Minotaur Loot

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- Main Page; Keep On The Borderlands

      3000 cp              (Knuckle Sarnie)
       110 ep              (Knuckle Sarnie)
       200 ep              (Edward (That's ed-WAHD, not ED-word))
       725 gp              (Edward (That's ed-WAHD, not ED-word))
       205 gp              (The Red Walker)
      gem (50)             (Edward (That's ed-WAHD, not ED-word))
      gem (500)            (The Red Walker)
      gem (1000)           (Dayrell Goldenbrow)
      gems (50, 50, 100, 100, 100, 500) (Knuckle Sarnie)
      Matched set made of gold with matching set rubies:
          earrings (900)   (Arthrella Finas)
          necklace (1600)  (Arthrella Finas)
          bracelet (600)   (Arthrella Finas)
      Potion of Healing    (Sverre the Hero)
      Potion of Gaseous Form
      Potion of Growth
      Staff of Healing      (Arthrella Finas)
      Elf-sized plate mail  (The Red Walker)