Mutineers Season One

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This is our shakedown cruise, finding our feet as we mesh as a crew, encountering obstacles and windfalls along the way. We all have our personal histories and secrets and as the season progresses, their consequences come due.

Episode #/Title
100. Pilot (11 Nov 08)
101. Bat Out of Hell ––– Crew prevents a mutiny.
102. A-Team ––– Crew saves a village from bandits on Jiang Yin .
103. Summer's Gift ––– Crew steals the ship and aims to return it to it rightful owner on Angel, MakeMake becomes Summer's Gift.
104. Racing the Clock ––– Summer's Gift rescues a man from a derelict spacecraft and flees from Reavers.
105. Volatility ––– Crew participates in a little terrorism.
106. Convergence ––– Summer's Gift follows Mike Carter to Hera.
107. What Lies Beneath ––– Crew break into Veterans Hospital and rescue Carter, meet the Operative Big Brother.
108. Reunions ––– Summer's Gift takes on a passenger and meets up with the Harbinger on Deadwood.
109. Breaks ––– Summer's Gift helps two young lovers escape their home on Bellerophon.
110. Coalescence ––– The Crew gets Carter looked at, and steals some Chempliance on Osiris.
111. Exit Strategies ––– Crew gets Carter's cure, blood is spilled, and they meet the Hands of Blue.
112. Repercussions ––– The Crew rescues their passengers from kidnappers on Persephone.
113. Cargo Ship of the Apes ––– The crew takes a shipment of apes and some scientists to Lassak a moon of Verbena.
114. Bungle in the Jungle ––– Crew meets Rick Allen and saves the apes.
115. Resolutions ––– Summer's Gift brings their passengers to Angel and the ship gets sabotaged while there.
116. Plagued ––– Drop off Carter on Salisbury, and sabotage causes the crew to fall deathly ill.
117. Reversal ––– Crew encounters Potemkin on Bernadette and discovers a slavery ring.
118. Reception ––– Summer's Gift visits Beylix to rescue a Companion and see some art.
119. Extraction ––– Crew rescues the companion on Beylix, encounter some Lex Talionis.
120. Drawing Fire ––– Arden and Nika begin to date. Crew rescues miners on Perdido Station.
121. Misconceptions ––– Ship returns to Boros saves Nika's nephew, encounters the Operative again.
122. Sophie ––– Crew infiltrates Erewhon colony to learn the secret of Arden's past.
123. Reality Bites ––– Summer's Gift takes on a Reality Film cameraman on Constance, and gets sabotaged in the Halo.
124. Allies and Adversaries ––– Crew is lured into a trap by Blue Sun on Osiris, are helped by MP Gibbons.
125. Highgate ––– Crew travels to Highgate and discovers some interesting clues about Arden's people.
126. Ambush ––– Summer's Gift responds to a distress call near Miranda and fights off Reavers.
127. Pax Sine Iustitia ––– Crew makes it to Miranda, discovers a hidden paradise, the Harbinger and a traitor..

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