North Riding

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This is the northern part of the Metropolitan city of Amber.

Administratively distinct from the City of Amber, it has its own fire services, Police force, Harbor Patrol, and City Resources.

Ruled by Mayor Duke Breixo Lino Yiannis and the House Lino. The Lino House dominates city services.

The citizens of North Riding have a inferiority complex toward the City of Amber much like the Burroughs of New York ave to Manhattan or Pasadena, Burbank, and Hollywood have to Los Angeles.

North Riding is part of the inner defensive walls of the great City. Unlike the City of Amber itself, North Riding has few major open spaces. Most of North Riding is built of residential and business buildings in the 2 to 5 floor levels. There are a number of long thin parks and gardens in between housing blocks. Many of the servents, and workers live in this more affordable part of the city of Amber.

The Marina of North Riding

North Riding has a Harbor district separate from the Harbor of Amber. It is in the shallows and thus is not suitable for deep draft vessels. It is called the Marina of North Riding. It has small craft slots able to house thousands of ships. Because of this the harbor has many satellite artificial islands or docks. The waterways often get cramped and the Harbor patrol manages the traffic. Approaching the city by sea, vessels will be greeted By the Harbor Patrol at a reasonable distance at sea.

Most people traveling in small vessels try to avoid the Harbor of Amber because of the passage of its great ships. So many of the smaller ships curve around the Isle of Cabra leaving the eastern shipping lines to make for the Marina.

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