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Ockless is famous for several things on Griffin Island. First, it was built by giants commanded by Ockless himself. Second, the citadel is significantly larger and more prosperous than the other citadels on the island, due to the influence of outlanders. It is famous (or perhaps infamous) for its unique beer.

Ockless was the youngest of the three brothers and as such did not inherit one of the two citadels built by his father, like Nidik and Surlt did. Journeying into the Wilds, Ockless returned years later with three large giants, kept docile by a magic ring. Ockless commanded teh trio of behemoths to build his citadel for him. Upon completion, he ordered them to go home. (They later mistakenly sacked the citadel of Nidik in revenge.)

Except for the occasional feud with the other citadels, especially Surlt as the closer, Ockless has had a peaceful existence. A generation ago the ruling dynasty was wiped out and replaced by a family acceptable to Fiora, it's rumored. There was a terrible internal war, but between the power of the the Priestess of Taleen, Marusa the Shrew, and a small group of Fioran soldiers the citadel has been pacified and settled back into peace.

Prominent Persons

- King Glyptus the Good

- Queen Jocestis

- Syleious

- Hecis

- Euryptus the Bold

- Halcyon var Enkorth

- Marusa the Shrew

- Cyriel Endelkar

- Taklong Woodheart

- Moraring Broom

Points and Places

1. Giants' Gate

2. Ockless' Oak

3. Ockless' Shrine

4. Stable

5. King's Inn

6. Pig Town

7. Pig Gate

8. Eye Gate (North Gate)

9. Home of the Priestess

10. The Pavilion and Temple

11. Garrison

12. Ockless-Outside-The-Walls

13. The Trader's Warehouse

14. The Court of Battles

18. The Palace of Ockless

20. The High Temple of Hilme




- Main Page; Griffin Island