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*[[Morgan_Grenross|Morgan Grenross, big game hunter & olympian]], by Kacie
*[[Morgan_Grenross|Morgan Grenross, big game hunter & olympian]], by Kacie
*[[Lamoret|Lamoret, a Paladin]], by Nick the Nevermet
*[[Lamoret|Lamoret, a Paladin]], by Nick the Nevermet
*[[NU Insert Character Name Here]], by Player
*[[The_Elf|Lucien Dragonsbane]], by Silent Wayfarer
*[[NU Insert Character Name Here]], by Player
*[[NU Insert Character Name Here]], by Player
*[[New Uzume Blank Character Sheet]]
*[[New Uzume Blank Character Sheet]]

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A game of Planets, Paladins, and Princesses, run by The Wyzard.



The following are the Player Characters in the New Uzume campaign.


  • Nordus (pronounced nor-Dooz): Cyclops who lives in the wilderness, he seems to desire solitude but is not hostile
  • Chopsticks: Leader of the Grace Trading Company. Has cybernetic eyes and always wears her hair done up with you guessed it. Her right-hand man is James, who is into risk management and the business end of things. Intends to try and challenge records for tooling up to open ocean voyages the fastest.
  • Gom Baa: A cheerful and efficient functionary in the royal bureaucracy, such as it is. Male, very tall, hawklike nose.
  • King Julian: is a cleric of the Gaian beacon. He has poured himself into the planning of the community, much as he once poured himself into the Temple business in his former career as patriarch. He has been involved in every aspect of the detail work, and has striven for elegance and efficiency wherever possible. He is therefore taking the process of colonization in an unduly personal way at times. The crown does not sit entirely easily on his head, and he is currently limiting himself to those tasks that the queen delegates to him. Julian is a somewhat corpulent but energetic man with a booming voice and a disarming insight into people's character. Picture Brian Blessed.
  • Queen Wendelle: was a former rear admiral in the imperial navy, who rose in the ranks after exemplary service and conspicuous valor as commander of the long-range cruiser Wanderer. She is the big-picture leader of the Cluster, and chairs highly efficient weekly meetings with the other persons of importance in the colony. Wendelle is a severe woman who has attempted to soften her image and appeal to the populace by wearing her hair down to waist length, although this is actually totally unnecessary. The people adore her, pretty much the way her crews did. The way to win her regard is with really exceptional written reports. Wendelle runs a TEA PARTY every Friday, which is actually a board meeting. Her theme song is Short Skirt, Long Jacket
  • Serra, Captain of The Guardian Order: There is only one Gatekeeper on Grace, and this means that there are very few members of the Guardian Order. Serra is there leader. She is a Paladin (fighter with chivalric vows) of at least ninth level, but probably slightly higher. Serra is as strong as two full-grown men together despite being petite, and is known for her skill with a two-handed sword. Serra is also known for being short-tempered and a bit of a gambler. She owes Ronis substantial favors in return for a donation of magical goods.
  • Serra's second is Bernard. Bernard is also a full paladin, although not as advanced as Serra. He has a vain streak, but is reputed to have no fear of death (something unusual even among the Order.) He handles most of the day to day interactions with the lesser members of the Order (there are about a dozen, the rest of whom are not full paladins and in some cases are merely 1HD normal persons) to free Serra up for more cerebral tasks, and also t protect the lesser guardians from having their heads bitten off. He favors a cestus in his left hand rather than a shield, and is never seen without it.
  • Johann, Seneschal. Johann is a youngish accounting prodigy and a prior associate of the king and queen. He is rumored to have a photographic memory and a savant-like ability with numbers. A substantial portion of the success of the colonization project is owed to his abilities and dedication. The king and queen both rely on him to provide current forecasts of productivity, what resources are needed, what are available, and so on and so forth. Despite his comparatively young age, he is becoming cynical, although he is still dedicated to the kingdom.
  • Marten, Master of the Royal Guard. Because this is actually a modern reinvention of a medieval state, the royal guard is actually similar in function to a modern police force. Marten was a former military police and was brought in by Wendelle. He is arguably too rough around the edges for his job, but he is efficient and has a knack for anticipating trouble. He seems to have directed that LAMORET be appointed magistrate, without asking first.
  • Brettany, Royal Engineer. Brettany is a very tall, slender woman with busy fingers and a distracted air. She designed Grace and has a number of professional certifications as well as a doctorate in engineering on the outer world of her origin. She answered a call for applicants from the charter organization, and is one of the few major players in the charter government who was not a prior associate of the king and queen. Her work was either hindered or aided by King Julian's constant involvement, and it is difficult to say from day to day which is the case. Her work is ongoing, as she is in charge of planning (or at least approving the plans for) every major expansion to the colony. Her current challenge, aside from raw infrastructure, is that Grace's fine stone docks and piers have no sailing vessels to occupy them. Physically resembles the actress Portia de Rossi.
  • Couriers: Couriers are the traveling agents of the Beacon Worlds. They have a Portable Hole as standard equipment, which lets them beat the mass restriction on Gates. That alone makes them influential, aside from the fact that they tend to be very high level. Picture the Accountant from Drive Angry (the greatest movie Nicholas Cage has ever made, and I don't say that lightly.)
  • Trevon: The palace supervisor that Lamoret is intended to report the group's activities to. He reports directly to Johann.
  • Lieutenant Commander Raia: Directly below the Queen in commanding the Gracious Army, such as it is. A former guncycle pilot, highly decorated. Probably an adrenaline junkie. Romantically linked to Lucien. Has fought lots of Neogi, and hates them to death.
  • Detective Dixon: A wiry woman sent by Marten to assist Lamoret. Currently investigating a murder. Has her own Continual Light orb. Comes from a world with a caste system, where she was a police denied promotion due to her low caste.
  • Viktor: Murdered. The investigation into his death proceeds. He was a youngish man with long green hair, who had his throat cut with what may have been a straight razor.
  • Maryam. From a desert world. Killed by gnolls.
  • Heathye: A gnoll interrogated by Ronis.
  • Norgn: A gnoll Heathye indicated was part of the attacking party, but had not been seen or slain.
  • Refusus: Reputed by Heathye to be the most powerful gnoll warrior in the region.





  • Red lines are the borders to Grace Kingdom. Not that they can realistically held at this point, but that's what they're claiming.
  • Black lines are major highways. These are elevated roads that are well-paved and broad. There are, of course, many smaller roads going hither and thither.
  • That blue line is the Serenity River. It's a pretty major river, redirected from the course it originally took and channeled through fresh-cut, polished irrigation systems and canals. It comes from springs and glacial melt up in the mountains, and it should make it nearly impossible for the colony to suffer seriously from any kind of drought.
  • Lighthouses are lighthouses.
  • Single towers are minor fortified keeps.
  • Grace City, the capitol, is in 06.11. It's well-protected from attack geographically, but the city is much too large to be properly defended against a conventional siege. It has a very substantial system of docks and piers, and also sewage and aqueduct systems. Gate A sits underneath the palace.
  • Gate B sits under the fortress in 16.17, adjacent to the city of Paris.
  • Gate C sits under the fortress in 16.05, adjacent to the city of Foundation.

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