Midnight RPG - Chapter 12.13

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  • [This scene takes place during the downtime surrounding the identification of the charms and before the climb up the pile of corpses]


Zal'Kazzir: Fumbling blindly towards Kyuad's voice, Zal'Kazzir says, "Kyuad?"
Gently touching Kyuad's arm, "There you are Kyuad", Zal'Kazzir says, whispering softly to stifle the cackling laughter that has been plaguing him. "I feel that we must speak; perhaps blindness and pestilence are what it takes for me to see clearly, but many things are coming into focus that I have never seen before. When you first took, then used, and finally discarded the Scourge, I was beset by jealousy and spite; jealousy because you now held and used the weapon that I then so craved, and spite because you were able, and more importantly willing to abandon it.
"At that time, and for some time afterward, I was unable to see beyond the veil of protective emotion that it had wrapped around me. The power weilded over me was terrible and vicious, and that traitor cobra is welcome to choke on the scourge for all I care. In my distress for the welfare of the scourge, and in jealously and rage for having lost it, I spoke many cruel and ungenerous words, and I am deeply sorry.
"Though I scarce listened at the time, your words of detatchment and collectedness now ring as words of sympathy and compassion, spoken out of care and concern, not as cold, dead and craven words, spoken by an emotionless man. The line is fine, but very meaningful. Kyuad, I apologize for treating you so badly, especially when I now see a bit more of your intentions. Though we do not know each other well, and are certainly not yet friends, I would love, as time permits, to speak further with you, and learn from your experience and wisdom, and, if you would like, to share some of mine in return."

Bill / Kyuad

Kyuad: "You were present when I spoke to Durgaz as you released your charming magics from his mind. My words may have been in Elvish, so maybe you didn't understand. I'll repeat myself for you. I explained to him that you were not in your right mind and were being compelled by the weapon when you manipulated him, and you should not be held accountable for that action.
"I assure you, I made the same consideration, or perhaps more, with your words for which you now apologize. The Mother of Pain is more manipulative than any other woman I've met, and those skilled in manipulation are often the most susceptable to it. To be frank, I was surprised that you listened to anything said at all, and thankful that I did not suffer the same fate as Durgaz prior.
"If you have something else on your mind, do speak plainly... it seems we have some time on our hands."


Yes, I have more more on my mind, and what I have to say is... *Zal'kazzir hesitates for a moment, and then is suddenly revelatory, as if an important decision has been made* is beautiful...

I don't know how to say this without seeming mad, Kyuad, so I will simply speak the truth of it and let the consequences fall as they may.

Kyuad, for the first time, I hear the words. THE words. Though I hear only bits, like snippets of a song, but they are there and they are independent of this dark place, and they are becoming clearer...
You are wiser and more learned then I am, and perhaps you can offer your interpretation, but it feels as though life itself is speaking to me. As though in learning to speak words of power, and learning to find the power in normal words as well, it is as if I have trained myself to hear the words that rest below; primal words, powerful words..... both beautiful and terrible at the same time.
And what the words seem to say is this: As the god-corpse Izrador drains the very life and magic from the world, life, like a cornered animal, fights back, and it's wrath and fury are majestic in their strength.
It speaks words of power, words of pain and words of victory; words of life, words of survival, and words of vengeance. They are chaotic, jumbled and hard to understand, but as complex as the song is, I can make bits of it out, and I hear a new strain coming closer and closer; a tiny melody circling towards ours, as if searching... or perhaps drawn is a better word... It will be here soon... But it is to our great benefit that it does so... The harmonies are much stronger with it's voice added... and I hear a word, a name... "Nazif"... though there is more that I cannot yet understand...

Bill / Kyuad

Kyuad's face contorts with confusion, though through the darkness no one can see him.

"It sounds as though you speak of encounters with the spirits of the dead. Spirits torn from their life force, but bound by ties greater than their life to this place are likely. I have heard whispers that could be spirits as well, but nothing so coherant as actual words. Could you repeat some of this to me perhaps? If this spirit is coming to us, I would like to be ready." In the blackness, Kyuad fingers the hilt of the short sword given him by the elf.

OOC: Lorebook check without the book! The rules don't say I can do this, but it's safe to assume it would be at least a -10 penalty, giving him a +1 modifier. Does Kyuad remember reading the name Nazif?


  • [KYUAD] Lorebook check without the book! The rules don't say I can do this, but it's safe to assume it would be at least a -10 penalty, giving him a +1 modifier. Does Kyuad remember reading the name Nazif?
    • [A]: Here's my issue with that... You shouldnot get the great bonus by being able to drop a prerequisite (ie. referencing the book):
      • "To use the lorebook, the hermetic channeler may consult it."
      • "The channeler may not take 10 or take 20 on this check, since the information may simply not be available in the book. Retries are not possible."
      • "The penalty for scanning the lorebook rapidly is reduced to –5."
    • However, because I want to allow options I WILL allow it. However, it's at a higher negative modifier than -10 (effectively with only a -10 to your Lorebook modifier you'd still get above a 50/50 chance even though you're not meeting the MAIN prerequisite). So I've decided that if you do this it will be a minimum of -20 modifier. Normally by the rules you are NOT aloud to attempt it at all. This could be helpful possibly in the future if you are seperated from your Lorebook, so I think it has a good preficit.
  • ROLL: Kyuad (Lorebook +11) ROLLED: 7+11 (-20) = -2
    Oooo... crappy roll Bill, sorry about that...
    With this roll - Kyuad gains nothing. There is no reference to the word "nazif" in his Lorebook.
    This does not mean that in the future your lorebook couldn't have something related to that word... You however cannot "reroll" for that word until you learn of it in other ways and note it in your lorebook yourself.


No! *Zal'karriz seems agitated* Definately not the dead! Let the god-corpse keep his dead with his dead hands, they are his, for he is theirs! Listen to the living words, the words of joy and passion and fury! Definately not the dead! The dead don't sing and feel and laugh; at least not that I can hear... Spirits, perhaps, spirits of Aeryth, spirits of life, and mighty, yes... but not the dead... definately not the dead...

But one called Nazif is coming, yes, and soon... A friend, I think.

But be wary, do not sing back to the life-song if you have not the voice for it! The discord could be deadly...