Midnight RPG - Chapter 27.18

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Eranon leaves the old woman and goes down to the hold to retrieve some food for her. He searches around and pulls a variety of things. When he find a barrel of spoiled vegetation and perishables he reaches into his pouch and pulls out a few small herbs, sprinkling them into the barrel. He then speaks quietly in High Elven

"Great Lady, allow not your great bounty to be dismissed and unused, return your grace and nurishment to the faithful" (Casting Purify food and drink)


The spoil of time withers off the waste... As if peddles off a white cotton dandelion... Fruit vegetables ripen to their once known perfection, rotted meats cure to their juicy tenders, even the oils and water waste within the barrels drys and the storage becomes as new - no smell of foul, no residue of time and hate... Aryth has replied to your words Eranon... And in the back of your mind the sound of her voice seems to be that of your sister Alamath, so far away or perhaps your mother or maybe still lovely Aradil.... It is the whisper of hope, it is the sound of silence in the roar of the war of tides beyond the Spear of Grief's hull... You've made that which was lost whole again. You've saved the world today. And the Great Lady thanks you as Izrador weeps.


Eranon then gathers up a good amount of the restored vegetables and heads upstairs. He walks to the edge of the boat and picks out a few of the best things, bows his head and tosses them overboard

"Thank you"


The waves roar back at you in hate, man-sized see fish have begun to swim with the Spear of Grief - some long nosed, some with gnarled and spiked teeth, all looking for bits of food to easy their miserable existence in the waters corrupted by shadow. Hints of reef-waste float these waters, it won't be long now until land is near. This must be the reaching tips of the Corbron Isles - hive to the Pirate Princes...


He takes the rest of the collected food and goes in to see the old woman

Eranon (speaking in broken Orcish): "Here, I bring food."

(switching to High Elven): "Do you understand my language?"

(switching to Erenlander): "Maybe the language of the middle-men?"

Eranon pushes the bowl of food towards the old woman, motioning for her to take what she wants

the old Dorn "gypsy" woman of House Norfall[edit]

... waiting as a cat in the corner still, curious at Eranon's movements into the Spear of Grief's captain's quarters where she planted herself - the witch had been rolling bones. The smell of fish and conch shells eminate from her feat where the leathery goat blatter has spilled it's contents, these shaman-like implements of seers and myth-tellers...
She wears no shoes, her legs are bare as well as she quickly pulls them back under he near molted shroud. For a moment your eyes fixed enough to note that this "old woman" may not be as old as first imagined... Her legs more tone and less wrinkled than that of an ancient harpy. She cackles a quip in response to your flourishing words (elven), then again with a grunt of disgust was the middle-men tongue twists from your mouth. For your thought, she didn't understand the word meanings but she knew from what cultures they came...
"thrakatulûk búbhosh" she says in broken Orcish as she extends her leg and the first few toes on her left leg grip the bowl...
She seems to be somewhat thankful - the orc words you think are a reply of "thanks for bringing", then again she could have cursed your hide...

bagronk burzum-ishi snaga-ulûk" she says in a sly tone crunching into a vegetable... Her words seem spoken as broken as your Orcish, yet that which she speaks seems to have a very different intination than your tone - perhaps this is the accent of the norther Odrendor? What you can make out seems to reference something you haven't thought of in months... "...the ones that binded you to their pact in the pool... the 'groundbelly-lizards'..." when you look back at her pieces of blood red pulp drips from her face - her bald head now appears from beneath the cloak that had looked like braided dreadlocks prior... her eyes are crystal, a soft pink... her skin is pale with freckle marks, showing her age... though dirty and unkempt her beauty rivals Mi'shun. A sharpened dagger that is her fingernail slips off the vegetable as she carelessly lets it fall to the floor between her nearly uncovered breasts - it splatters on the floor, but not before 'painting' its red juice color down her stomach... she smiles and motions toward your back. You look down and wonder... had your cloak fell down accidentally to reveal a small portion of the covenant pact tattoo or had she made this so?... From her sharped teeth she says again in Orcish... "my forefathers gave me their name, I am called Etri - it is all they could give before the fall at Fallport. What did yours give you to be called hansom wood-wilder? Or did you spring from a twig as told in the stories?... hehehe" she smirks. Is 'Parchment' your name, or is that just how you make your living?..." again referring to your tattoo...
Has this witch seen you before in her mind, or is this a trick...?

GM NOTE[edit]

PS... dude - cool spell casting quote/action. You gotta keep that to do/say in game. Love it. Nice think'in! Also - very cool "giving back" to Aryth by throwing some of the bounty overboard!

"Middle-men" - GREAT term for Erenlanders!!