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The Odaraxta are the prime banner of the race of Adask[[1]]. The Adask are a warrior race in the realm of Adagalasck. There are 4 other Adask Banners; Trexcat, Gaxag, Solox, and Darxti

Graldix and the Severance

Generations in the past the five clans of the Odraraxta were split among five combative cousins.

Bannerlord Graldix of the Odaraxta was a mighty warrior by any standard. Long-lived, commanding, war-wise, arrogant, narcissistic, diplomatic. He had a part of every action of the mighty warlike Banner. He could eventually have ruled the Adask race except that he chose not too. He did however have massive control over the other Bannerlord and their Banners through intimidation, fealty and politics. His reign last 380 years, beginning when he was 50 years old.

Graldix had 5 children who were argumentative in general and with each other in particular. Throughout his long reign each of his children died leaving aspects of the Banner under their control to their heirs. This next generation, comprised of 16 members, grandchildren of Graldix, eventually fought among themselves, drew up unofficial Clan Rulership, fought among each other, jockeyed for reward, and caused a great deal of conflict across Adagalasck.

At the time of his death there were 5 clans rulled by heirs of Graldix:

  • Kalota: Ruled by a grandson, and eldest, Asarxa of the Kalota
  • Anisixir: Ruled by a grand daughter, Heshula of the Ansixir
  • Trixta: Ruled by great grandsons Yagat of the Trixta
  • Shaxta: Ruled by great grandson Jaxta of the Shaxta
  • Yalix: Ruled by great, great, grand daughter Yalinax of the Yalix.

The Severance

The Severance unofficially occurred in the 350th year of Graldix's reign. Enfeebled, with advancing senility, Graldix lost control of three of the five groups who broke fealty and Severed their clans from the Odaraxta. The two remaining groups, embarrassed by their own clan"Banner" pretenses, remained supportive of Graldix as he took 30 years to finally die.

There was a great gathering of the clan at the time of the great leader's death. It was a huge camp with members of all five clans, many of them waring with each other and other forces in the world. There were weeks of discussions, games, songs, legend building, secret assaults, assasinations, and eventually open warfare. The five clans were unable to decide on a leader.

The details are extensive as they document centuries of family battles and scandals but boil down to a few points:

  • Four clans were adamant that they did not want Asarxa of the Kalota as their Bannerlord. He was arrogant even for Adasks. Violent and aggrssive.
    • Hagalta slew Asarxa of the Kalota claiming the clan.
  • Four Clans were not eager for Jaxta of the Shaxta because of his personal affiliation with the Cult of Entropy, a Chaos cult long associated with the end of existence, to "Immanentize the Endless" to bring on the reign of formless Entropy.
  • Two of the Clans, the Ansixir and the Yalix, while militant as any Adask, had vast interconnections with the Southern Winds and Stairs and with other races and nations that were not interested in Adask warfare. Neither wanted the leadership and advocated Severance of the Banner in favor of mutually acknowledging Clan Leadership.
  • Yagat of the Trixta, actively opposed to Asarxa of the Kalota & Jaxta of the Shaxta, an unable to sway Ansixir and the Yalix, voted in favor of the Severance, at which point it was accepted by the other two clans, if grudgingly.

The Reunion

Hagalta has declared himself Bannerlord of the Odaraxta. He seized the Kolata for unclear reasons that that were acceptable for establishing ownership of the clan. If the Reunion is approved by clan and Winds the others will have to swear fealty or die.

The methods of establishing dominance include debate, ritual, Stylized Mock Combats and political intrigues.

Current information is that Hagalta is either in the Dungeons of Amber or in the Black Zone world of the Fane of Zilla.

Clan Leadership


  • Xorit Bannerlord of the Odaraxta. Clan Lord of the Trixta




  • Realmapator Clan Lord of the Kalota
  • Former Clan Leader of the Kalota: Hagalta_ BondMate to Satura and Uxtrasa. Father of Dwynwen, Xorax, Drixtra, and Relmopator




  • Drirdvah



  • Krelat-Called "War God of Rot" for his tendency to lay sieges and lob rotted foods, meats, and disease ridden beats on his foe
    • Krelat took the Shaxtra clan and fled when Xorit became Bannerlord.


  • Grasara

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