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|'''Edge'''|| +2 ||'''Heart'''|| +2 ||'''Iron'''|| +1 ||'''Shadow'''|| +1 ||'''Wits'''|| +3
|'''Edge'''|| +2 ||'''Heart'''|| +2 ||'''Iron'''|| +1 ||'''Shadow'''|| +1 ||'''Wits'''|| +3
| '''Health''' || +5 || '''Spirit''' || +5 || '''Momentum''' || +2 || '''Supply''' || +5
| '''Health''' || +5 || '''Spirit''' || +5 || '''Momentum''' || +2

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EOGAR the Scholar

Name: Eogar (he/him)

Appearance: Eogar is a rakishly thin man, almost emaciated, and pale from spending too long reading books in doors. His hair is mousy-brown and he keeps it cut close and brushed to one side. His eyes similarly mousy and his gaze is watery and uncertain. He's tattooed across his face in interlocking patterns of diamonds along his jawline and cheekbones, like overlapping fish scales. Eogar's clothes are mostly chosen for how long they'll last; they're usually stained black with ink and other colors by his other reagents. He usually has a couple days of stubble on his cheek where he's forgotten to shave.


Edge +2 Heart +2 Iron +1 Shadow +1 Wits +3
Health +5 Spirit +5 Momentum +2

Experience None
Conditions None


When you create an elixir, choose an effect: Deftness (edge), audacity (heart), vigor (iron), slyness (shadow), or clarity (wits). Then, suffer -1 supply and roll +wits. On a strong hit, you create a single dose. The character who consumes the elixir must Face Danger +iron and score a hit, after which they add +1 when making moves with the related stat until their Health, Spirit, or Momentum fall below +1. On a weak hit, as above, but suffer an additional -1 Supply to create it

When you summon a flock of crows and ask a single question, roll +wits. On a strong hit, you interpret their calls as a helpful omen. Envision the response (Ask the Oracle if unsure) and take +2 Momentum. On a weak hit, the crows ignore your question and offer a clue to an unrelated problem or opportunity in this area. Envision what you learn (Ask the Oracle if unsure), and take +1 Momentum

When you attempt to Heal using herbal remedies, and you have at least +1 Supply, choose one (decide before rolling).

  • Add +2.
  • On a hit, take or give an additional +1 health.


Hereling is an old man and the chief healer of Shieldbridge. He's the head of the local healing hall and considers Eogar foolish for spending so much time with his nose buried in a book and not enough time helping people with their problems.

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