Morgan Emerson

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Morgan is an androgynous* individual of slight build, with dark skin and medium-length shiny purple hair. They were recently a trust fund kid, who has been disowned after being framed for their parents' murder (See motivation: Vengeance.) Morgan then decided that their best option was to slum it with some cool girls from an orgcrime family until grandma turned their credit card back on.

Morgan now owes a Big Favor to orgcrime**. And that credit card isn't showing any signs of lighting back up again***. So...Morgan needs to figure out a way to start making money or otherwise earn their keep, because they've suddenly realized their new friends are keeping track of what Morgan owes them, surprising no one. Except Morgan.

Also, they have now given Morgan a gun, and Morgan is *very* concerned by the implications of this. But at least they have a lot of new friends!

Note: Morgan now has skullduggery in-class.


  • Laser Pistol
  • Personal Comlink
  • Slap-patch
  • 1 dose of lo-fi, 4 doses of stims
  • PAD
  • 1d100 credits