Merrick Kader

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Name: Merrick Kader Species: Human Age: 34

Stats: STR - 6 DEX - 11 END - 10 INT - 8 EDU - 6 SOC - 4

Skills: Athletics 0 Drive 0 Gun combat 1 Gunner 1 Mechanic 1 Medic 0 Pilot 0 Streetwise 1 Vacc suit 1

Equipment: Blade Accelerator rifle (benefit) with scope and suppressor, 10x15 round magazines Snub rifle with suppressor and 10x6 round magazines Cloth armour TL8 Mobile comm A/V Computer/0 Binoculars TL3 Personal items like clothes/bag/shower kit CR15,575

1 enemy in the Navy

Background: Born on a manufacturing planet, Kader's only options were work in the factory or join the forces, so he joined the Navy as a gunner. Things went well to start with, basic training was a breeze and early on he foiled a crime that earned him some respect and also - unknown to him - an enemy a rank or two higher.

He rose steadily through the ranks and had a reputation for being honest and capable. When an opportunity came up to abuse his position and make a profit he turned it down, not realising the whole thing was a set-up anyway.

During the 5th Frontier War, and an unfortunate stand-off between Rand's ship and the rest of the Imperial fleet, Kader deliberately overloaded his ship's guns to prevent them being used to break the Rules of Engagement. During the firefight he was injured and ended up in the same hospital as Rand. He was court marshalled for his actions, and although not discharged from the service his reputation and career were both in tatters. Kader had a feeling this wasn't something he was going to bounce back from. He mustered out, and ended up hiring on with Rand and not so far from the Navy after all...