Midnight RPG - Chapter 42.198

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This is a Bluebook entry for you to inquire about all the various memories, visions and seer site informations Durgaz has had. You can ask any questions you like. I'll reply and you can continue asking questions until you're satisfied. The reason you can do this is because you have the crystal sphere that allows you to review and show your images. Otherwise it would be Intelligence checks.

However, just as we've always done I want YOU to ask questions and I'll answer as best I can.

If you'd like to determine anything regarding Zal'Kazzir's true name or transformation I'll need you to be as specific as you can about:

  • what you want to know (people/places/things and any details)
  • when you're looking (over the time that you can)
  • what you're looking for or what you're looking for that might be absent, etc...

Feel free to ask as many questions as you like, here by bluebook to get you rolling and then again in-game when needed.

I have a touch of info that I'll start you off with since you said you were reviewing all Zal's history and related images. This has nothing to do with his true name (yet) but is another note that Durgaz could find as result of questioning. THIS note below is what you got for asking to look into Zal's past as your "freebie"... the rest is up to you to figure out and ask the right questions.

If I can't answer or think you need to ask more questions before I can answer I will say so.

Vision Memory

Durgaz received some interesting visions one night... I described these during a game session (in the hallway) so I only have my notes about what was said. HOWEVER, the reason that this is out of the ordinary is that this "vision" was not "normal". Though I mentioned it, you didn't pick up on it at the time but THIS "vision" was actually in a dream when you slept. Durgaz has rarely gotten ANY seer visions when sleeping. They have normally come on him when awake, forcing him to go unconscious (his eyes turning white and rolling back) for a few seconds as the vision is shown.

Blank Spot Vision

So... as Durgaz reviews his visions and such he notices that a "vision" he remembers cannot be replayed on the crystal sphere. Its like it didn't happen. It wasn't a vision in the normal seer way... Here are those notes:

  • Scene 1: Durgaz standing in the mouth of a Dragon, barely holding on, until a flash of silver on his left reveals Ahimia, stabbing her blade up through the beast's mouth, and a few words in courtier from behind him fill him with the strength he needs to break the beast's jaw.
  • Scene 2: Durgaz stands before a large crowd of Dead Mother orcs, all of whom are chanting for him, and he thinks back to what led him to this place, he can see a serpent finding the orcs, a serpent calling to them to bring them to him, and providing the freedom he needs to break them of the sendings. (there are both male and female orcs involved)
  • Scene 3: Durgaz marshalls his forces, battling threats in the mountains to secure his people's future. As Durgaz rushes to aid a number of Dead Mothers who are about to be overpowered by foul shadow-trolls, a huge dog-headed giant, with pincers like a crab steps around a corner and decapitates a troll, just as a huge spider-like creature sinks deadly fangs into another, saving the orcs from certain death. The two huge creatures then bend down to speak with Zal, who orders them back to defend the City, as he and Ahimia approach Durgaz.
  • Scene 4: Black robed humans (very distinct from legates; black robes with green and silver trim - Zal's family colors) are seen in numerous locations across the human lands, spying, gathering intelligence, sabotaging shadow operations and funneling the information back to Zal'Kazzir, who walks into a war council and moves several troop markers on a battle map, changing a plan to prevent disaster.
  • Scene 5: Durgaz stands at the head of HIS new tribe, now arrayed for battle, Vardatches and armor glinting in the sun, as he looks around, he can see Eranon at the head of a Cadre of Elven warriors, gleaming and bright, a large phalanx of dwarves, grim and strong, a host of Erenlander warriors and a mighty wedge of Sarcosan Cavalry, lances tipped with beautiful pennants. All of these mighty forces are united and held together by the coils of the serpent, and as he follows the serpent to it's head, he looks behind to see Zal and Ahimia standing with him, prepared to battle at his side.
    • The serpents across the vision seems to represent Zal and Ahemia, and are shown to be crucial in a number of scenes above.

Craigth Steps Forward

In a way all pathwalkers have a connection. You could say that those of the same path might be even more entwined. This has seemed to be especially true with Craigth Galeck and Durgaz. When they first met the visions Craight "shared" with Durgaz were strange and mixed but still yet important to Durgaz's own destiny. And in the past Durgaz has see Craigth within his visions ... what if seeing Craigth was not by chance. What if Craigth somehow was helping Durgaz, helping to point out flaws in the visions handed down to the new pathwalking seer (Durgaz) from the elder (Craigth)?

It was in one particular vision (aquainted to the above inconsistency) that Craigth interceded to point out the mechanations of others in dream, destiny and fate... It was THIS vision that Durgaz looked in on, seemingly from a dream had by Eranon - that Craigth tried again to help.

However, at the time it wasn't seen as "help". Because there was no reason to doubt... Until now.

In the link above to the vision - you can see specific passages highlighted in RED. These passages are the main points that Craigth was questioning by repeating them over and over. This entire vision IS a "real" vision for sure. However Durgaz was seeing a dream vision given to Eranon. It was a false vision and Craigth reached out to warn Durgaz in the best way his broken mind could...


Start asking... You can ask further questions on the points above. You may also begin investigating and asking questions about any other visions or times/things in Zal'Kazzir or any other person you have access to...

1) Clarifying the "Blank Spot"

I may be misunderstanding you, so just to clarify:

1) The first vision detailed here, the "Blank Spot" vision, did not occur in the usual eyes-glaze-over-and-fall-off-the-boat sense. It manifested as a dream, which no previous visions had (is that right?) Also, Durgaz cannot replay it in the crystal sphere.

A: Correct - that "vision" actually occured one night when you were asleep. It was a "vision" that I shared to you verbally in the hallway, hence only having my notes. Correct - Durgaz can NOT reply that image in the Crystal Sphere. However the notes (which are the basics) are what Durgaz remembers of THAT particular "vision" that he "can't find" anywhere. Its like it didn't happen or wasn't a seer vision at all...

2) Clarifying the "Craigth Vision"

2) The second vision, the one that was actually directed at Eranon, was also not a "vision" per se, and also came as a dream (or did it?) However, in Durgaz's version, Craigth intermittently appeared (maybe not literally, but his presence was felt somehow) to point out key sections of it that he appeared to "question". Is the implication that the vision was a true one, but that the red sections don't belong, or were somehow "inserted"? We know from Zal's experience communicating with Eranon's sister that dream visions CAN be intercepted and possibly altered by someone with the knowledge to do so. Is that a possibility here?

A: Incorrect. That vision WAS in your normal (eyes glaze over) form. However it happened as a result (apparently) of the "dream vision" Eranon had had the night prior. If you remember correctly I gave Steve the "dream vision" and at the same time gave you what Durgaz saw... which WAS one of your visions as normal. Then I believe it was the next day that Eranon shared that he had a "vision" and Durgaz noted that he had most of the same imagery - Eranon's was more straight-forward and without Craigth in it at all. You can ask Steve for him to reread his "dream vision" if he wants to compare again.
Correct that in Durgaz's vision Craigth appeared intermittently...
The implication (might be) that Craigth was helping the Pathwalkers, Durgaz specifically here, by pointing out that this was NOT a "vision" - rather it was something ELSE.
The red sections were the sections that Craigth was emphasizing for you to pay attention to. None of it really "belonged" this was a hint to you to pay attention.
Having a dream vision intercepted is a "known precident" as you know in-game... However to be sure what's happening/happened you might need to ask Zal'Kazzir, Kyuad or someone else that would be more knowledgeable on these things than Durgaz. Really there's no way I could justify allowing Durgaz to make a leap in that knowledge. If you (Andrew) can guess, I'd say Durgaz could get the same info - but for any definitions further, you'd likely need help. You'd be welcome to invite any of the other players to read and reply here along with you. Assuming that they're watching the crystal with you and such...

3) Where was Zal'Kazzir?

3) Where was Zal'Kazzir on the nights of those two dreams, and what was he doing?

During the FIRST "vision" Durgaz would have to recall/remember and guess the day/time that he had this "dream vision" to recall where Zal was via your seer ability.
  • ROLL: Durgaz (Intelligence +1) ROLLED: 15+1 = 16
    With this recall of when that day/time was... Durgaz believes that this was on an evening when with Durgaz asleep in camp, Zal'Kazzir was meditating in the fashion that you've seen him in when casting the Dream spell in the past...
During the SECOND vision (with Craigth), that happened sometime in waking hours after Eranon had had his "dream vision" the night prior... so at the time Durgaz had THAT vision Zal was taking care of something other - not anything conspiquious. However the night prior when Eranon reported having that dream vision... Zal was meditating in the fashion that you've seen him in when casting the Dream spell.

4) Reviewing

4) Next: I would like to take a closer look at two key recent events. The first one would be the moment of Zal's "transformation" several days ago. The next would be the night that Zal tried to make contact with Caradul, was intercepted by Vrolk, and "discovered" that he was becoming something else, which would have been (I think) at most a week before that. (There may not be much to observe there, if Zal told us the truth ... so I would not be surprised if there is.)

A: NOTE: Remember all of the information below is based on Durgaz's memory and searching ability. The things that you either do NOT act direct questions about or that have been "hidden" from anyone's prying eyes (ie. if Zal was being extra sneaky in case you came looking) the DC for the Search check may be higher. The rolls/results follow the information gained. I'm neither confirming nor denying that ANYTHING was going on. This is what you "see"...
A: the moment of Zal's "transformation" several days ago
4th day on the Arc of HALAIL, LA 100 (summer) - Zal'Kazzir "erupts" in transformation in front of Ahemia and Eranon at the rendezvous site. This event seems to play out exactly as Eranon and Zal accounted, but your viewpoints are hazy... Everything happened so quick, it was immediately at this time when Eranon saw they were being watched by Ahemia's former Asterax and took off stalking it. ROLL: Durgaz (Search +1) ROLLED: 7+1 = 8'
Belal was also there during all this, he didn't seem surprised by the transformation - in fact he seemed more excited or proud... ROLL: Durgaz (Sense Motive +3) ROLLED: 11+3 = 14'
A: the night that Zal tried to make contact with Caradul
28th day on the Arc of SENNEACH, LA 100 - Zal'Kazzir sends his Dream Vision to Aradil, a dream that seems to be intercepted by what he believes to be Vrolk the Vile in the form of Sovaliss the Eyemaster of the Witch Queen. He wakes agitated to tell the pathwalkers of these problems. ROLL: Durgaz (Search +1) ROLLED: 16+1 = 17
A: the moment Zal "discovered" that he was becoming something else (at most a week before 28th) ROLL: Durgaz (Search +1) ROLLED: 18+1 = 19
Below are the significant days/times around this timeline...
25th (Bimba) day on the Arc of SENNEACH, LA 100 - "The Battle for First-Hold" begins at sundown.
20th day on the Arc of SENNEACH, LA 100 - Faravour is "discovered" as "hiding something" by Kyuad. The group questions him, Zal performs a magic-surgery on the angel and is expelled at least once from the mind of the outsider. At the end Zal is shaken from the experience and learnings...
16th day on the Arc of SENNEACH, LA 100 - Zal'Kazzir opens the council at Dern's Hold to communicate the "new way" to the villagers after nearly a week of talks and community work.
9th day on the Arc of SENNEACH, LA 100 - Zal aids in the gathering of the new Council of 13 at First-Hold meets with a feast celebration as Dern and his men are imprisoned.
32nd day on the Arc of SAHAAD, LA 100 (summer) - Zal'Kazzir makes the trip to Dern's Hold. There he begins to assume control in the guise of Legate Menethas.
A: Below are some other days/times that Durgaz see's that may or may not be related to Zal's transformation...
3rd day on the Arc of HALAIL, LA 100 (summer) - Zal'Kazzir finds his way back from leaving the Path's of Dal Colia along the southern shore of the Pelluria, soon making his way to Baden's Bluff.
1st day on the Arc of HALAIL, LA 100 (summer) - Zal'Kazzir leaps back into the world from the Path's of Dal Colia... he finds himself above a rolling-thunderstormed ocean somewhere amid the Sea of Pelluria (as Eranon suggested he saw). Zal leads his Nightmare steed toward the northern coast, using what he believes to be the towers of Theros Obsidia as a guide post... He seems lost and alone. While lost Zal'Kazzir manages to avoid/escape several dangers amid the storms and on the Northern coast... ROLL: Durgaz (Search +1) ROLLED: 19+1 = 20
Following his return from the Paths, finding his way back to the southern coast of the Sea of Pelluria - Zal is noticably confident even though he is angered at his Nightmare for becoming lost for a day crossing the Pelluria. His demeanor, while agitated, was of a bigger confidence even for Zal'Kazzir... ROLL: Durgaz (Sense Motive +3) ROLLED: 17+3 = 18'
25th (Bimba) day on the Arc of SENNEACH, LA 100 - before "The Battle for First-Hold" as Eranon and Durgaz prepare the battlefield, Zal'Kazzir sequesters himself away in a cottage among the shanty town. He speaks most of the day with a shadowy man that you later see (leaving the cottage) is Petrus, "brother" of Wilhelm. ROLL: Durgaz (Search +1) ROLLED: 14+1 = 15
Durgaz has never seen Petrus prior to this in any of the crystal playback images, or in First-Hold prior... ROLL: Durgaz (Search +1) ROLLED: 20+1 = 21
10th day on the Arc of SENNEACH, LA 100 - Zal'Kazzir (with Kyuad aiding) begins "deprogramming" the human refugee villagers to understand the new government system they're putting in place at First-Hold. This will take less than a week to level the majority to "indifferent" and ready for the council to begin anew... At this time Zal also speaks privately with four people in First-Hold, they are: Velar, his daughter Naline and Tarmigan, the forth is Etri...! They talk about forming a group of independants that will "watch the watchmen" as the eyes behind the "throne" of the new Council of Captains at First-Hold. These aspiring spies are to report directly to Zal'Kazzir until further notice, but remain hidden within the town. ROLL: Durgaz (Search +1) ROLLED: 18+1 = 19
13th - the MOON CRESCENT day on the Arc of SAHAAD, LA 100 (summer), Waking up on a ship imprisoned the pathwalkers soon find that they are being taken north on the Greedy Knave captained by Capt. Aesir Norfall, commanded by the bounty hunter "Vindicator". Severely weekend (negative levels, 5th level) and still charmed, they wait for a better time for escape. Later the group discovers Etri is imprisoned as well, Zal deals with her to come to a bargain that she will fly to find Faravor... She does, but doesnot return. This is the last time the group has heard from or seen the succubus (in the form of the Dornish witch pirate Etri). ROLL: Durgaz (Search +1) ROLLED: 19+1 = 20
6th day on the Arc of SAHAAD, LA 100 (summer), this is in the first times the group visited the Corbron Isles. This is the first "encounter" known in those 15 years for Zal'Kazzir with a Succubus, though he's spoken of them before - noting that he has several names and true names of this type demon in his various books acquired at Vrolk's Black Spire... You learn that Etri the pirate witch that was on Prince Aesir Norfall's ship. ROLL: Durgaz (Search +1) ROLLED: 10+1 = 11

5) Who the hell is Petrus?

5) You mentioned that Zal spent nearly the entire day before the Battle of First-Hold speaking with Petrus, who I'm only now realizing had never been seen before. What were they talking about?

Commander Petrus Fogg, Erenlander, brother of Captain Wilhelm
A: Petrus is the elder brother of Captain Wilhelm Fogg. Petrus is the character that Adam role-played at the recent Council of Captains that elected Willis as the new High Captain. If you remember Petrus (Adam playing him) aided Kyuad in cornering Tarmigan to come out looking like the fool. It might not seem "that" odd that you'd never seen Wilhelm's brother prior... Afterall there were 300+ people in Dern's Keep and it was before the battle, which was crazy. The time that you DO recall seeing him prominent is when Zal and Kyuad presided over Wilhelm's wedding to his new wife Mary (the lady whom had apparently been a battlefield nurse that Wilhelm hadn't met, then asked to marry following the battle). Petrus was Wilhelm's best man at their wedding. He was noticably present following the battle, more because he was the right hand man to his brother Wilhelm - a bigger man, the elder brother to Wilhelm's 19 years...
Within the cottage, the crystal has difficulty focusing in the magic haze... but the outcome seems to be that Zal'Kazzir first speaks with the witch-woman pirate Etri, who's somehow sneaked her way into Dern's Hold under everyone's noses. (remember Etri is the succubus in notes above)
Hours are filled with the most graphic and sadomasochistic hedonism, even hard for Durgaz's eyes. What takes place isn't just sex, it seems to be ritualistic - though as to what ritual Durgaz would have no idea. Blades are drawn, Zal'Kazzir primarily uses "Red Mercy" to slice open Etri's flesh so that blood pours into silver cups - blood that Zal'Kazzir and Etri ingests in all ways possible amid the pleasures... Zal seems intuitively aware, while bloody marks and symbols formed across his and her faces and hands. Bloody magical symbols that they smear off one another and onto parchments as they negotiate... they only whipser words almost unheard in unknown tongues - but one thing is constant - he now calls Etri "Vipheri"...
Following the hours of carnal magic - Zal sits, still bleeding from cuts, speaking with Petrus about the coming battle and the election that will follow to elect a High Captain... They talk about Petrus seeking out an appropriate woman, but for what they never really say... ROLL: Durgaz (Search +1) ROLLED: 13+1 = 14

Any other questions here?

ANY OTHER questions on OTHER topics?