Midnight RPG - Notes on Durgaz's Seer Visions

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This is the single location where ALL of the dream, visions, site and such had by "Durgaz, Legend" will be stored. For online reference, simple cut/paste options and searchable text.


the Elven Queen on the Branch[edit]

No bone broken to dream from the City of Dead, it i of man and orc. Holding faith and family with the woman warrior, it is fey not born fey. Isil'zha Voren. (she begins to cry)
Nay Messiah - only Pariah... it is the spirit crusher and we will be its voice, it hands, its fire.
It is the most foul of us because it i more than us. It strikes at every hand that begs for freedom's purpose.
It is the eye of the enemy, the shadow in the North, the strength that over powered us, the will that outlasted us, the wisdom that keeps the unconquerable unconquered.
Becomer, the liege of the army of light by accident and treachery.
An army of the just known as Kra'Shok comprised of Elf, Human, Dwarf and Dragon, led by the faulty Mesiah who were to battle the Enemy but is enemy.


needle and thread: the old breeder bitch[edit]

[Book I]

...an old woman, an orc of the breeder stock, approaches with a needle and thread. She sits you in a chair and carefully stitches you mouth closed. For some reason, you find yourself unable to protest. Next, she sews shut your nostrils, then your right eye. When she finishes, she kise your cheek with a maternal smile, and the last thing you see is her crooked, withered finger as she gouges out your unstiched left eye.

needle and thread: Witch Queen Trapped[edit]

[Book III, following Chapter 45]

...an old woman, a Danail, approaches you... however "you" see your image in the new pool of mercury silver within a crook at the base of the Elder Tree... you are looking from the eyes of the most beautiful of elves (Aradil). The old elf is clear to you now... Sovaliss... and she winds around you with a needle and thread. She sits you (the Witch Queen) in a chair and carefully stitches your mouth closed. For some reason, Aradil....YOU, cannot protest though you can feel she (or you) wishes too greatly - you are lackluster and paralyzed. Next, the Eye Master sews shut the elven queen's nostrils, then her left eye. When she finishes, she kises your porceline cheek with a treacherous smile, and the last thing you see across from this new... "mirrored pool" is the elf Kyuad believes to be Zal'Kazzir (reincarnated)... he too sits... he too sewn up tight... as she gouges out your unstiched left eye. The voice of Sovaliss creaks, but it is the tone of one more Vile... it speaks of taunt and temptation, you having defiled him while shackled... but it is a solumn sorrow-filled silent whisper voice that you hear echo... "from off the 'Ciliam Ghol-Tizat' returned the Kepak... with a beast bred by Shadow hand led his way out of the Shadow Havens. An hereafter her (Sovaliss, now more Caralzim then Caralizm) first move under the thrall of the Shadow was to gather the cult... the second to undo the spys... one fell at the Moor giving his life to slow 'the Sons', as did his fellow before he a year before - yet it was the poison of Fesikri that was his death, the last shall swing 'till dead on that same hallowed ground come the zenith in the arc of winter - by despair or execution it will be as the Eye comes to the Eye of Moors... this... a new Day of the Sun"