Mutineers Season Six

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The crew of Equinox navigates the treacherous Rim and Border of a 'Verse in the midst of civil unrest. Independents rise up, the Alliance cracks down. The innocent, and not so innocent, people of the 'Verse are caught in the crossfire. The crew searches for their place in this unsettled 'Verse.

601. Triumph ––– We carry electronic cargo to Triumph. We evade Alliance pursuit in a daring star-and-slingshot maneuver, only to find our contact missing once we arrive.
602. Quarry ––– We find another buyer for the cargo on Paquin and have to evade Federal Marshals to pull it off.
603. Trust, But Verify ––– We deliver Bradley Sims to Persephone and thanks to an old contact of Rina's, we finally discover the truth behind Sims's package.
604. Search For Closure ––– We take two men and completely legitimate car parts to Belix and from there pick up a charter who lands us in the middle of a mystery on Puck.
605. Devil's Compromise ––– While Nika, Kiera, and Arden deal with treachery and a gravely injured Beglan, Rina and Joshua are trapped in a burning ship.
606. Fireworks ––– On our way to Sho-Je Downs, we answer a distress call and suffer significant damage effecting a rescue. Squeezed by a crippling repair bill, Kiera's father offers us a solution at the cost of Joshua's freedom.
607. Gauntlet ––– We limp back to Angel and with Christian's help get the most pressing repairs done. Our first bona fide job for the Resistance ends badly, however, when clones from Sophie get involved.
608. Matters of Integrity ––– We get the cargo from El Kabah's people and pick up four journalists bound for Aesir. The trip to Red Sun grows tense as our passengers start digging into our business.
609. Hide & Seek, Sought & Found ––– Some things looked for are found, other things hidden are lost, and what no one wants to find them, does.
610. Silverhold Rescue ––– Our rescue of three Aberg family members from a Silverhold Alliance 'facility' goes awry when we add a prisoner to the extraction.
611. Ghostly Skies ––– The skies of Ghost hold a secret that sweep Joshua, Arden, and Rina up during a routine salvage job.
612. Line In The Sand ––– Kiera, Beglan and Nika find themselves in the middle of a seige even as Joshua, Arden, and Rina gear up for a possibly suicidal extraction op. Bitter enemies collide in an unexpected stand-off and the crew of Equinox is caught in the middle.
613. Hunters, Ravens, Blue Hands, Prey ––– A simple job delivering a databook to Nouveau Lyon quickly goes sideways as multiple parties hunt down and capture our crew.
614. Heart's Gambit ––– The only one left at liberty, Rina has to strike some unexpected deals to get Joshua and the rest of the crew free. This being Rina, her success is mixed at best.
615. Heart's Defense ––– Arden wakes up from brain surgery, Nika falls to involuntary sedation, and everyone else negotiates for Joshua's life and freedom.
616. Mulan Maersk ––– What started out as a routine job flying a decommissioned vessel to Himinbjorg turns into a siege in the middle of the Black.
617. Contagion ––– We pick up six passengers off Anvil bound for Persephone and pick up more than we'd bargained for.
618. Murder on the Equinox Express ––– The plot thickens as another passenger falls prey to an unknown enemy. Paranoia mounts as the threat of death haunts everyone aboard.
619. Maskirovka ––– We deliver our passengers, alive and dead, to the authorities on Persephone, get insider news from Rina's former boss Omar, and arrive on Sihnon to find things aren't as rosy as we'd hoped.
620. Hammerfall ––– The team rescues Rina's family from the Russian Enclave, and sees the first significant victory for the Independents in the War.

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