Midnight RPG - Chapter 31.119

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While traveling with Azmodar, Collune again scries on Kyuad and sees that he has met up with his new friends. They seem to know what to do, so she waits for a good time and contacts him via a telepathic bond spell. Her being an NPC, but my NPC, this conversation could be done by me for both sides, or Kevin could handle Collune.

You're right, t.b. won't work. But message will do the same thing, and it's legal to cast through the scrying pool. So it works.

: ANSWER: Are you sure you can cast this through a scrying pool? The Message spell notes:

Range: Medium (100 ft. + 10 ft./level)
And Scrying notes: "the following spells have a 5% chance per caster level of operating through the sensor: detect chaos, detect evil, detect good, detect law, detect magic, and message." Assuming Collune is 10th level that means a 50/50 chance. Right?
ROLL: 50/50 chance on 1d100 (high being good for you) = 20.
Nope. It's not a sure thing. Keep reading though...


Note: Bill, not to be contrary at all, but you gotta remember that when you "hand over" the NPC idea it becomes an NPC for me to work with. Once that info on an NPC is approved and given to me, it's "mine". Collune is NOT "your NPC" anymore. No matter what I say or do with that NPC after you post it for use, what I say/do for them is canon. THAT is how she acts.
So, while I'll try to remember what you "intended" from her personality for her, you MUST remember that she is NOW an NPC. You have no control over her any more, other than through conversation/actions with her from YOUR PC.

I will *allow* your last action as Collune to scry on Kyuad to see that he's been "found" by his companions.
The REASON I'm noting this is because that in the past you've been unhappy with how I RP "your" NPCs. I'm happy to use your ideas for personality. But please don't assume I'm playing them wrong. Because the way I play them is the way they are once they're "mine".

I'm ALL about sharing co-creation, I welcome your ideas for NPCs via your 3x3 and background notes, but there comes the time when YOUR control's gotta end, so that I can make the NPC "come alive" in my own way.
Make sense??

I never said anything otherwise. I don't really even know why you think this is an issue. I am going to remind you of something though, I wouldn't really be into Collune becoming Kyuad's love interest. Knock yourself out otherwise.

: Because I've experienced this being an issue in the past. So I just want to caution against it. If you want to write up a profile on how I should play her, go for it. But once I read it and start the NPC, it's how I determine it. That's all I'm saying.

Telepathic Bond (NON-ISSUE)[edit]

While it'd be a possible good thing for this Bluebook to happen, currently and unfortunately this cannot happen according to the spell:

Range: Close (25 ft. + 5 ft./2 levels)
Targets: You plus one willing creature per three levels, no two of which can be more than 30 ft. apart

This was an issue, though - had I not checked it... We need to follow the rules as best we can to be fair to the game. So before you suggest something just make sure it's workable.


  • Possibilities
  1. She could have been doing this all along - there's little reason she'd wait till now to try it. Of course, maybe she only learned it while in the hospitality of the elves. She could allude to previous conversations, and this would prevent Kyuad from having to tell her everything that's happened.
  2. She may ask him why he has allowed this to happen to himself. She taught him that undeath was the worst fate.
  3. This conversation could happen at any time. It may be the reason he didn't attack the PCs when he first met them. Or it could give Kyuad some special information before the group sets off to meet Azmodar.
  4. Collune might make herself part of the ceremony to summon the replacement familiar. She can use the telepathic bond spell 3 times per day, for a total of 5 hours. Of course, this could be a bad thing considering they're on the move.


  1. Again, unfortunately - No. She couldn't have. I think it's unlikely that you two set this up prior to the campaign and Kyuad hasnot seen her in three months. And it would have been a little unbalancing to have said that Kyuad HAD a telepathic bond PRIOR to the campaign beginning. Not to mention the fact that you "obviously" didnot have it prior, since you sent Nisse to give her a message and also placed a message for her to scry on when at the Spire. If you'd had a Telepathic Bond prior neither would have needed to happen.
  2. Maybe. That'll be when they meet again though, unless Kyuad has a way to contact her.
  3. Before the group sets off to meet Azmodar?? When's this plan happening. I don't remember this at all.
  4. No. If they form this "bond" she'd check in with Kyuad. (ie. that's when Bluebooks would be appropriate and could take place). But would not be able to continue this with travel needs.


  1. Yeah, she couldn't have used t.b. She could have talked to him at any point, however. Now, if you want to say that she didn't then hey, you're the GM, I'm totally cool with that. I just wanted to point out that you have cool options when I notice them. You don't have to use them if you think it's stupid.
  2. She can contact him at any time, and hear what he's saying in reply.
  3. "The group" is the PCs. At some point "the group" is going to go to meet Azmodar. What is not clear?
  4. No t.b., so it's appropriate for this bluebook to take place anytime you feel like generating it. If you care to do so (it sounds like you're pretty down on the idea, but whatever).

Lastly, you're welcome to give me suggestions on what she might do to have the ability to START this Bluebook. Otherwise I'm afraid it's just technically impossible.

Any ideas?

  1. I think you're missing my point. Just because I'm "the GM" doesn't mean I WANT to stop the good dialogue with a NPC, espeically when you're doing "extra" work at the game in non-game time with bluebooking. That's not the point. The point is that I want/need it to make sense and be "legal" with the rules. Because whatever we do here/now sets a precident for future things YOU and others want to do. I donot think it's a stupid idea. Again missing the point.
  2. Not according to the rules. According to the rules to cast through the Scrying, it's a 50/50 chance at her level.
  3. Who is Azmodar? When did that get talked about? That's what's not clear.
  4. No. That's not the point at all. I do a dozen bluebooks each week. Why would I be down on the idea?


Yeah, I have an idea, this isn't a bluebook, it's an email. It just looks messy as crap.  :)
New bluebook location in case you want to do this at all:


Okay. The point is that I'm okay with the idea for a bluebook here. I encourage it actually. I am just trying to decipher the way to make it happen in-game with the rules.

Let's assume that Collune CAN and DOES contact Kyuad (following his "return" to the world when he remembers his name for the first time when talking to the PC group). That's when she finally makes contact. But let's not assume it's a given. It's still 50/50 chance, anytime after the contact stops. For now though, let's GO with it. I'll post up the starter points on the Bluebook for you to get into any discussion you want.

Yeah - the point here is NOT to stifle you... Not at all. You know that I'm not a "rules heavy GM", I know a good deal about the rules to make a good solid decision. I know them well enough to guess at the right answer a great deal of the time. But I cannot quote the rules. So, looking up the rules for Telepathic Bond, Message and Scrying is NOT to try and thwart your attempts at fun role-play in bluebooks or otherwise. But my intuition was right about being concerned with the "sure thing" use of those abilities. In this case it comes down to a 50/50 chance.
I rolled a 20 on 2d10 for the %. That would normally mean failure.

HOWEVER... I'm OVERRULING that roll because I DO think this is worth it for a "GM Fiat" to say it just works as an NPC ability...

I hope that all makes sense and is cool.

and actually this is the sort of thing that I want covered in a bluebook as well... It preserves it better.