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(AEHLID the Swordbearer)
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|'''Edge'''|| +2 ||'''Heart'''|| +2 ||'''Iron'''|| +3 ||'''Shadow'''|| +1 ||'''Wits'''|| +1
|'''Edge'''|| +2 ||'''Heart'''|| +2 ||'''Iron'''|| +3 ||'''Shadow'''|| +1 ||'''Wits'''|| +1
| '''Health''' || +0 || '''Spirit''' || +0 || '''Momentum''' || +1
| '''Health''' || +2 || '''Spirit''' || +0 || '''Momentum''' || +1

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AEHLID the Swordbearer

Name: Aehlid (she/her)

Appearance: Aehlid is a tall, broad-shouldered woman approaching her second decade. Her limbs are long and well-muscled and her skin is as pale as ice. Her hair is a buttery yellow that she keeps cropped to just along her jawline; her eyes are a pale green and her gaze is direct and straightforward. Her skin is marked by blue-inked geometric patterns mostly consisting of small squares linked by lines, like links in a chain. They cover both arms from the shoulder to elbow and most of one her right-hand torso. She dresses simply but well, in fine-spun linens and dyed wool and thick, oiled cloaks with a silver pin. Her most value possession is the straight-bladed sword she inherited from her mother; it has a minimal crossbar and a simple, rounded pommel with a wire-wrapped hilt. She's accompanied everywhere by her gray-white mastiff.


Edge +2 Heart +2 Iron +3 Shadow +1 Wits +1
Health +2 Spirit +0 Momentum +1

Experience None
Conditions None


When you wield a sword... When you Strike or Clash and burn Momentum to improve your result, inflict +2 harm.

Hound (Gray)
Your hound is your steadfast companion. When you Endure Stress in the company of your hound, add +1.

Health +0 +1 +2 +3 +4

When you Aid Your Ally, add +1 and take +1 Momentum on a hit. This is in addition to the benefits taken by your ally.


Herehild is her grandmother and her jarl. She's been a constant presence in her life, and even if Aehlid worries that her grandmother is being too harsh she still holds Herehild as the best qualities of a leader.


Grimwine is Aehlid's older brother. At one point there must have been familial love between them; since Grimwine was maimed, though, he's only seen Aehlid as a threat to his "inheritance". Grimwine wants to see Aehlid out of the way and Aehlid wants to go out in the world and forge her own path, but neither are willing to bend far enough to discuss it with the other.

Keelan is a taciturn Warden that's been Aehlid's weaponmaster since she was a child. He was the one who taught her how to use a sword. He's a quiet, uncompromising sort who demands perfection from everyone, but first and foremost from himself.


Shieldbridge is one of the largest settlements in the Ironlands. Formed where the Ice and High rivers meet to flow down to the Flooded Lands, Shieldbridge is a major trading center where everything from iron to grain to linen and wool change hands. Aehlid's lived there her whole life.


Personal Vows

For as long as she can remember, Aehlid has had dreams of a united Ironlands with herself on the throne. She's driven to seek out the details of her dream and determine if such a thing is even possible.

Epic Vow

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