Mutineers Season Four

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Trials and Errors[edit]

Battered by finances, fate and system politics, the crew of Summer's Gift tries to lay low and live simple. However, with the dissolution of the Alliance, the silencing of the Cortex, and political autonomy being granted to all the planets outside the Core, 'simple' may no longer exist.

Episode # and Title:
401. Hot Cargo, Cold Cash ––– We come off two months of rest and repairs to do a simple delivery job which quickly turns complicated.
402. Shepherd's Hope ––– Our job to run humanitarian supplies to a remote Kerry village takes a gruesome turn.
403. Catalysts and Constraints ––– In which we revisit Vladimir Byshek on Newhope and gather a passenger and a cargo to take us post-haste to Blue Sun.

404. Crucible ––– We finally get to see Mike Carter in prison where Rina and Joshua are both hit with something unanticipated and unpleasant.
405. Precipitate ––– The trial of Mike Carter ensues and so does trouble in the form of a surprise rescue.
406. Salvage ––– The trial ends, Mike Carter goes into exile, and we take a chance on a salvage job.
407. Brisbane Ghosts ––– We fly to Meridian with hope of selling our medical salvage to Dr. Fong of Brisbane.
408. Resin ––– In which we get captured, forced to labor at the camp, and survive.
409. Deadwood BBQ ––– We follow a lead on Dyson's missing son and find out the lead has been kidnapped by local thugs. We rescue the man and he tells us a secret that people have killed to possess.
410. Search and Rescue ––– We hunt for Collings's treasure and rescue a yachting party from dangerous waters ... only to land Arden in some heavy seas.
411. Humanity ––– We deliver von Braun to his ship only to land Arden in a fight for his life as a species purist targets him for termination.
412. Borrow and Steal ––– Arden is saved and we make our way to Pericles Station to get Collings his money and Dyson his son.
413. Frankie Goes To Pericles ––– In wich Arden gets a gun, gets scanned, and stumbles on an operation that ultimately leads to bloodshed.
414. Insomnia ––– We take on two dozen religious pilgrims bound for Miranda and on the way discover how far their religious faith will take them.
415. Entanglements ––– We go from one crisis to another on our flight to Miranda, risking life and limb against booby traps and Reavers.
416. Miranda Calling ––– We win free of the Reavers and deliver our passengers to their destination, only to suffer the effects of the Pax.
417. Siege ––– A tour of You Go corporate offices goes south as Lex Talionis operatives take the facility hostage.
418. Mouse Trap ––– We leave Yan Wo and land on Newhope only to be betrayed, waking up aboard the sabotaged Gift and racing the clock to regain control before we all perish.
419. Dodging The Hammer ––– We manage to regain control of our ship and avert the destruction of a city as we crash into the trackless taiga/tundra of Meadow.
420. GULag ––– We are rescued from death by exposure and disease by the inmates of a GULag and find ourselves pawns in a power struggle inside its walls.
421. Jailbreak ––– We win free of the GULag and find ourselves in a position to face Potemkin.
422. 375°(Season Finale) ––– The battle for supremacy and survival plays out on the frozen taiga of Novaya Rodina. Choices are made and for some, the ultimate price is paid.

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