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International crime rings need super powers too, and the ones that were joining were not doing so fast enough to keep up with the influx of heroes in their targeted cities. They sent a call out for scientist that would work toward a means of making all of their agents super-agents.

They decided on long term gene therapy as the most reliable way to convert all of their agents. They needed a group of volunteers to be the first group. He was a member of that group. The treatments when on for weeks, then months, then years and each one was progressively more painful then the last. After three years of constant, intense pain the treatments finally came to an end.

Though he did in fact have powers, he was also driven insane by the pain of three years. After analyzing the results the leaders decided to scrap the plan and just recruit super thugs more aggressively. What where they going to do with him? He was no longer useful to them, they were going to put him to sleep with his next shot. They did not know that he had heard them talking and knew of their plans for him. He waited till the perfict moment and killed the scientist and made his way to freedom.

He has taken the name Orb, do to the balls of energy that he can throw. Anyone that underestimates the energy casters combat ability in hand to hand will be in for a big surprise.

Orb PL 8 (120PP)

Init +3; 50ft (Run); Defense 19/16 (6 Base, 3 Dex); BAB +6; +9 Melee (7S Punch), +9 Ranged (8S Energy Ball); SV Dmg +7 (4 Protection), Fort +7, Ref +7, Will +2; Str 16, Dex 16, Con 16, Int 10, Wis 14, Cha 12 (Total 54PP)

Skills: Move Silently 3/+6, Hide 3/+6, Gather Information 2/+4, Spot 2/+4, Listen 2/+4, Search 2/+2 (Total 14PP)

Feats: Improved Grapple, Power Attack (Total 4PP)


  • Martial Arts (Strike) +4 (Source: Training; Extras: Running) (Cost 3 / Total 12PP)
  • Energy Blast +8 (Source: Mutation) (Cost 2 / Total 16PP)
  • Amazing (Damage) Save +4 (Source: Mutation; Extras: Fortitude Save, Reflex Save) (Cost 3 / Total 12PP)
  • Protection +4 (Source: Mutation) (Cost 2 / Total 8PP)