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> A more up-to-date list of open games can be found on the Year of Living Free wiki.

This page collects all the games under an open license like the Open Game License and various Creative Commons Licenses.

Definition: What is an Open License?

This page operates under the following definition:

"An Open License allows the free and perpetual re-use of original material by anybody willing to follow the restrictions of said license, without an explicit contact or negotiation between original author and licensee."

In other words, if something is available under an open license, I can use and re-use it for free, as long as I respect the restrictions laid out in the license, without having to contact the author.


Retro-clones are new games that are compatible with games that are now out-of-print. They are listed separately to the other games.

The List:

The following systems are available under an open license and are thus free to use in your own publications. (Though with varying restriction on the use of the material.)

Also a good reference, thnkas for the link!Maybe one of these days I'll get motivated and write a little JavaScript faceted navigation sniblet it seems like the SRD would reduce to the Archive as long as you could filter, and even within the Archive it would be nice to be able to filter/sort e.g. the feat table easily multiple select checkboxes for sources, etc.

Other Systems Using OGL

Open Game License and Trademark License

These games release their material as Open Game Content, but also provide another, more restricted, license to allow publishers to refer to Product Identity.

  • Mutant Future (OGL and Mutant Future Trademark License)
  • GORE (OGL and GORE License)
  • FUDGE (OGL and FUDGE System Trademark License; also under its own license)
  • vsM Engine

Fudge based

Creative Commons Licenses

GNU licenses

  • Gods and Monsters (GNU Free Documentation License)
  • Circe (GNU Free Documentation Licence and GNU General Public License)
  • Fringe (OpenOffice Writer format) (GNU General Public License)