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*Physical education teacher
*Physical education teacher
===Andrew Jove===
===Andrew Jove===
===Miss Primrose===
*Bully, Fanatic
===Oliver Green===
*Head of Year Book
*Missing Student

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Purgatory High

What happens when you die? What happens to Monsters? In this case, they end up in High School in Purgatory.

Player Characters

Charlotte "Lottie" Primrose


Rowan Grace

Savanah 'Snow' White


The School's Headmistress

  • Not Hot according to Rowan


  • School bully who has set sights on harassing Mellisa

Miss Operton

  • Physical education teacher

Andrew Jove

Miss Primrose

  • Botany?


  • Bully, Fanatic

Oliver Green

  • Head of Year Book


  • Missing Student


  • Lottie and Charlie's Dorm
    • 7 floors, no one in the top floor, basement level
  • Mellisa's dorm
    • Has a rope that goes up to roof
  • Savanah's Dorm
    • Sketches on room's walls
  • Rowan's Dorm
    • Room second floor right next to staircase, small, single bed
  • Cafeteria
    • Has a best table
  • Old Clock Tower
    • Clock does not work
    • A beekeeper lives there??
  • Green Houses
    • Miss Primrose's territory
  • Track/Sports Fields and Bleachers with creepy change room

Game Notes

  • The Bell of the Church Rings at night
    • The front gate opens
    • Cars arrive
    • People get out and meet the Headmistress
      • Lottie gets note with small gold and jet bee sculpture
        • Note suggests bee comes from clocktower
      • Melisa finds and envelope with three black and white photos
        • One photo shows her on the room
      • Rowan gets a pair of scissors and a map
      • Savanah find a bottle of blood and whisky and a map
        • She drinks it, blood and whisky are good
    • come morning cars and people are gone
  • Students Go Missing
    • Several students disappeared in the night
    • A new student named Andrew Jove shows up and is very popular
    • Darren attacks Mellisa in cafeteria
      • Mellisa cuts him down with words
      • Andrew takes him down with violence
    • Snow follows a strange drawing she did to the clock tower
      • She hears a buzzing from within & enters
      • She find a metal bee and then meets a bee keeper in the stairs up the clock tower
      • Then Miss Operton Shows up and chases her away
    • Lottie goes down the the locker room to look into the disappearance of Teagen
      • Down at the lockers spooky stuff happens
      • She end up working in the green house with Miss Primrose
      • Gets jumped by Caleb and his gang
      • Run with mysterious cloaked figures
    • Melisa and Rowan go to the old broken spider infested fountain (Player left)
    • Mellisa goes and tries to find out what might have happened.
      • Talks to Oliver of the year books to try to get pictures of the previous night
      • Meets Andrew Jove in the room of a missing student
    • Snow returns to the school and goes into the room of a missing student to try to learn what happened to her
      • Ends up drawing a picture of the missing girl in a military uniform