Oath-Graven Diamond:Act2

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Jupiterday, 5th of Ascending Wood, RY 768


My former entry was written in haste, merely to record the events of the day. Now, some hours later, I am at leisure to reflect upon my new companions and our collective situation. My anima has finally faded so that I can once more walk among mortals unnoticed. Well, perhaps not unnoticed--such is rare for beauty like mine. In any case, I feel myself again after a bath and a change of clothes.

Eino Suutari, the Scarlet Kestrel, is an oddity. As his name suggests, a Haslanti, tattooed and oddly dressed for the desert. He is as brash, bombastic, and garrilous as a raven, and deadly as his namesake in a fight. His favored weapons are a pair of daiklaves mounted with firewand barrels--I have not seen such a weapon before, but they seem quite effective. Odd how the bonds of Sol Invictus bind together such strangers, give us reason to trust one another implicitly, we who every power of the world seek to destroy. Praise the Unconquered Sun for his wisdom!

My other companion is more enigmatic than Eino. The Masked Fox is a native of these parts. One would be hard-pressed to pick him out of a crowd in the marketplace, were he to lay aside his cowl and orichalcum claws. A thief by trade, I think, and a sorcerer to boot, he is as tight-lipped as Eino is talkative. ***etc***