Milo Glebb

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Former client of the PC Ring in the Toronto Testbed. Sort of.

Mr. Glebb had extremely vivid dreams of being stalked by a bloody-handed giant version of himself, and sought protection. The money offered was sufficient to induce Zash to guard him for a while. When an apparent twin of Glebb's broke into Glebb's apartment and attacked him with a greataxe crudely made from an uprooted street sign, however, said twin proved strong enough that Zash would have had to go fully demonic to defeat him. Zash opted to let the assailant kill Glebb, whose corpse immediately disintegrated into sticks and leaves.

The twin offered to make coffee for Zash if he'd discuss the price of secrecy. Being anyway disinclined to explain his failure, Zash agreed. Somehow the twin managed to get Zash to confess to his most burning humiliation, which at that moment stemmed from a recent argument with Irina about Zash's performance in the sack; the twin offered "a medial boon of insuperable sexual prowess" in return for secrecy about the night's events. Zash agreed, and they sealed the pact with spit and a handshake. When they did, Zash felt something happen—a fluttering of the heart, a feeling of elation and dread, clearly of supernatural origin, bringing with it the certainty that he would somehow be punished if he broke his word.

Zash returned to the Ring and reported that he'd defeated Glebb's attacker, who disappeared into thin air. Irina has not complained again.