Misha Alshari

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Even more than most Idols, almost nobody knows the real Misha. Most who knew, died finding out.

When she was dragged from the twisted tenement of her childhood to the auction pens to be selected for her Durance, she was not as fearful as everyone said she should have been. She was the prettiest girl in her whole crowded block, and graceful enough to pass from shadow to shadow to avoid the sorts of attention that brought. She expected she would get taken up as a pretty bauble, or a performer, or a mouthpiece, in any case offered the opportunity to raise herself above the negligible profile a girl from slums that weren't even as excitingly dreadful as Red Row could ever expect to have. She thought that's what the 'moderately' wealthy aelfir lady who paid her donation wanted, after examining her curves and movements.

She was not entirely wrong, but not nearly right enough.

The first months of her durance included training in dance and song, manners and mingling, of course. And the art of concealing weaponry. Of quickly seating a garotte to keep from being overwhelmed by her target's strength. Of smiling like nothing was wrong, so nobody would notice the drops of blood across her cleavage. She was to be a tainted gift, given again and again, for her mistress had so very many polite enemies.

And that's why she's in Red Row now, despite having become so used to the parties, the glamour, and the stage. Creation and death, beauty and shadow are all intertwined for her now. It's so hard to find inspiration in the course of mere life. But now things are too chaotic, and it might give the aelfir an excuse to rub Red Row out. The Weeping Maiden threatens to drown her out entirely. And she actually likes some of the people here. Perhaps she'll have to give private performances again...


Class: Idol

Refresh: Someone feels deeply moved when they witness your art.

Durance: Killer

Skills: Compel, Deceive, Fight, Sneak

Domains: High Society, Occult

Core Abilities

Life and Soul of the Party

Low Advances

Center of Attention


Fans: Hadiya, Karyn, and Elseth [Street] (expectant for new crime arias about the escalating gang wars)
Claus Merriweather [PC, Individual, has lust and desire for me]


Several sets of flattering clothing
Tools to create or perform your chosen art (makeup mainly)
Small gifts and trinkets from your fans
A knife (D3, Concealable)


Blood +0
Mind +1
Shadow +0
Silver +2
Reputation +3