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Intro Speak to the Newest Class of State Troopers

It is now 100 yeas after the Big Death, when the last of Humankind disappeared from our world. Now the only sapients to walk the Earth are we uplifted animals and mutants. None are alive today who knew what the world was like before the Big Death. It was said to be a Golden Age of technology and wonder. But the hubris of Humanity ended all that. In their attempt to hold off the inevitable Humans dropped their Nukes on the soils of their own lands but it only spread the virus faster. We still live with the Red Zones even now, after all this time. But we also are free. And you are the newest defenders of that freedom.

You are a members of the State Troopes. Your families have served this great initute for generations and we hope your decendents serve us for many generations to come. We reflect the best of the citizens of the Free State of Cally. We must remain ever vigilant from the gangs and mauraders from the north -- the so-called Road Hogs. But they are not the only treat to our lands. Invaders and bandits have plagued our highways since we took over for the last Human Troopers. We alone maintained the roads the rule of law. But our laws, not Humankinds.

From these traditions I except the highest levels of recept and courage from each and every one of you. We are all that stands between the peace loving folks over this state the the lawlessness of the north and south, or the invasion dictatorships of the East. That badge you wear must reflect these ideals. Good luck out there Troopers!

"Once a Trooper, always a Trooper" Captain Diggerson, north regional Captain of the State Troopers of Free Califoria (Badger uplife)


This setting using M&M 3rd ed. The players are all uplifted Animals and Mutants working for the "State Troopers" in State of Free Cally. Characters mostly likely had parents whom also served or serve now in this semi-official law enforcement agency on the Old California Highway that they maintain for trade and movement in the southern part of the state. The northern part of the state is over run by the so-called Road Hog gangs. These gangs are dominated by the Swing Gangs but most other animals are part of these gangs.

The games base is Power Level 6 but I am not enforcing these limits on the characters. They have 90 power points to spend on their characters as they wish. The PL6 is a soft target they can exceed (but not too much). Characters should buy their animal traits and stats with these points and any personal gear with Equipment Points per M&M3. Each player should haev a number of animal "powers" built into their character as they see fit.

An example of uplift animals might be...

Rabbits -- Animal Senses: Senses 4 [Accurate Hearing, Acute Olfactory, Low-light Vision] {4pp}; Fast Runners: Speed 2 [8 mph]) {2pp}; Great Leap: Leaping 2 [30 feet] {2pp}; Quick: Enhanced Advantage [Improved Initiative] {1pp}
Badger-- Animal Senses: Senses 4 (Low-Light Vision, Olfactory [Acute, Extended, Tracking]) {4pp}; Blood Rage: Enhanced Stamina 2 (Fades); Linked Enhanced Strength 2 (Fades) {4pp}; Digging: Burrowing 4 (1 mph) {4}; Natural Weapons: Strength Based Damage 2 {2pp}

Characters also have 20 separate points for a Vehicle using the M&M pg. 224 as a basic for Ground Vehicles. Extra points going for upgraded movement, toughness, weapons, etc. Characters can also invest equipment points into their vehicle at the standard rates but these points must be dedicated for vehicles only. Characters can combine their points to get a bigger vehicle with more gear or guns on it.

NOTE that all personal advanced weapons like firearms, machineguns, rocket launchers, etc. all require the Unreliable limitation automatically to reflect the idea of the rarity of ammo and that most guns are pretty old and subject to jamming no matter how well they have been maintained in the past. Weapons like bows and crossbows and even arbalist don't require this limitation.

Some basic assumptions and house-rules include that Recovery time from wounds is slower as this is not really a supers game. The skill Treatment will be more important in this setting, etc. Most firearms, guns and blades deal Lethal Damage (mod +0). *Failure (three degrees): In addition to being staggered, the target is disabled. * Failure (four degrees): In addition to being incapacitated, the target is dying.

All of the conditions from lethal damage also recover at a slower rate: one hour per condition rather than one minute.

The basic "bar" for firearm advanced weapon damage is... Personal Firearms Pistol +3, Light Pistol +2, Heavy Pistol +3 Machine Pistol +3, SMG +4 Assault Carbine +4, Assault Rifle +5, Hunting Rifle +6, Sniper Rifle +7 Light Machinegun (SAW) +5 Hand Held TOW +8 Fragmentation Grenade +5 (AOE)

Ground Vehicles Machinegun +6, Heavy Machinegun +7 or 8 Light Artillery or Tank round +9, Heavy +11 or 12 Anti-Air Missile +8 or 9, TOW Anti-Armor Missile +10 or 12

Most of the players vehicle weapons should max out around +9


The game is set in the Free State of Cally. The Free State of Cally was formed about 80 years ago but members of the Califirnia State Patrol and the Free City State of Sacranento. Other independent cities and lands joined over the years flocking to the flag of freedom that the Free State promoted. The state now extends from the City State of Barstow in the south to the Old Highway 44 and Redding in the North. The Free State promotes the idea of all sapients have rights and freedom. They work together to promote good will and trade within its borders and free trade with those of similar ideas outside its boards.

The Califorian State Patrol (or just the State Patrol) is the offical law enforcrs on the roads and highways of Southern Cally and their work crews maintain the roads to better promote trade. Most have a very good reputation throughout the Free State. They generally don't eforce the laws within any city's limits unless specifically asked. They maintain their own fleet of vehicles, most being ground cars of the Old World. They do haev a few helicopters in their service but they are hard to maintain and so are used mostly in emergencies.

The Free State of Cally surrounding lands. Of course there is the Road Hog lands of northern California. These lands are dominated by the powerful Swing Motorcycle Gang but they are made up of numberous other animal tribes. To the west a chain of islands serves as the trading area between the Seals Republic and the waters farther out are the Dolphin Free States. Both are allies and trading partners of the Free States of Cally. Towards the northeast is the Horselords Lands and the lands to the east are the very large and expansionist Prairie Dog Imperium. The Horselords are actually a republic and really anti-slavery to the point that they allow no beasts of burdens within their lands, even the non-sapient kind. The Prairie Dogs are a bit xenophobic and wish to rule over all others.

Most of the uplifted are or developed into omnivores. Most meat will probably be fish, snails and slugs (of unusual size of course) or something similar. Reptiles and insect etc. are rarely sapient but it happens enough that most are uncomfortable eating them. At least in the civilized lands.