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Chaotic Evil Efreeti Noble, Aristocrat 10/Priest of Azathoth 3

Description: Moloch appears, naturally, as a red skinned humanoid with a long flowing goatee of flame with a topknot of blackened soot colored ash. He is extremely muscular with snake like eyes and a pair of earrings. He prefers to go around bare chested and keeps a scimiliar in his pants that are composed of flowing smoke.

Personality: Moloch is not that much different, at first glance from his fellow Efreeti. He is haughty, arrogant, supremely self-centered and considers everything in the world subject to his whims. However, Moloch is different because he has no real sense of honor like his fellow Efreeti. Whereas the rest of his race can be counted on to keep the word, if not the spirit, of their bargains. Moloch is a figure whom routinely breaks oaths amongst other unforgivable crimes. He, furthermore, has no sense of loyalty and pride to his race but only cares about his own advancement.

Background: Moloch is the 33rd son of the Efreeti Caliph and desired above all things to rule over the whole of the Plane of Elemental Fire (Fernia). Recognizing this as unlikely, he made an unholy pact with a Demon Prince of the Abyss and promised the aid of the Efreeti in serving his needs. Moloch caused countless dragons to be destroyed and a thousand years of lengthened battle in the Great Demon Wars by drawing his race in the side of the Rajahs during Eberron's early days. Fourteen of his older brothers were killed during this war and he was well on his way to eliminating more.

Unfortunately, the Caliph's older sons were all much more competent than Moloch whom had passed the point of competency. Not recognizing his son was as honorless as he was, mistaking his alliance with Azathoth for mere stupidity, the Caliph sentenced him to an extremely harsh punishment of serving 1001 mortals on the planet Eberron with wishes in order to teach him humility. Instead, all it has done has caused Moloch to develop a deep and abiding hatred of his father.

Since his imprisonment, Moloch's older brother has become Caliph and his position is weak due to the Blood War having finally started to taper off. Moloch believes he now has the chance to seize power and has courted his brother's favor in hopes of overthrowing him. Moloch has no real chance of actually becoming Caliph due to his lack of allies and reputation as a Demon friend but the support of Azathoth [Allied with Orcus and Demogorgon for the time being] plus the promise of Eberron as spoils of war may result in tremendous devastation before he's destroyed.

Shadows over Cyre