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This is a comprehensive list source of non-player characters for Game Masters of the Midnight Role-playing game. If you are a player in a Midnight campaign






This is a WHO'S WHO of the Shadow, the Resistance and all others

Herein we explore the leaders and organizations within the world of Aryth.

Please add in any "canon" names/notes from Midnight book sources. Also feel free to add YOUR custom created individuals or groups. Custom-made characters and groups SHOULD be noted with a * following the name and a (created for xxx Campaign) at the end.

For Example:

  • Talûn-karkû, the white worm * (Orc Commander) a fearsome Orc with a distinctive mane of white hair. (created for Kevin Perrine's Campaign)

NOTE - BOOK/Page # to be added soon. Please add if you like



  • King Jazir Kammil, the SWORD of Shadow. Jazir is the most known of all Night Kings, the absolute ruler of Erenland. His frequent court is in the city of  ???. Early in the winter of  ??? he began a pilgrimage to Erenhead where it's said he would name the generals that would continue leading his armies. The most feared turn of events would be to know who would take over the Kaladrune campaign.
    Jahzir has entrusted the war against the Caransil to the most competent of his generals, Grial the Fey Killer. [Book ???, p.# ???]
    Three orc tribes vie for leadership of the armies:
    • the Bloody Sword: [Book ???, p.# ???]
    • Scaled Mother: [Book ???, p.# ???]
    • Dark Mother: [Book ???, p.# ???]
    • General Grail, the Feykiller: Grial is likely the key Orc in all of Eredane. He is lead General to the Night King Jazir's armies. He has personally lead many battlewaves, and now pushes the front of the war on Erethor with the Burning Line in the South and has issued a decree to form a second Burning Line in the North. Grial has divided the Shadow’s army into four separate commands in an attempt to stretch and weaken the elven defenses. [Book ???, p.# ???]
      • Commander Belark the Blackheart: (Oruk) Along the Gamaril River, the Blackheart commands 40,000 orcs that have tried to secure the river basin and cut off the Caransil villages north of the river. [Book ???, p.# ???]
      • Commander Frag Longtusk: (Orc) In the Green March, Commander Longtusk with his army of 45,000 orcs fights a more mobile war against a scattering of human and elven villages, attempting to bypass the elven defenses. [Book ???, p.# ???]
      • Commander Kiah the Flame Axe: (Oruk) Just south of the March, in the scorching heat and choking smoke along the Burning Line, the Flame Axe (Oruk) leads the largest of the armies, over 90,000 orcs and goblin-kin, against the heart of the elven defenses. [Book ???, p.# ???]
      • Commander Jorg Kinslayer: (Orc) In the Darkening Wood, the Kinslayer besieges the elven stronghold of [Three Oaks] and deals with a forest gone insane, although it is rumored among the orc troupe that Kulos has been given command of Cambrial's great host (in definance of Jorg's efforts) to finally break the stalemate in the Darkening Wood. [Book ???, p.# ???]
        • Talûn-karkû, the white worm * (Orc Commander) a fearsome Orc with a distinctive mane of white hair. (created for Kevin Perrine's Campaign)
          • Dafrum-Dâgalûr *: the battle group led by the White Worm. Durgaz’s old regiment, consisting of somewhere between 400 and 500 Orcs at any given time. Consists of members from approximately a dozen families, all of whom are constantly jockeying for position within the regiment (whose leaders are, of course, doing the same within the army of which the regiment is part.) Durgaz’s treachery is not tremendously well-known within the regiment, as open discussion of the incident tends to rouse Talûn-karkû’s anger. Among those that do know, not much is known beyond the fact that Durgaz went mad, killed two fellow soldiers and fled. It is assumed that he is dead. (created for Kevin Perrine's Campaign)
            • Radagug, the dog *: (Orc, Wildlander) Durgaz’s older brother, by about twenty minutes. Although most orcs have numerous half-siblings, only those born at the same time can be sure they they have both parents in common. Competition was fierce between the brothers, due primarily to Durgaz's superior strength and skill with arms, and matters did not improve when Durgaz was made an officer with the Dafrum-Dâgalûr, leaving Radagug in a demeaning position as the head of a company of goblins. Radagug is known derisively as "the dog" by his fellows due to the goblin association. Radagug is slightly smaller than normal orcs, he was a runt amoung his siblings and rather than fight with them for survival he sought to route with the dogs and goblins for survival in adolescence. He now harbors all that hate and focuses it in a pin-point needle directed at his traitor brother, whom he has vowed to behead. Radagug is of the Dark Mother Tribe (Tribal Lands: Bastion region, Warlord: Agnum, Head Mother: Raarn). The battle group they were attached to is the "Dafrum-Dâgalûr" led by Talûn-karkû, the white worm. They fall under the dominion of: "Jorg Kinslayer" an orc commander under "Grial the Fey Killer" who is Jahzir's lead general. (created for Kevin Perrine's Campaign)
              • the Goblin Dogs *: Goblin, Wildlanders & Fighters. This band of Goblins is the misbegotten horde assembled and lorded over by Radagug. More like the Orc's entrourage than a squad, they cheer and jeer on their Commander with sinister glee. These goblins are part of a larger colony bread for landspeed and blitz attacking. Yet under Radagug's care they've slipped in their tactics and enjoy torturing victims they find along their scout trip travels. (created for Kevin Perrine's Campaign)
              • FORC *: Goblin, Sniffer/Rogue. Forc is the the unapologeticly devious keymaster of the manacles weilded by the Goblin Dogs, which he displays proudly on a bandolier denoting that he's a "Captain". He rides a Dire Rat named Grockel. He was given his name for two reasons. The obvious actually can post nickname - when he began using a modified fork and dinner knife as his means of backstabbing and tormenting victims. The less known but even more appt reason is he tends to mimic the Orcs to get an air of power which comes off slightly rediculous at times and resulted in the nickname shortened from "False-Orc" down to simply "Forc". Though some speculate that the "F" more likely stands for a more obscene word... (created for Kevin Perrine's Campaign)
                • Forc's Brigade *: Sadly after Forc's run-in with the heroes of Shadowwall his escape would grant him a special duty... He was put in charge of a band of Sniffers that would follow the bands of orc and mercenary army up and down the Shadow's Highway, cleaning the road clear of dung and manure... (created for Kevin Perrine's Campaign)
            • the Traitors of Festrun *: there are a small contingent of known villagers in the Hamlet of Festrun that apparently pay to watch the orc Radagug behead prisoners. It is not known how or why they have this strange contract... (created for Kevin Perrine's Campaign)


  • Sunulael, the Priest of Shadow: Though little is known of the Priest, all know it is he that has the potential of being the dominant of the Night Kings. His mechinations worm as tenticles through all Shadow units. He is supreme priest of the Order of Shadow and rules the Legates through fear and promise. His court waivers between the city of Cambrial to the South and within the halls of Theros Obsidia in Highwall (??). Early in the Winter of ?? he has begun feuling Jahzir's armies with an undead host emenating from Cambrial. [Book ???, p.# ???]
    • General Kuros, the Exonerated: (Sarcosan) An outspoken supporter of Sunulael and enemy of his critics, his command of the armies of Cambrial came with orders to raze the forests of Erethor. The Priest of Shadow entrusted this Priest of Shadow mission to Kuros not because he felt the man was a great leader, but instead because of his fanaticism. In his years of service, Kuros has personally led many forays against those who oppose the Priest’s rule in the south, even orcs and other legates. However, in so doing Kuros has made many enemies in Theros Obsidia; to maintain the careful balance of politics, Sunulael believed it was best to remove him from the center of intrigue lest he lose him to a Cabal knife.
      The masters leading the Priest of Shadow's directive have sent three generals to command the forces that are to prove Jahzir and his generals are inferior by taking the Erethor... By the time of the great arc of Obares, the fey resistance in the Darkening Wood will either be crushed or Kulos will be sacrificed to his god. [Book ???, p.# ???]
      • "the Hanged Man": (human?, General) [Book ???, p.# ???]
      • "the Hunter": (a North man, General) [Book ???, p.# ???]
      • General Jaran, the Reaver (Caransil?). [Book ???, p.# ???]
    • Vrolk the Vile: a known legate in direct service to the Night King Sunulael. He is said to hold sway over the "Cadaverous Eye", some relic of the power of death. His lair lies within the Obsidian Spire amoung the Dead Marsh, where he devides his time between his master's labs at Cambrial. [Book ???, p.# ???]
      • Zaindal the Undead Wyvern: a strange concoction and pet to Vrolk. Made with the "spying eye" in it's gut to fly the area in search of his masters command. The beast crashed to the ground in a crater of it's own carcass. The spying eye crushed following it's hold on both Kyuad and Durgaz. [Book ???, p.# ???]
      • the lost at Satan Rock *: strange spirits trapped forever at this ancient prayer rock, perhaps one of the oldest to the dark god in the north. These souls linger still protecting those that worship and poaching those that blasphemy with their lingering chill... Thorton's encoutner at the rock led to his death shortly after. (created for Kevin Perrine's Campaign)
      • Krell Azam'han (male human, Sarcosan, soldier legate, merc leader) had recently conscripted dozens of the "Dafrum-Dâgalûr" and other army groups seemingly with the permission of Jahzir, although the orcs didn't appreciate the "transfer"... Not a typical soldier legate, his frail physique would indicate he was never fought a battle in his life. Stringy black hair, greasy from weeks without washing, hangs like rotting cords on a gibbet’s arm. Bulbous eyes protrude from beneath his thick drow and crooked yellow teeth add ugliness to his vicious grin. A scrupulously groomed goatee is Krell’s only concession to personal hygience and recently the soldier legate has developed a hacking cough that, more often than not, leaves a bloodly residue upon his lips. He blames the swamps with bitter angst. [Book ???, p.# ???]
        • Zad-el-Rakib *: ("Gift to the Rider") the Grey Speckled Arabian horse, believed to be an Asterix assigned to Krell. Hailing from a breed of horse with a reputation for intelligence, high spirit, and outstanding stamina. With a distinctively chiseled head and high tail carriage, it is one of the most easily recognizable horse breeds in the world. One of the oldest horse breeds in the world. Prized by the nomadic Sarcosan people, often being brought inside the family tent for shelter and protection. This close relationship with humans created a horse breed with a good disposition, quick to learn, and willing to please. But it also developed the high spirit and alertness needed in a horse used for raiding and war. This combination of willingness and sensitivity requires the horse's owners to handle their horses with competence and respect. Reference Material
        • Krell's Merc Units: Typically his units consist of a dozen or so leather clad mercs armed with short recurved bows and cedeku all on proud war horses of their family stables. (created for Kevin Perrine's Campaign)


  • Ardherin, the Sorceror of Shadow, : [Book ???, p.# ???]


  • Zardrix, the Wrath of Shadow: [Book ???, p.# ???]


  • Aradil, the Priest of Shadow: [Book ???, p.# ???]


  • Zardrix, the Wrath of Shadow: (see above) [Book ???, p.# ???]


  •  ??? : [Book ???, p.# ???]

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