guess i am curious and stupid enough. "

Michael James Watson
"Curiosity may have killed the cat but stupidity has brought down nations. "
He pulls a trump and opens a trump gate. "Don't worry. We are staying local. My quarters in the castle as a matter of fact. "
He steps over and holds the gate for her to follow

Amber Bronkhorst
"Alright i guess." Alvah steps through with him. Making sure to leave nothing behind.
Cicero close to her around her arm

Michael James Watson
Stepping in to the room it is clearly the castle stone walls but the room is small. A open door looks on a single bed and a small night stand. Ahead is a balcony. A small galley kitchen is to one side.
There is something surprisingly spartan about the place. Few decorations. In the southeast corner is a elaborate cat tree. On the top sleeps a very long looking cat with 8 legs hanging over the round flat top.
He picks up a small box for a shelver before sitting at a small table with two chairs. He motions for her to sit. He opens the box and sets a small figurine of a puma. It has a impression in the back. He fills the depression with tobacco and lights it. The room fills quickly with smoke

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks around she soflty says "like what you did with the place...." then spotting the huge cat she quickly sits and keeps an eye on it
"cats generally don't like me. "
Seeing the smoke rise Alvah blinks and looks questioningly to Thin Whip.

Michael James Watson
The smoke clears and she stands in the plaza of a great Aztec city on top of a square building by a river. north is a plaza with a low raised alter. Nearby is a pavilion where people watch the sacrifices.
The plaza is filled with people, some struggling against bonds, some resigned to fate and some picking and leading the sacrifices to the alter.
On the alter is a powerful man in puma and jaguar hides and copper. a man and a woman are chained to frames and made to watch.
In the pavilion is a dark beautiful woman in colorful feather. She sits drinking from a copper cup. Around her are many people behaving in a celebratory way. Other pyramid tops have similar celebrants.
"The smoke will last an hour. We can walk around in the tableau. This event occurred many years ago but it happens yearly. You can change nothing. You will smell everything, hear everything. But we must stay till the smoke clears." She sees the main priest rip a heart from a victim. Raise it and squeeze, filling a cup with bright heart blood. A servant takes the cup and takes it to the woman in feather for her to sip then pass among the other revelers. A pair of servants move the body to a great fire pit house where the bodies are cooked. On a side platters of food are brought out and shared among the celebrants.
The priest paints the two bound figures with bloody brushes coating them.
The scarifies are repeated on and on. Many people must be fed.
"The priest is Zictalas High priest of Azcala. The woman in feathers is Zentalas. Thier parents are Tonacat and Cihaucoa, the gods of Azcala. The two victims on the alter being painted with blood, pay close attention to them.
After several sacrifices the priest comes up and neatly removes the hearts of the two special victims. Placing their hearts in bowls the blood erupts. He removes two red diamond hearts.
Priests go to the special victims and examine them. Moments later they are lowered, their chests healed over.
“This happened to those two every year for hundreds of years. The male is Alcona, the son of Zictalas and Zentalas. The woman is the daughter of Xozla and Cihalas, brother and sister, as well as brother and sister of Zictalas and Zentalas, therefore children of Tonacat. “
“Alcona is in Azcala and participates in this ritual every year. When Chaos sealed Azcala,he was inside so who knows how many times he lived the ritual. “
“When Chaos sealed Azcala the woman had escaped and was sealed outside. She is Untara, and she currently is under protection under the hospitality of the King of Amber. She is my wife.”

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks around eyes slightly wider. She had seen some things via the patternwalk but this is in so much more detail.
She notices details in people. trying really to listen.
Maybe she hopes that something might become familiar to her geting her past a bit more clear.
And perhaps see if her father was lying or right.
Alvah can't help but just stare. Disgusted in what she sees with the sacrificing.
she mutters softly
"This is insanity. and they want to become real... " she looks around staring
"that can't happen. this can't become real."
Alvah is looking around carefully amongst the people. Maybe she somewhere hopes to recognize a face perhaps a mother. That must be the beer influencing her.

Michael James Watson
"The diamond hearts are a powerful magical focus many high priests use. This ritual is performed all throughout the shadows of azcala to one degree or another. The least of them at least sacrifice one victim. In those cases usually an elderly person, of a cripple. In some of the shadows political leaders capture and sacrifice political foes. In some wars are waged to capture vitcims. You'll note the common weapon among the Azcalanss is a mace, for stunning rather then killing. Their whole military traditions are based on taking sacrifices alive for the alters.."
" If it wasn't for Tonacat and his family ruling this realm, the priesthood might well fall. There is much beuaty in Azcala. Uta was in the Corn Cult for a time. Farmers and gardeners. She was the only royal ever in the Corn Cult. They loved her., Still do. She and her cousin were rebels. Thats why their parents put them to sacrifice. Though, to be fair, Uta's Father never participated in the rituals and objected to his daughter being used. Cihalas. "
"There is a resistance to Tonacat. Lead by Quezcal, a grandson of Tonacat. Keep that in mind. Tonacat wishes to use the Red Sword to make his realm equal to Amber and able to destroy Amber and make all shadow.....this...If he had his war blade he might be able to do it but it has been lost. If he gets it, woe to shadow."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah turns to Thin Whip.
Her eyes big "There is already talk that the rock guard is there."
She points in the general direction where sacrifices are done, but nowhere specific
"Just like a banner of Adagalasck. Maybe they are gathering jtems of power to prepare not only the rise of their pattern to reality but also a first blow to Amber. "
Alvah looks around.
"Why is noone getting those things back? Your wife must not want them to rise either right?"
Alvah can't help but hold her hand near her heart in sympathy of the heartripped sacrifces. Though she does not turn her gaze away. Better to realize how bad it all is.
Alvah speaks soft
"Can't Untara help?"

Michael James Watson
he nods, "She has. We wouldn't know a tiny fraction of what's going on in Azcala with out her. There have been raids into Azcala in force and by stealth. I was on one, my friend Vek was as well. When Azcala was first reopened they send puma and jaguar cult squads to Amber and took hearts in the back allies of the Golden Circle. But they were clever. The city police could be avoided. Royals are to easy to track if you know to expect them. It took Random hiring CHAD to put the knife to the cults. They have unique talents. But there are 500 priests with diamond hearts that would know the second Uta entered even the Azcalan Sway. You mention artifacts. Its my understanding the Banner of the Kalota was left there by Hagalta. Ask him why. They gather artifacts to make their warriors powerful while fighting on the Jeweled Road. "
"My turn..Who said the Rock Guard blade is in Azcala?"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah listens and nods now and then. Holding Cicero closer to her.
"Yes Hagalta was also a stop i wanted to make to talk about this he came with the info of the banner that is there and that it might be needed in Adagalasck."
Inhaling deelly she tried to think back to who said it she rubs her temples.
"I believe my brother, he told me it might already be there and i could use it as a incentive to ask Vek for help getting the banner back. "
No clue where it exaclty is though.
Alvah looks slightly panicked knowing all thoee things she heard about this were also true.
Looking at the sacrifices she speaks softly
"They are not only making their warriors stronger. There is talk that children are being imbued, prepared and all that to be better, stronger sacrifices."

Michael James Watson
"Its not talk. Its the Precedence of Powers. Things combined are greater then their sums in magical matters. "
He leans over the edge looking down of the festival.
"vance says the Rock Guard is in Azcala. And Star Fleet can't get into the Azcalan sway because the shadow realms don't support faster then light travel. Same problem with a lot of Regor.. So his main force can't get there. Hagalta tried bringing a force of Adasks to Azcala, charmed the royals, made the Azcalan Adask practiall rever him and joined him in hordes. Then he led an Azcalan Army with His loyal Oxdrata of the Kalota, Shaxta, and the other two clans. Xorit was the only Cl;an Lord that didn't follow Hagalta. Hagalta led that army to conquer Adaglasck. To his surprise he did not meet a rabble led my a sorceress and one cavalry man. He met Julian and Caine and thier forces, raised in shadow and raised in Adagalasck. Got his ass handed to him on a rearden platter. Then the Azcalans started using Hagalta in their ceremonies, making diamond magical focuses out of his heart. "

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah nods slowly.
"Well that explains why the banner is there. "
Alvah sill stares around fingers following patterns and movements.
"And yes ofcourse precedence of power. "
Alvah closes her eyes remembering in the book Arlo gave her to read about thag subject. Amber was of a higher tier. So the blood of Amber must be of higher tier then of shadow even a powerful squiggle.
Alvah bites her tongue hard till she tastes blood. Somehow the knowlegde that that is all you were to people and her mother, just a higher grade steak, gets to Alvah.
Her voice soft
"So if they used Hagalta he might know more. Perhaps even a way to lessen their strength."

Michael James Watson
Jurt says, "You might have to ask them both. One might not be as talkative as the other. The one at the Fane of Zilla is a despairing one. He might be more cooperative"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah turns to him
"How am i going to get there?"
She looks down
"And why should i do it. What am i doing? I can't do anything against a force like that. "
She moves her hand around
"What am i hoping to do? Fuck.. leave it to the elders i figured to do a nice thing, steal the banner but..... this... ao much is involved. "
Alvah shakes her head
"Why am i bothering. I won't get answers anyway. "
She looks to jurt/thin whip with a confused mix of emotions.
"Thanks for showing i guess that is what i asked.for right."

Michael James Watson
"Let me Guess? Delwin planned to train you for a few hundred years before telling you about Amber? I wouldn't expect you to go toe to toe with Tonacat. Nor Zictalas really. But, he's sloppy. He almost got killed by Desri. And frankly, all the Azcalans are kind of like that. Not full thinkers. There is something about Azcala. They are forgetful. Poor planners. Ambitious and stupid about it. 150k of them got wholloped by about 13k Amberites with less then a thousand CHAD. .80k got killed by street gangs at Cynasure. Hagalta was a hero because he could make a plan and stick to it, even if he failed. I'll go with you to talk to Uta and Hagalta if you like. Its a good thing for me to be seen up at hte big house to be helping. If you still think you can't manage it, do it later. Meet some allies, form a team..THen try it."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah smiles
"I shouldn't keep you from gour business. You still.have a table waiting for you and a game to join. And you couldn't be more right about my father. He did not want me anywhere near here. "
Alvah sighs
"Well thanks to this i am awefully sober again. That sucks. "
Looking up at Jurt she smiles
"Thank you though. And well if you want to help out and come with me to talk then i won't say no. "

Michael James Watson
"I could get you drunk first.. Might help getting Hagalta talking. Sneak him in some good Adask Black gin...Heck, if we showed up drunk, wandring into the du geons yelling for Hagalta and bar service it might do both our reputations well.!"

Amber Bronkhorst
She looks at Jurt and laugh
"Okey i like your style but i am only here for a short time and the problem is my dad can still just drag me off to some shadow and keep me there. I am no match for him."
She then smiles
"I am one Hagalta his jailers i am sure he and i can see to it that he talks... except for what he asked for yet.... "
Alvah smiles
"Well if i can do something for you let me know. You actually did help put things in perspective."
Alvah then stands up and smiles at Cicero "right my little guardian.... wait you said dad probably didn't do it. Is there a way to figure out who did?"

Michael James Watson
He takes a drink and turns his head a bit, "What do you mean by he could drag you off? You mean forcibly? The only way he can make you do anything is by guilt. Family law on the matter is clear. Parents have no legal authority over their progeny once they walk the pattern. The statue stand from the Riegn of Clarissa. She attempted to Stone Bind Brand and he beat her down, they appealed to Oberon. He ruled. If Lightwalker was to do anything other then whimper and plead and yell he would be in a cell in the family ward. "
He starts to stand then sits, "Wait... you are one of Hagalta's jailers? Like Arlo is Brands'? Really? Well... damn Sam.. Call the bitch. I'll order table service! Russa!!! Get some steak platters send up and some of the calrabon sauce! I'm entertaining guests!!!!"
"Is there a way to figure out who did? Sure. Summon a Knowledge Dufiro..I have one on trump."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah blinks
"Oh really now dad can't do shit to me?"
She lets out a quick laugh
"Yeah that guilt tripping he tried but never worked on me. The only thing he is doing now is controlling what happens around me like when i go to Fantalin he was to be sure what group i was in amd such." She waves her hand "But that i can handle. He forced me on ballet as a child i learned to poledance. Stuff like that. Although i do enjoy dancing ballet."
Alvah thinks
"I am only allowed by the king to bring him to certain spots like the sea view gardens and some other locations. Anything else has to go through the king ofcourse. "
She then looks at Cicero and then at Jurt stepping a bit closer.
"Yes i like to know . If i have allies other then i already know jt might be handy to know. And see if my friend here gets less suppressed. "