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April 14, 2465 --- Birth of Rachel McAlister on Constance.

May 18, 2477 --- Birth of Michael Cameron Carter on Salisbury, Northern Continent, Northwest Territory, Lingshire Range, Flying C Ranch.

January 4, 2485 --- Birth of Nika Earhart and her twin on Circle E Ranch, Boros.

November 14, 2488 --- Birth of Joshua Drake, to the best of his knowledge. Birthplace unknown.

March 23, 2489 --- Birth of Irina Feodorovna Tigranova (alias: Marina Kseniya Sebastien) on Sihnon, St. Petersburg, Cultural Preservation Enclave (Russian)

April 15, 2489 --- Birth of Marina Kseniya Sebastien on Novaya Rodina (Meadow), Greater Gorkiy District, Village of Mstera.

April 12th 2491 --- Rachel McAlister is hired aboard Delilah.

June 6, 2493 --- Birth of Arden 689-C on Sophie - Erehwon Colony.

October 10th, 2493 --- Rachel McAlister leaves Delilah

2494 --- Birth of Valentine Quick on Paquin.

U War 1 (May 2506 - June 2511)

May 2506 --- War is declared against the Independents. To escape the smothering restrictions placed on Enclave residents, Rina immediately signs up as enlisted Navy. She tests off the charts for engineering. The minimum age requirement is waived to enroll her in Naval Specialist School. Her parents are against her enlistment and Rina's parting with her family is a rancorous one. Rina is installed at the School and encounters the hazing due a "'Clavie". She perseveres, however, and does well in training.

October 2506 --- War has been ongoing for six months and opinions on Boros are split. Quiet discussions had in back rooms about whose opinions are aligned with Independent movement. Jon Earhart is willing to send supplies and harbor people as necessary. His daughter volunteers her services as a courier.

November 2506 - September 2507 ---Nika Earhart works throughout Georgia and out toward Blue Sun airspace, running blockades carrying messages and supplies with impunity. Builds a reputation for being occasionally reckless but a highly intuitive pilot, manages to outrun or outmaneuver Alliance vessels regularly. She is young (20-21) and considered a greenhorn in the movement, so not high enough in the ranks to be involved in the strategizing except as it regards running the blockades.

May 2607--- Fully eighteen and a Specialist graduate, Rina is assigned to the Alliance Patrol Boat, IAV Janus. The posting is a good fit and Rina thrives as a Naval engineer. Within a month she's already a lifer, resolved to reenlist until no longer eligible.

June 17th, 2507 --- Rachel McAlister returns to Delilah

November 11, 2507 --- Capt of Alliance fast cutter Tigerlily (Shyla Kramer) recruits several key members of her crew (Yu-Shin Harrington, Brian Connelly, Hank, Garron, Pei-Ling Fang, and Jason Fraiser) and requests a pilot be sent to help "liberate" her ship to the Independent cause. Harbinger is born.

July 29, 2508 --- Arden sent to Osiris

December 10, 2508 - Lighting the Fire --- Nika Earhart gets involved in an op on Harbinger and it becomes a pivotal moment in her life.

2509 ---Harbinger utilized on a regular basis for courier work and evacuation of key personnel from Browncoat strongholds being overrun. Higher-ups in the Independent movement trust Kramer to use her ship as a meeting point when one is needed off the ground. Nika takes on not just piloting role but also the occasional turn as bodyguard, learning better hand-to-hand under Harry's tutelage and garnering a good weapons knowledge.

April 7, 2509 ---Beggar's Tale Beglan is in graduate school on Gonghe.

June 5, 2509 --- Arden in medical school, University of Osiris

July 08, 2509 --- IAV Janus is shot down in a joint naval/infantry offensive against the Independents over Highgate, Blue Sun. The ship breaks up on impact and Rina survives with severe injuries. An Independent recovery team on the ground takes her prisoner before the Alliance recovery team can pick her up. The Browncoats remove the tracker she'd had implanted during Basic Training and she spends a week in a field hospital behind the lines to stabilize. During her delirium in the recovery ward, she identifies broken equipment by sound while still flat on her back, screaming repair solutions at the top of her lungs in Russian and Chinese. This gets the attention of Independent Intelligence agent Michael Cameron Carter. He campaigns his superior for her defection for the sake of her skills in ad hoc repairs. He wins his petition and removes her to Salisbury for deprogramming when she's stable enough to travel. Rina is heavily sedated for the 24-day trip.

August 2509 --- Deprogramming is successful and Rina is convinced to defect and invent an ambitious Cortex communications hack for the Independents. She manages it by the end of the month.

September 05, 2509 --- Rina and Mike, now lovers, set Rina on her covert mission of installing her hack on the Cortex bouys. Mike arranges the kidnapping and execution of an innocent woman to steal her identity for Rina's cover. She and Mike part company. They will not meet again until after war's end. 27 days later, Rina lands on Ariel to start her op.

January 22, 2511 --- Arden graduates early, begins postdoc under Doctor Dakui Yin.

March 2511 --- Last wartime run of Harbinger is to carry medical supplies to one of the Browncoat fallback locations. Upon arrival, entire base has been wiped out by Alliance. 42 dead bodies, including women and children, and no definitive ID of perpetrators ever determined.

June, 2511 --- The shooting stops, the war ceases, and Rina is sent a covert message to close her operation and bug out of Ariel. Before the month is out, she's kissed dirt on Persephone with a new alias, Marina Kseniya Sebastien, and a new job as a repairs mechanic at Omar's Garage off Eavesdown Docks.

June, 2511 --- Treaties signed, war officially over.

November 14, 2511 --- Arden begins his internship in //name of hospital// in Osirius

Adventures of the Mutineers

Pre-Mutiny (2511-2518)

2511 - 2514 --- Nika and Harbinger crew remain under the radar, still carrying supplies and messages for those who are still actively running the Independent movement. Treaty has not stopped the problems or the situation, but the schisms in the movement are becoming more obvious. Dust Devils far more militant and crew opts to steer a more middle-of-the-road course in their actions.

June, 2513 --- Arden begins internship

July, 2513 --- Rina finally lands a job as a ship's engineer aboard Dragonfly-class vessel, Drakkar. It is her first time serving aboard a ship since Highgate.

June, 2514 --- Arden begins fellowship under Dr. Jin Yang

September 03, 2514 - Time And In Between & Homecoming --- Nika gets word that her father has died, goes home to Boros (Time And In Between). Stays several months, dealing with brother-in-law. Kills brother-in-law in defense of self and pregnant twin on Nov 12. Remains home another month before twin gently nudges her back out into the Black, where she wanders picking up rides here and there in return for room and board (Homecoming).

June, 2515 --- Arden begin private practice on Osiris for final training. Dr. Jin Yang is his partner.

June, 2515 --- Nika catches back up with Harbinger, takes an indefinite leave of absence from resistance work, still reeling from death of her father and killing of brother-in-law. Meets back up with them on reasonably regular basis until game begins (also in "Homecoming").

April, 2517 --- Ivan and Josef Potemkin kill Jamison Fairweather on Angel, steal the MakeMake.

December 20, 2517 --- Rina quits her senior position on the Dragonfly-class Drakkar and starts her stint as an itinerant engineer.

April 1, 2518 --- Arden's transport/car explodes without Arden in the vehicle. Arden takes what he can and begins a life on the run.

May 04, 2518 - Rina Hires On --- Rina is hired by Josef Potemkin to make repairs on the MakeMake prior to lifting off for the Rim.

Post-Mutiny (2518+)
Season One 2518
Season One, May 2518 to Aug 2519

  • August 10, 2518 - First_Miranda_Wave - Events of the movie Serenity
  • October, 2519 - TSE Epidemic- A nasty version of prion disease spread out from Blue Sun. The system is quarantined. This causes the disease to spread more quickly in Blue Sun, less so without. It also has the effect of granting autonomy to the planets of Blue Sun in the vacuum of Alliance presence. The PDF, a regional militia made up of independently minded people fills the Vacuum, and quickly begins providing security and the basis for a new independence.
  • November 23, 2518 - Ah-Toy-Potemkin-Wave - Potemkin waves Ah Toy from someone in Kalidasa to make a deal on selling more slaves.

Season Two 2519 - 2520
Season Two, Dec 2519 to Sep 2520

  • December 24, 2519 - Second_Miranda_Wave (Christmas Wave) - Confirmation of what transpired on Miranda. Along with TSE and the first Miranda wave, this sets off a renewed independent fervor among former and new Browncoats. Acts of resistance begin to occur across the Verse.
  • January, 2520 - Civil Unrest - Parliament has no Quorum. Internal power struggle in the Parliament erupts into full fledged disorder as factions begin to act aggressively to seize power. Struggle continues until Parliament itself is rendered impotent. Unsteady balance of power between two factions and the navy keep the peace. Independence movements on the Border and Rim take advantage of the opportunity to increase their own authority and make claims of sovereignty against the Alliance.
  • May, 2520 - Naval_Sabotage - Several Capital Navy ships are sabotaged rendering them nearly immobile. This act radically limits the Navy's ability to maintain long term order in any sector, and renders the ships vulnerable to attack.
  • September 16th, 2520 The Long Quiet. The Cortex shuts down simultaneously across the Verse. How this happened is unknown, who did it, if anyone is unknown. But the effects are instantaneous and dramatic. Without the primary computer and communications tool, the Verse's economy has shutdown, or at least stuttered. This further encourages even requires autonomy for distant systems as communications and databases essential to centralized authority are rendered impractical.

Season Three 2520 - 2521
Season Three, Sep 2520 to Jan 2521

  • November 5th 2520 Parliament Bombed - Terrorists explode a device in Parliament on Londinium. The device causes major structural damage and kills dozens of people (mostly staff and visitors), no Members of Parliament are killed in the blast. Both factions blame each other.
  • January 7th 2521 Prime Minister Assassinated - An assassin, believed to be Dr. Valerie Samson, using a rare crystal sugar poison assassinated Prime Minister Lord Holbrook on Londinium. The Prime Minister was attacked before he planned a speech regarding re-unification effects. Close aides say that the Prime Minister was going to reach out to the Rim and Border planets to reconcile their differences. A recorded conversation appears to implicate MP Gibbons and the leader of the Planetary Defense Force General Nguyen in the assassination. In response, parliament has quickly passed the Articles of Proscription ordered the capture and arrest of all Enemies of Unity, Gibbons and Nguyen figure at the top of the list. The actual assassin appears to have escaped in a well planned action at the Ministry of Intelligence on Colchester.

Season Four 2521-2522
Season Four, April 2521 to Dec 2521

  • January 15th 2521 The Colchester Wave Implicates many in the MT government as well as those in the WuBa. The resulting political upheaval lands the Wuwei party in charge. A period of disengagement takes place that becomes the dominant theme of the next year.
  • February 14th 2521Passing of Planetary Bill of Rights and Autonomy. Participation in the Union of Allied Worlds is voluntary. There is an initial euphoria, followed by confusion and disenchantment. Several planetary and regional authories assert their independence.

Many other Border and Rim worlds experience de facto independence as the Alliance pulls its ships and influence back into the Core.

  • March 5th 2521 Parliament passes the Central Banking Agreement establishing the new Allied Credit note as the only legitimate currency in the Allied Worlds. The Alliance Notes are inscribed on special smart paper that renders them blank outside the Allied Worlds cortex space. Purchase and sale of Platinum is prescribed by law and permitted only to licensed interallegiance traders (though fairly commonly available from 3rd parties). Possession of platinum coins up to €100 is legal for collecting purposes only.
  • March 15th 2521 You Ge Assassinated. Known as the Angel of Blue Sun, You_Ge, owner of You-Go Enterprises was slain. The assassin is alleged to be Mike Carter.
  • April 20th 2521Reaver and Pirate actions on the uptake throughout the Rim and Border. Reavers once limited to the Blue Sun system have been sighted in every system, and have been a plague on planets as far from Miranda as Beylix (in Kalidasa). Also an uptick in Pirate attacks has made space travel more and more dangerous. Some speculate that at least some of those pirates are in fact sponsored by the UAW, which it denies. It levels the charge back, claiming some independent worlds offer safe haven to the pirates.
  • April 27th 2521 Labor Riots on Valentine put down in record time by special forces. Reports are sketchy but reports excessive force used on the demonstrators denied by local authorities.
  • May 5th 2521Cortex V2.0 begins operation in the Core with high power Narrow Band going to Union planets in the border and rim. Cortex V2.0 is limited to Union Flagged ships, but offers transmission streams hundreds of times faster and broader than narrow band. Shorter after the introduction of V2, hackers claim to have broken the codes using older V1 technology. These accounts have not been verified.
  • June 6th 2521 Parliament approved new rules for the new Union of Allied Worlds membership. Non members will be allowed to petition for membership, but must meet a variety of strict requirements.
    • Cortex V2.0 extended to Hera and Paquin.
    • A parallel system "Blue Wave" (using different technology) is adopted in Blue Sun, providing V2 like speeds within the Blue Sun System and to Pericles Station. Rumors of a Pericles "Transnet" Station linking V2 to BlueWave abound.
  • July 7th 2521 The You Go Corporate Receivership quietly meets on Menaka (Heaven), considered a neutral location, to discuss the fate of the Enterprise. Plan emerges to liquidate assets to other big gas companies, pay off all liabilities, and hold cash assets until a Will can be found. Meanwhile petitions for inheritance will meet and in ten standard years the estate will dissolve, granting its wealth to various petitioning charities, establishes the You Ge Foundation for that purpose.
  • August 11th 2521 The Planetary Defense Force (PDF) of Blue Sun launches a robust anti-piracy action throughout the system. Refueling is denied ships without thorough background checks, aggressive search and seizure missions are sent to known routes, even bait and snag missions are done to combat the menace. These meet with little success, but single a beginning of stronger action on behalf of the PDF.
  • July 21st 2521 Londinium: Attempts to create a Truth and Reconciliation Panel to deal with the events of last Parliament have failed to meet Parliamentary approval. General consensus of the Parliament was that the people of the Alliance and ‘Verse were ready to move forward and leave the past in the past.
  • September 28th 2521 Alliance Navy announces a successful redeployment of its fleets, centering in the Core and along access points to the other systems. The First Fleet maintains security inside the Core, The Second Fleet maintains the White Sun –Red Sun corridor, The Third fleet the White Sun - Georgia corridor, the fourth Fleet is based in Kalidasa, the Fifth Fleet contains the Expeditionary Forces trained to deal with emerging issues, it has no base of operations and its location is classified. They’ve also announced the building of several new battle cruisers focusing on speed and range, suggesting a more agile, flexible composition.
  • October 11th 2521 Militsya ships from Novaya Rodina (VMF) capture two ships allegedly engaged in piracy. This marks the first time an independent policing action resulted in a capture in the Georgia System. The Novaya Rodinian government has highlighted this successful show of force and made aggressive claims to the space around the planet.
  • November 8th 2521 General Nguyen of the PDF announces the creation of an interplanetary police branch of the PDF. Many see this as a unilateral grab for power on Nguyen's part, though one welcomed by many on the smaller less populated planets of the Blue Sun System. It is unknown whether this force is supplanting or supplementing local authorities.
  • November 16th 2521 Terrorists exploded a chemical explosive in the First Allied Union Bank on Paquin. The Blast killed 32 people instantly, and over 100 died in the release of poison gas. No one has claimed responsibility for the blast, but attention has been focused on the independents of New Kalmar.
  • December 6th 2521 A skirmish between a civilian ship leaving Hera and a VMF patrol ship escalated when the IAV Bluefish investigated and destroyed the VMF patroller with all hands on deck. The VMF declared it an unprovoked attack. The Alliance Navy declined to comment about the specific incident, but asserted its right to intervene on behalf of Allied space craft. Many see this as an assertion of force to counteract any independent dreams of challenging Alliance authority or power.
  • December 11th 2521 The IAV Echidna - Crete Class Carrier - began patrolling the space between Boros and the moons of Murphy in the Georgia System. This is the largest Alliance Military presence in neutral space since the reorganization at the beginning of the year. Echidna by herself commands more fire power than the rest of the Georgia System combined.
  • December 24th 2521 Shipworks on Aesir were subject to orbital bombing from the IAV Repulse. The site was obliterated and scores were killed. The UAW claimed that the shipworks were constructing missile carriers designed to attack the Allied fleet, and that they abetted the terrorists who bombed the bank on Paquin.

Season Five 2522
Season Five, Jan 2522 to Aug 2522

Season Six 2522
Season Six, Aug 2522 to May 2523

U War 2 (May 2523 August 2524)

Season Seven 2523
Season Seven, May 2523 to Feb 2524

May 1st, 2523 - Declaration of Independence of 2523 - Some representative of the Independence War Council nailed this to the door of the Parliament in Londinium.

May 5th, 2523 - Santo - Independence Forces stage dramatic daylight raid on the Alliance Military Academy. The poorly defended institute suffered dramatic damage and numerous casualties but Alliance Marines were eventually able to quell the attack and round up or kill the attackers.

May 16th, 2523 - Paquin - The Alliance Naval 2nd Fleet was attacked, and severely damaged, forced to tactically retreat. Over 7800 casualties. Independents take control of the airspace over Paquin and Silverhold. Ground forces begin a war of attrition on the ground. Over 16,000 Alliance troops held effectively "captive" on Silverhold via blockade.

May 18th, 2523 - Pericles Station - Several PDF vessels docked at Pericles Station. Battles are now ongoing between Alliance and PDF forces deck by deck. Neither force wishes to destroy or damage the useful station.

May 20th, 2523 - Liann Jun - A series of explosions rock one of the largest Blue Sun agri-processing centers where textured protein is produced and packaged. Food shortages expected to be exacerbated in the Core until the systems can be brought back on line.

May 22nd, 2523 - Harvest - Massive Missile Bombardment from Alliance ships and long range weapons assails the Capital City of Zhongqiu destroying numerous buildings, including the state building, and the starport. Alliance press agents claim much of the attack on Paquin originated from Harvest, and that this will be a lesson that any support of such attacks will be met with swift and serious consequences.

May 25th, 2523 - Boros - Alliance Naval forces went on full alert, as did the moon based defenses of the Iskellian Base on Ares when three unidentified ships left pulse in orbit of the planet, and broke atmo above Vandenburg. Reports indicate Reavers descended on the massive Naval Depot and stole hundreds of tons of weapons, parts and medical supplies directly from the yards, while a handful of Skiffs did battle with defense forces. The attack took less than an hour, and only one ASREV was lost. The Alliance claims this was another Cowardly Insurgent Attack pointing out the uncharacteristic planning and cooperation. The Independent War Council denies any involvement..

May 27th, 2523 - Beaumonde - Surgical strikes targeting verbal supporters of Independence resulted in the death of over hundred civilians in places around Nouveau Lyon and elsewhere. The attacks were conducted by one or more stealth ships, light weight, sensor invisible vessels using smart bombs and hunter-seekers took out eleven buildings in a four regions around the city. The Alliance has stipulated that verbal and material support for independence constitutes actions of war, and that makes them legitimate targets. Political leaders in Beaumonde have demanded a cessation of all illegal hostilities against civilians.

June 2nd, 2523 - Djin's Bane - Reaver attacks leaves workers panicked and puzzled. The #09 H2 Orbital Refinery was attacked by Reavers in a sudden raid that disabled their defenses,days after the Alliance withdrew a number of their naval vessels from defensive positions. Worked retreated to secure positions inside the station in hopes of waiting out the attack, though the Reavers discovered their positions and began to cut into the area. Video footage saw Reavers looting and killing some crew members that remained unsecured. Then another small group of Reaver ships appeared in the area. For the first time, it was recorded Reavers fighting Reavers. In the end, it appeared that some kind of unspoken settlement occurred and the two Reavers groups merged, continued their looting and left the area before Alliance ships arrived to assist.

June 4th, 2523 - Persephone - Alliance Fifth Fleet spotted reinforcing system defenses. In an act seen to cut off Red Sun from the Core, the Alliances Special Operations Fifth Fleet has massed in the orbit of Lux and begun stopping every vessel in the area. There are also rumors of the employment of civilian vessels for the purposes of creating a sensor web between the two systems. Speculation of an Independent Fleet capable of transporting large numbers of soldiers into the Core was fueled by this action.

AMENOUKIHASHI - The Ark that saved the Verse.

Last Voyage of Delilah 2525

April 13th, 2512 --- Rachel McAlister leaves Delilah

September 23th, 2516 --- Rachel McAlister returns to Delilah

Seasons of Delilah

Last Voyage of Delilah, Season One
Last Voyage of Delilah, Season Two
Last Voyage of Delilah, Season Three

January 1st, 2525 - Genetic_Pandemic sweeps across the 'Verse bringing an uneasy peace, but at great cost.

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