Morturi: Slaughter of the Noxii

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Entry Cost[edit]

The Slaughter of the Noxii Battle has no Entry Fee.


500 Denarii per Noxius killed. (eight kills available)


The Battle is for two to four teams, each of three Gladiators.

Victory Conditions[edit]

The Battle ends when all the Noxii have been killed.

Arena and Deployment[edit]

The arena is 15 x 15 squares. Each team has a 2x2 deployment zone at one of the arena corners. The central 3x3 squares are a large pit, filled with some suitable hazard (spikes etc.). Any gladiator or Noxius moved into the pit is immediately taken out of action. The Noxii are positioned equally spaced on the squares edging this pit.

Special Conditions[edit]

This scenario has the "No Surrender" rule.

The Noxii are controlled by the Imperator, have 6 Life Points each, a move of 3 squares, and no attack. They move at the end of each battle round, each moving in such a way as to put a maximum distance between them and any gladiators. They will never voluntarily move into the pit, however.

Any Gladiator dealing the killing blow to a Noxius gains +1 Crowd Favour and a 500 Denarius prize for his school. Non-lethally wounding a noxius gets no special prize. The battle ends as soon as every Noxius has been killed.

Schools can attack each other if they choose, though this is not part of the battle's victory conditions or objectives.

Designer Comments[edit]

This is a "cash grab" battle, which should be fairly low on casualties (for the gladiators, at least) but where a swift slaughter can speed your school to great riches. Schools will have to select their Gladiators carefully, looking to find ways to kill as fast as possible!

Attacking the gladiators of other schools is a risky strategem, as can lead to retribution, but on the other hand it can also give you a big edge in the slaughter-race if you take out the opposition! Consider also the tactical advantges of interfering with enemy movement,for example tripping or entangling enemy gladiators.


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