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Penelope Wäss of Clan Wäss is the daughter of Petter V Wäss and a Survivor in the OGO PBP Kingdom Death: Monster game.

End Fate[edit]

Base Stats[edit]

General Stats
Gender Hunt XP Weapon Prof Weapon XP Courage Understanding
F 0 Katars 0 1 2
Combat Stats
Source Movement Strength Accuracy Evasion Luck
Base Stats 5 2 1 1 0
Gear Bonuses 1 0 0 1 0
Total 6 2 1 2 0

Insanity: 0

Brain: x

Survival: 6

Bleed: 0

Armor and Health
Location Armor Light Heavy
Head 3 x o
Arms 3 o o
Body 3 o o
Waist 3 o o
Legs 3 o o


Weapon Speed Accuracy Strength Additional Effects
Lion Katars 4 7+ 3 Lucky

Other Notes[edit]

Fighting Arts (max 3)[edit]

Disorders (max 3)[edit]

Impairments and other abilities[edit]

  • White Lion Armor Set: Gain 1 armor at all HL. +2 Strength and +1 Speed when attacking with daggers or katars
  • White Lion Chest: Pounce. Spend activation and move to move three spaces in a straight line to attack with weapon at +1 strength and accuracy.
  • Dismembered Arm: You can no longer activate two-handed weapons. This injury is permanent and can be recorded twice.