Misiahl Kuzef

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Misiahl Kuzef

Race: Miraluka


Background: Merc
Class: Soldier 5
Proficiency Bonus +3
Destiny Points 7 (1d4+1),
Dark Side 0
Armor Class 18 (unarmored)
Hit Points 64 (Second Wind: 2d10+7)
Damage Threshold 20
Speed 30 feet
STR 14 (+2), DEX 16 (+3), CON 14 (+2), INT 14 (+2), WIS 12 (+1), CHA 10 (+)
Saving Throws Strength +5 and Constitution +5
Proficiencies Light Armor, Medium Armor, Pistol, Rifles, Simple weapons, Martial weapons, heavy weapons
Traits Empathy - Have advantage on Wisdom (insight) rolls
Force Sight - Sees through the force. (ignores light and heavy obscured condition. Ignores 1/2 cover. Treats 3/4 cover as 1/2 cover. Can read and write, but don't see color. Only gains blinded condition if the force is suppressed or the creature is invisible to the force)
Skills Initiative, Perception, Acrobatics, Athletics, Intimidate, Pilot
Survival* +1 w/advantage, Insight +1 w/advantage**
Force Powers Force Save - 13
Telepathy: 1 action (DC 15/planet, 20/star system, 25/quadrant, 30/anywhere)
Lure: 1 action, range 30ft. Move one medium/smaller target 10ft towards me. (str. save) if it ends in an occupied square they fall prone (dex save)
Feats Charging Fire - May take a dash action before making a weapon ranged attack as a bonus action
Double Attack - May attack 2x during attack action
Whirlwind Attack - May make a single melee weapon attack against every target within melee reach as my attack action
Point Blank Shot - +1 attack/damage with ranged weapons against targets within the base range.
Precise Shot - Can shoot a ranged weapon at an opponent engated in melee combat with an ally without suffering Disadvantage
Talents Cover Fire - All Allies within 30ft. gain 1/2 cover if I attack using autofire,
Devastating Attack - successful attacks treat target's damage threshold as if it were -5 vs reeling
Riposte - When a creature misses with a melee attack, I can use my reaction to melee attack it back.
Too Close - If hit with an Opportunity Melee attack, I may attack back (as a free action) using my blaster as a club (or a rifle bayonet)
Senses passive perception 11;
Languages Basic, Miraluka

  • Heavy Blaster Pistol Ranged Weapon Attack: + 6/7*** to hit; Hit: 3d8/+1 energy damage. (Heavy/Reload/Stun setting pc25) Range 50/300
  • Blaster Rifle Ranged weapon Attack: +6/7*** to hit; Hit: 3d8/+1 energy damage. (Heavy/Reload/stun setting/2 handed pc100) Range 200/1200 - Autofire +1 to hit: A) damage 5d8/+5 to one target B) All targets in aoe save vs. DC14 (Dex save) to ignore half damage, otherwise, they all take full (3d8+2) damage. (crit = disadvantage to save)
  • Stun Baton Melee weapon attack: + 8 to hit, one target; Hit: 3d8 energy damage (stun)
  • Power Gloves Melee weapon attack: + 5 to hit, one target; Hit: 1d3+1d8 Energy damage (stun)

Notes: May attack 2x during an attack action, attacks treat damage threshold as -5 for determining reeling, Ignores 1/2 cover, 3/4 cover counts as half. Ignores light and heavily obscured conditions.

  • Ranged - May take a dash before making a ranged attack as a bonus action, May shoot into melee combat without suffering disadvantage, all allies gain 1/2 cover when I attack w/autofire, If hit with an opportunity melee attack, I may attack back (free action) using my blaster as a club.
  • Melee - May make a single melee attack against every target within reach (counts as 1 attack action), when an attacker misses a melee attack - I may attack back as a reaction.

Extra Gear: Insignia of rank, Trophy, Playing Cards, Dice, Common clothes, Field kit and short range comlink, Sabacc set
Field Kit - 2stimpacks, 2 2-liter water filter canteen, sunshield roll-on, ration packs (1-week), thermal blanket, fusion lantern, rebreather mask (24 ilters), synthrope (100ft), Mess tape (100ft), Power recharger, 2 extra energy cells, 2 power cells.
Weaponry: Stun Baton (2lbs), Power Gloves (1/2lbs), Heavy Blaster Pistol w/2 extra power packs, Blaster Rifle w/ 3 extra power packs
Credits: 197
notes: *W/field kit, **w/empathy ability, ***when in base range.