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King Random.

I send to you this to show that I am a Prince of Amber and will serve at need. Ask no more of me now. You know well that i am involved in affairs deep and wide that stretch into the ancient history of Amber. I do nothing to harm her. I may not leave these affairs casually.

Call on me if my youthful siblings are not up to the tasks you set them. I trust Benedict to manage nearly everything a foeman might send against thee directly.

My signet ring will come with this message. My hawk will bring it. While you hold my ring, you hold my fealty. If you need me and my trump does not chill, send my hawk to me and i will come.

But do not call me except at dire need, my king.


Prince Osric ot Oberon vay Cymnea, Duke of Al a Marat of Thelusia

PS-Look after Galvar.

Jeweled Amber