P'zev the Hairless

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The Wilderlands of Absalom


  • L4 Mage (Magician)
  • XP: 18628/20000 (+5% bonus)
  • Neutral Alignment
  • Henchman of PC Karag Two-Blades
  • Titles/Holdings: none
  • Age: 29

A dark-skinned man wearing the red-and-black robes of a War Wizard of Taval, P'zev is not just bald-pated but utterly lacking of any hair. He calls himself P'zev the Perspicacious, but the men have named him 'the Hairless'. He claims the follicles were affected by an alchemical accident, but there are those in the ranks who swear they've seen him shaving in the early hours of morning. He came to Karag's employ after fleeing a city east of Rhea's Ford, having discovered a secret of the criminal element that would not bode well for his health.

  • P'zev has always worked for criminal enterprises. (blight | criminals)
  • P'zev is a logician, and works to ensure that Karag and Hira have the resources for their schemes. (operate | resources)
  • When Karag makes promises, P'zev delivers on them. (fulfill | lies)


  • STR 11
  • INT 15 (+1)
  • WIS 11
  • DEX 13 (+1)
  • CON 13 (+1)
  • CHA 9


  • Languages
    • Common
    • Draconic
  • General Proficiencies
    • Adventuring
    • Knowledge (geology) With a proficiency throw of 11+, the character can recall expert commentary or information relating to this area of knowledge
    • Knowledge (history) With a proficiency throw of 11+, the character can recall expert commentary or information relating to this area of knowledge
  • Class Proficiencies
    • Magical Engineering The character has specialized knowledge of magical items. He gains a +1 to magical research throws. He can recognize most common magical items after careful investigation with a proficiency throw of 11+, but is unable to recognize uncommon or unique magical items, to divine command words, to distinguish trapped or cursed items from safe ones, or to assess the specific bonus or number of charges remaining in an item.


  • AC 1
  • HP 17
  • Movement Rate: 120'/40'/120'
  • Initiative Modifier: +1
  • Attacks
    • Primary Melee Attack: Dagger 9+, 1d4
    • Primary Ranged Attack: Dagger 8+, 1d4, 10'/20/'30'
  • Saves:
    • Petrification & Paralysis 12+
    • Poison & Death 12+
    • Blast & Breath 14+
    • Staves & Wands 10+
    • Spells 11+



  • First Level: 2/day
    • Magic Missile
    • Summon Berserkers
    • Sleep
  • Second Level: 2/day
    • Invisibility
    • Knock
    • Summon Hero


Gear, Armor, Weapons: 3 stone, 4 items

  • Clothing: fur-lined cloak, woolen robes, low boots, belt, gloves, fur hat (23.4 gp)
  • Weapons: dagger (x3) (9 gp)
  • Belt: waterskin, coin pouch (1.1 gp)
  • Backpack (111.7 gp): Lantern, flasks of oil - common (x3), flint & steel, iron rations (1 week), 100' rope, grappling hook, crowbar, spellbook

Wealth: 2390.75 gp (kept safe with Mr. Hand), 111.23 gp on person

Cookie, Medium Riding Horse, HP 13/13 (40 gp)

  • Saddle & Tack (10 gp)
  • Saddlebag One (26.2 gp): iron rations - two weeks, waterskin - full (x2), spare robe, blankets (x3)
  • Saddlebag Two (15 gp): tent, stakes & mallet, sacks - large (x5)

Castle, Medium Draft Horse, HP 9/9 (50 gp total)

  • Saddlebag One (10.4): flasks of oil - common (x18)
  • Saddlebag Two (10.4): flask of oil - common (x18)
  • Saddlebag Three (67): 400' rope, grappling hooks (x2), crowbar (x2)
  • Saddlebag Four (17): iron rations - three weeks



Possessing of a faultless sense of duty, the hairless scholar who smells constantly of alchemical powders earned the enmity of a criminal figure east of Rhea's Ford, having discovered a secret that made him flee into the employ of the Iron Raider. While appreciative of Hira of the Seven's skills as a healer, he's skeptical about her mysticism.