Other folk of Interest

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Tizun Thanes Halls

  • Yvis - Concubine (Tizun's mistess). 2nd level thief. 1st level Companion.
  • Cleb - Ogre Eunuch.
  • Lilse, Auchine and Else. Pixies. They carry swords and bows and are in delicate Silken Armour. They can dispel magic 1/day and use ventriloquism at will. They are naturally invisible, can fly for up to 3 turns before resting a turn and Auchine (the leader) can cast phantasmal force once a day.


  • Haver Drenn - merchant offering chest of gold for return of his son from Haebog
  • Black Olav and Secundus - Fighters and mercenaries. Incarcerated for a year.

The Ridgelands

  • Watcher of Scales - A Lammasu who took a liking to Brother Valarn.
  • Unnamed Centaur Leader - Established a tentative relationship.

Tizuns Halls

  • The Tok-keh .