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'''Nysa Jath'''[[https://wiki.rpg.net/index.php/M%26M3.SR,Nysa]] as played by @Gremin
'''Nysa Jath'''[[https://wiki.rpg.net/index.php/M%26M3.SR,Nysa]] as played by @Gremin
'''Moonbeam'''[[https://wiki.rpg.net/index.php/M%26M3.SR.Moonbeam]] as played by @Maya Qwan
'''Princess Mizuki Kaguya'''[[https://wiki.rpg.net/index.php/M%26M3.SR.Moonbeam]] as played by @Maya Qwan

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MnM3 StarRaiders.jpg Welcome to Mutnats and Masterminds 3rd ed. presents Star Raidering Heroes


As I am not a fan of the Minions rules in M&M3 the following changes are being used.

Minions might still exist as written but will be most civilian noncombat types. Combat types are renamed Henchmen with the following updates...

  • Henchmen cannot score Critical hits on Player characters. They still gain the automatic success.
  • Henchmen who suffer a Critical hit will suffer the max effect without being allowed to make a Save.
  • Henchment still suffer the worst affect if they fail a non-Toughness saving throw.
  • Henchmen are dropped after they suffer 3 injuries or the Staggered condition
  • Also Takedown Advantage is going to either grant the ability to effect two Henchmen at once or +2 effect on Area Effects (player's choice) while Takedown level 2 lets you to effect any number of Henchmen somewhat close to each other or +5 effect on Area Effects.
For Multiattack and Takedown Advantage you gain the bonuses to damage against a single attack vs. Henchmen while attacking multiple targets. So with Takedown 1 you could get the Multi-attack bonus against a single targets against both Henchmen.


MnM3 SpaceHeroes.jpg

Freebooter[1] as played by @GaoGaiGar

Kaul Lokison[2] as played by t@nya

Ankaya Twelve[3] as played by @Unka Josh

John Richards[4] as played by @The Watcher

Nysa Jath[[5]] as played by @Gremin

Princess Mizuki Kaguya[[6]] as played by @Maya Qwan


Possible NPC Crew[7]

The Heroes Spaceship

Still a secret.

Game Premise

This game is set in a somewhat modified M&M3 Freedomverse. Earth has heroes and Freedom City/Emerald City but they don't act to much with outer space. A few aliens have visited and have stayed on Earth, while other Earthlines have left the planet (willing or not) to see fortune in the wider galaxy.

The game starts off with the heroes being prisoners on a renegate Khanate slave ship.

Character Creation


Humans or Aliens, Super Powered or Super Tech or anything else in between. Even if you were just a normal Human or Lor captured by these slavers what is going to make you on the same PL as the free-will Gru Shapeshifter? Build up to the full 150 points as if you are going to get all this stuff real quick.

Heroes could be from Earth (having powers or not) and aliens from around the region (see Stellar Governments before but there are hundreds of different known alien species in 'local space'. Most are confind to their planet and or limited to their own system and a few colonies.). Each of you have been outfitted with restraince and if need be powerful Nulifiers which means you can't use amy cybernetics or super powers, magic or psychic abiliteis, etc. If you want come up with the restrains that are holding you. Why are they so effective against you if you have powers.

Any powers or skill set work here... you could be a Human from Earth who gets some very cool super-tech toys that you are naturally good with or have cybernetic implants (voluntarily or not), a dvine being traps in this realm, a former space cop, a sentient robot, a Lor refugee, a Lizard alien space warrior, a disgraces Khanate gladiator, a space wizards or psionic alien (the new Stellar Empire employs a group of enslaved psionic Lor they call Hounds and could have escaped that), etc. Whatever you can find in the comics are welcome here...

The first adventure will be you all being delivered to badguy home, discovering your horrible fates, somehow escaping and stealing a starship. Then you need a reason to want to stick toghether. One idea would be that the heroes deside to fight the badguys and free more slaves. Another might be that one of you knows about Daedalus on the planet Kladin-Lor. This world has been set up as the captial of the rements of the Lor Republic now called the Alliance. The Alliance controls about a dozens worlds in what was considered frontier space of the old Republic and is now home to many refugees attempting to build a new life. Deadalus is seeking any and all aid that he can get and has put out the call for those wishing to work for the freedom of all. This might also be a good place to take freed slaves.

Extra SciFi Gear (cost 1 equipment point each unless otherwise noted)...

FREE: Universal Translator: this ear (or similar) piece translates all known languages to the once the wearer understands. First created by the Lor Republic centuries ago it has been refined and spread through the Knowns Worlds.

You are not going to have to play for the Starship you steal BUT afterwards you can pay points to upgrade it, etc.

* Vacuum Suit (2EP): grants limited Life Support (Immunity 8; includes immunity to disease, poison, all environmental conditions and suffocation) for 12 hours. Each additional +1 EP extends the duration for 6 hours. These are generally form fitting and can go on under normal cloths and armor. A bubble helm will automatically active over the wearing head if vacuum is detected.
* Vacuum Suit Jet Pack: The pack is fixed to the back of the suit, and is operated by a small pad on the right wrist. The jet pack has a maximum speed of 5 (30 mph or 45 km) and enough fuel for thirty minutes of constant movement. Typically the device is not in constant use and will work for about five hours of maneuvering; Obviously this is only good for Zero G.
* Magnetic Boots: Will stick to a metal "floor" or "wall", meaning that the wearer does not have to hang on to something to stabilize themselves . Also useful for letting characters new to zero gravity orient themselves . One size fits all.
* Anti-Grav Hand Pad: this hand held device when attached to a stationary, unsecured item acts as a Telekensis Strength of 5 (1,600lbs or 727 kg) but with touch range and cannot lift anything that attempts to resist it. None can it break off part of an item from something it is attached to. Must have one hand on the handheld at all times to lift and move the object. Can't be thrown or really used as a weapon unless maybe dropping it on someone, etc.
* Emergency Beacon: this small belt mounted device can be activated to send out an emergency signal that can be detected almost anywhere within a Solar System.

(if you have other ideas let me know)


Ancient History of local space...

The first sentient race to appear in the Milky Way are now know only as the Preservers. They are akind to space-gods and it is said had shettled over most if the galaxy some billion years ago. They seeded many worlds with species from different world like Human from Earth whom would become the Lor and V'Sorri. They uplifted and generically modified sentient and non-sentient races and played around with the DNA of many of the species commonly found today. But their society collapsed at least a half a million years ago. Legends say they created a computer the size of a planet but it collasped on itself and became the Collapsar an entity that haunts the Milky Way to this day destroying worlds where intelligence is found. There were some groups that avoid the destruction brought on by the Collapsar and they created a godlike being to battle it, know as Tellax. They also seeded many worlds with genetic markers that would grant these species super-powers in order to one day battle the Collasper. If any of the Perservers survive to this day they are well hidden and most assume they are all dead old ago.

The current governments of local space...

*The Star Imerium: A little over four years ago the Star-Khan overthrew and conquored the Lor Republic. The Star Khanates are a group of barbarian clans that existed on the edge of Lor, Grue and V'Sorri space. They appear to be uplifted humans from earlier Neanderthal or similar stock but their skin tones tend to be coal black. They are larger, stronger, faster and more resilent then any Human. For centuries they had raided into the Lor Republic and other neighbering stellar nations. Then a prince of one of the Kkhanates rose and did something no other clan prince had -- he united the clans into a great hoard. This young prince was almost an outcast among his people as he had very light skin tone but he was more powerful then any other of the person of any clan. With this army he invade the Lor Republic and over the course of five years conjured them at a great battle on the Lor Republics capital world Lor-Van and declared himself the Star-Khan and the Republic was renamed it the Star Imperium.
The Star-Khan has also expaned the Imperium Justicars, lieutenants charged with maintaining order and discipline within the empire. Each Justicar wears a suit of advanced technological armor and carries a power staff similar to their master’s, and each is responsible for a region of the Imperium. Supporting the Justicars, and the whole of the Imperium, are the “Hounds of the Star-Khan.” They are the unfortunate members of the Lor mentat caste, and members of other races (primarily humanoids) with psionic potential.
The Lor Republic was a star-spanning civilization of more than a hundred worlds, many inhabited by the descendants of humans taken from Earth by the Preservers and “seeded” on those worlds. Some of the human stock was genetically altered to adapt to the new environments, and others evolved further on their new home worlds. The Lor was alter in many way and have a greenish skin tone and cooper based blood.
*The Allience: Daedalus, a hero from a somewhat backwater planet called Earth, has joined forces with the rements of the old Republic and formed a new government called the Alliance for any and all refugees and those still opposed to the Star Khan's rule. They have settled on a dozen worlds that border the Star Empire the region where Earth and other primitive worlds can be found.
*The Grue Unity: This empire has started capturing unallied worlds. The gru are part of a hive-mind collective controlled by a being called the Meta-Mind. Most gru are drones who work collectively for the Unity and Meta-Mind. Another important caste are the Metamorphs which can shapeshift into almost anything but are also psychic parasites, feeding on the neural energies of their prey, and telepathically learning to mimic them more effectively in turn. The Grue “brain drain” power reduces victims’ awareness of any danger, and eventually places them in a comatose state, allowing the Grue to replace them, with sufficient memories and information to convincingly imitate their victims. The gru do have some problems of their own as a rogue splinter group called the Arcane has broken off from the Unity and formed their own hidden empire. They are all powerful metamorphs who have also developed Arcane Magic. They can effectively drain a victims life and assume their form in minutes instead of months!!! They seem to enjoy killing other metamorphs but savor all intelligent life.
*The V'Sorri Hegemony: The V'Sorri and their Krathin minions have started to make moves on the edges of the Star Imperiums boarders also. The V'Sorri are another group of transplate Humans from Earth by the Preservers. They were altered to allow them to survive and trive underwater. Their skin tones are light to dark blue and spout gills and webbed hands and feet. The Krathin are a large shark-like race that were conquored by the V'Sorri around one hundred years ago. The Krathin were a very warrior-like and primitive and now fully embrace the V'Sorri as they masters and act as the basic shock troopers and warriors of the Hegemony. The kingdom has conjured a few other unallied worlds and now include about a score within the Holdin Rift of space.
Of note the V'Sorri hate the very idea that they are actually share any DNA with Humans and are insulted whenever this is suggested. They are arrogant to the exterme and feel they homeworld is their birthplace and they could never have been surface dwellers (Dirtiers as they call them).

Other Dangers and Threats...

*Driven from Earth, the spacegod/entity known as 'Tellax the Redeemer' has started 'activating' what he calls "Argents" to build his army to one day face the Collaspor. He/She/It seems totally amoral and uncaring about those he uplifts and activates as he then gains complete mind control over most and so they join its army as unwilling slaves. Humans and most of the species taken from Earth by the Perservers are vulnerable to this process and mind control.
*Undead Space Dragons have started appearing on the edge of known space destroying any they meet. No one knows where these creatures originated from but they are huge in size, can survive and fly in space, are almost impervious to conventional weapons and look like gigantic dragons from Earth legends.
*The Star Knights have suffered their first betrayal from Blackstar a few years ago. Too make matters worst Blackstar has formed the Blackguard Legion of dark warriors employing his 'Shadow-Bands' and an artifict known as the 'Nightstone' to grant them powers similar to his own. With the Blackguard the villain wishes to become the absolute ruler of his own section of space. At present they only control a few out of the way primitive worlds but Blackstar has his sights on something greater.

There are many other dangers out there waiting for anyone foolish enough to draw their attention.