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|'''Edge'''|| +1 ||'''Heart'''|| +1 ||'''Iron'''|| +2 ||'''Shadow'''|| +3 ||'''Wits'''|| +2
|'''Edge'''|| +1 ||'''Heart'''|| +1 ||'''Iron'''|| +2 ||'''Shadow'''|| +3 ||'''Wits'''|| +2
| '''Health''' || +4 || '''Spirit''' || +4 || '''Momentum''' || +3
| '''Health''' || +4 || '''Spirit''' || +4 || '''Momentum''' || +4

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DERWYN the Hunter

Name: Derwyn (she/her)

Appearance: Derwyn is a big woman with dusky-dark skin marked by numerous scars small and large and obvious, well-developed muscles. Her nose has been broken and reset numerous times. She lets her dark hair grow too long and braids it into dreadlocks, that she then simply pulls back with a rough clasp during a fight. Her eyes are dark and glittering and her gaze is frank and rebellious. Her skin is dotted with numerous pictures of different beasts; a canine paw on her left knee, a rearing bear on the right side of her back, a stooping bird of prey on her left shoulder blade, a lindwurm curling around her left arm and taking up the entire thing. They're of varying quality and fidelity. She dresses well but is hard on her clothes, so while she wears velvet coats and leather pants they're often ripped and patched. When out on a job she favors a long spear of flexible, stained wood with a steel head and a thick crossbar partway down. She's usually accompanied by a golden-eyed hawk.


Edge +1 Heart +1 Iron +2 Shadow +3 Wits +2
Health +4 Spirit +4 Momentum +4

Experience None
Conditions None


If you wield a spear... When you Face Danger by holding a foe at bay using your spear’s reach, roll +iron or +edge. If you score a hit, you may...

  • Iron: Strike (if you have initiative) or Clash now, and add +1.
  • Edge: Take +1 Momentum.

Hawk (No name)
Your hawk can aid you while it is aloft. When you Undertake a Journey, or when you Resupply by hunting for small game, add +1.

Health +0 +1 +2 +3
Unnamed Hawk

When you Gather Information by tracking a beast or horror, or when you Secure an Advantage by readying yourself for a fight against them, add +1 and take +1 Momentum on a hit.


Mia is Derwyn's and Caldas's wife. She's mute, apparently from birth, and communicates by various hand signals and facial expressions. She's a small woman and doesn't like drawing attention to herself; when asked where she's from Derwyn claims she won the other woman in a dice game.

Caldas is Derwyn and Caldas's husband. He's a tall man with a heavy frame who spends most of his time unloading barges down by the river docks. He's native to Shieldbridge and the most gregarious and well-liked of the family.


Derwyn's hawk is a brown-feathered raptor that she's never bothered to give a name to. Regardless, the pair obviously care for each other and they work closely together.


Reva was the hunter who Derwyn apprenticed under. Reva took Derwyn from a life of confinement and drudgery and expanded her horizons, in more ways than one. They parted harshly years ago, but Derwyn still finds herself drawn to memories of those times -- and news of the senior hunter's deeds.


Personal Vow

Derwyn still holds a flame for Reva, the first woman she ever laid with and the first hunter she ever trained under. Thought they haven't spoken or even seen each other in years, Derwyn holds a ridiculous hope that they can still be reconciled.

Extreme Vow

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