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A game of Planets, Paladins, and Princesses, run by The Wyzard.



The following are the Player Characters in the New Uzume campaign.






  • Red lines are the borders to Grace Kingdom. Not that they can realistically held at this point, but that's what they're claiming.
  • Black lines are major highways. These are elevated roads that are well-paved and broad. There are, of course, many smaller roads going hither and thither.
  • That blue line is the Serenity River. It's a pretty major river, redirected from the course it originally took and channeled through fresh-cut, polished irrigation systems and canals. It comes from springs and glacial melt up in the mountains, and it should make it nearly impossible for the colony to suffer seriously from any kind of drought.
  • Lighthouses are lighthouses.
  • Single towers are minor fortified keeps.
  • Grace City, the capitol, is in 06.11. It's well-protected from attack geographically, but the city is much too large to be properly defended against a conventional siege. It has a very substantial system of docks and piers, and also sewage and aqueduct systems. Gate A sits underneath the palace.
  • Gate B sits under the fortress in 16.17, adjacent to the city of Paris.
  • Gate C sits under the fortress in 16.05, adjacent to the city of Foundation.

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