Miss Impossible

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teenage female human superheroine


  • Agility: d10
  • Smarts: d6
  • Spirit: d8
  • Strength: d6
  • Vigor: d6

Derived Attributes

  • Rank: Novice
  • Bennies: 5/5
  • Parry: 11
  • Toughness: 13 (8)
  • Pace: 6"


  • Melee: Punch/kick d10, damage 3d6 [heavy weapon]


  • Code of Honor (major)
  • Heroic (major)
  • Mild-Mannered (minor)
  • Quirk: Optimistic (minor)


  • Super Powers (free)
  • Elan (human bonus)
  • Luck (super edge)
  • Great Luck (super edge)


  • Academics: d6
  • Athletics: d10 [super skill]
  • C. Knowledge: d6
  • Fighting: d10 [super skill]
  • Focus: d10 [super skill]
  • Notice: d6
  • Persuasion: d6
  • Research: d4
  • Science: d6
  • Stealth: d4
  • Taunt: d6
Power Cost Notes
Armor 3 (requires activation) Armor 8. Called Shot at -6 to bypass. Focus roll to activate.
Dodge 4 Ranged attacks have -4 to hit
Fearless 2 Immune to fear
Jinx 4 Enemies who fail an action that affects Mary become Vulnerable; on a crit fail they are also Shaken.
Malfunction 3 Range 12”. Cause a device to stop working with a Focus roll. On a raise, anyone using it is Distracted.
Melee Attack 5 (Heavy Weapon) Punches and kicks deal Str + 2d6 damage.
Parry 4 +4 to Parry.
Super Edge 4 Luck, Great Luck
Super Skill 6 +2 ranks each to Athletics, Fighting, Focus
Teleport 2 Teleport up to 12” with a Focus roll. Can bring allies; each ally imposes -1 to Focus roll.
Uncanny Reflexes 3 Ignores the usual −2 Agility penalty when making Evasion attempts; regular Evasion attempt against area attacks that don’t usually allow it (with the −2 penalty). The hero’s Athletics roll penalty to return grenades (or similar weapons) is also reduced by 2.


While her high school class was touring a science institute, the building became a battleground as the superhero Doctor Galaxy and the infamous cyborg supervillain Hypermind crashed in. In the ensuing chaos, a lab was destroyed where cutting-edge experiments were taking place, involving quantum mechanics and the laws of probability. As a result, Mary - the last one out of the room - was bathed in a tachyon field, which somehow altered her ability to interact with the laws of probability. She became a walking Heisenberg uncertainty principle, and to her enemies, the embodiment of Murphy’s law.

Mary soon discovered that exposure to the tachyon field had endowed her with strange powers, allowing her to manipulate probability. She was promptly taken under the wing of Doctor Galaxy, who felt a certain responsibility for her condition, and also saw potential in her as a sidekick. A superhero of the old school, as adept with his fists as with his brain, Galaxy found Mary’s powers fascinating and worked tirelessly to both understand them and train her in their use. Mary liked and admired the man, soon coming to see him as something of a second father, though she found his black-and-white morality and dated worldview slightly frustrating at times.

Doctor Galaxy described her powers as “collapsing the near-infinite possibilities of the future into those that most directly benefit you.” Although most of her powers are subconscious - such as moving in such a way as to dodge most attacks without thinking about it - she has learned to enforce her will on reality in minor ways. Doctor Galaxy believed she had the potential to become one of the most powerful superheroes he had ever heard of, if her powers continued to increase in scope.

Many of Mary’s powers are effectively invisible, such as her penchant for effortlessly dodging attacks. More dramatic powers, such as her teleportation, are accompanied by a brilliant magenta glow. Doctor Galaxy theorized that, as magenta is not a “real” color (what we see as magenta is caused by our eyes trying to blend colors at the opposite ends of the spectrum), Mary’s powers produce a visual signature caused by the now-nonexistent possibilities being “squeezed out of reality.”