Morning Way

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Name: Morning Way

Caste: Eclipse

Concept: Martial Artist Guardian of the Mind

Anima: Golden Serpent with Blazing Eyes

Supernatural Ability: Socialize

Strength 2

Dexterity 5

Stamina 2

Charisma 5

Manipulation 4

Appearance 2

Perception 2

Intelligence 2

Wits 3


Bureaucracy 3

Larceny 2

Occult 2

Presence 4

Socialize 5


Awareness 5

Brawl 1

Dodge 5

Integrity 5

Investigation 2

Athletics 2

Linguistics 1

Martial Arts 5

Resistance 1

Merits (10pts + 5bp+ Free Serpent staff)

Artifact 2 <Magical Tattoo that burns in the presence of forbidden magic, and lightens in its direction>

Artifact 5 <Flaming Serpent Sting Staff>

Backing 2 <Guardians of the Mind>

Martial Arts (4)

Resources 5

Charms (15)

Frugal Merchant Method

Consumer Evaluating Glance

All-Seeing Master Procurer

Enduring Mental Toughness

Stubborn Boar Defense

Listener-Swaying Argument

Harmonious Presence Meditation

Excellent Friend Approach

Master of Small Things Approach

Motive Discerning Technique x2

Serpent Evasion

Striking Cobra Technique

Snake Form

Reed in the Wind

Reflexive Sidestep Technique

Sensory Acuity Prana (5m, 9 again on Awareness)

Surprise Anticipation Method (For every 9 1m, 10 2m)

Essence Fangs and Scales Technique (1m, 1wp, +Essence to Snake Form, +2 to raw damage for wither and decisive if 2 less init)


Defining (Principle - Protect man from forbidden knowledge)

Major - Guardians of the Mind (Loyalty)

Positive -Ranjan (Concern, leading him from the dark path)


Virtue Flaw: Heart of Flint

Essence 2

Willpower 5

The Flaming Serpent Staff is one of the greatest weapons known to the Snake Style Masters, forged from the experience of one of the greatest of its Dragonblooded practitioners. It converts the Exalted anima into a bonfire of flaming scales that had been that master's form. Granting the practitioner the appearance of Fire Dragonblooded while attuned. It doubles the effect of Snake Style Charms while fighting in the presence of demons, burning with a cleansing flame when in their presence and expressing its hatred for those who imprisoned it.