Midnight RPG - Chpater 18.17

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Eranon will approach Kyuad after all have come to a rest before camping on the second day's journey

Eranon: "Kyuad, I sorry to press you, but I was hoping you had some more news about the curse that rests on my head. Have you managed to discover a cure?"

Bill / Kyuad

Kyuad: Looking up from one very large book and his familiar Lorebook, Kyuad says, "Eh? Oh, certainly. Let me give it another shot. Please sit." Kyuad says a short phrase, somewhat familiar because it's the same one as last time he tried.

OOC: He'll try three times today if he keeps getting dispelled. He'll want to examine Eranon once we know if the spell gets cast.


Okay, fun. (possibly) Three Mirror Dispell rolls for me. As we know the rule is:

  • Dispel Check of 1d20 + It's caster level, versus a DC of 11 + The caster level of the caster or creator.

I want to consider something... I WILL NOT use this for this roll, but I want to ask the group (spellcasters) about it. Usually with many skill checks that are quite crucial you CAN attempt a re-try, however the DC is +1 to the last roll. This effectively shows that the task is more trying for each time you re-try, and OoG this rule is in place not to take advantage of time/rerolling...

What do you think about using that with Mirror re-rolls on the same spell within the same casting day? I know it makes it tougher, but it's a thought I've had and I wanted to check it with the group before saying it's so. If you can give me reason why not, I'll listen. But the rules are never clear/specific about re-rolls on this. It seems only fair to me, since I'd compare it to a crucial skill check. Thoughts?

Kyuad Twines his Magic to release him from the "Curse of Rotting" that tortures Eranon....

ROLL #1: Cambrial's Mirror vs. DC 20 (11 base + level 9 caster): ROLLED: 16+5 = 21 Cambrial/Barbie scores another bitch of a drain. That's +1 extra spell energy.

ROLL #2: Cambrial's Mirror vs. DC 20 (11 base + level 9 caster): ROLLED: 11+5 = 16 BANG! it succeeds... We'll discribe how this "works" (if it does) this next game session. Please remind me about it. Bill - Kyuad can feel the spell come to fruition after 4-5 previous tries, he knows it's been cast... Will it work - likely? Will it work perfectly? Let's wait and see.

PS... Here's the older Bluebook that we originally discussed the cure if you'd like to remind yourself, way back in Chapter 9-10: Midnight RPG - Chapter 9.01

You guys can continue your conversation now...