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Real Name: Cleo Doyle

Gender: Female

Ethnicity: Biracial

Age: Late 20s

Hair: black, short and punky

Eyes: light brown


Agility d10

Alertness d8

Intelligence d8

Strength d6

Vitality d8

Willpower d8


Brain d4

Face d6

Muscle d4

Sneak d10

Tech d8


Super Sneaky Cat Burgler (High Concept)

Tiny but Fierce

Shameless Flirt


Cable Drop D8 (Sneak)

B&E Tools D8 (Tech)

Signature Assets[edit]

Sneak Suit D6

Fence I Go Way Back With D6


Aerialist: You can work several stories above anything you can easily stand on without breaking a sweat.

  • Role: Sneak
  • Activation: You’re hanging from a windowsill, repelling from a helicopter, walking a high wire, suspended upside-down six stories over a concrete parking lot, etc. Spend a Karma for additional effect.
  • Effect: Add a d8 to any roll made under such circumstances. Also, spending a Karma nullifies Location Traits related to being up high, swinging from a rope, and so on that work against you for the duration of the scene.

Right Place, Right Time: You have a knack for being where you need to be.

  • Role: Any
  • Activation: Spend a Karma.
  • Effect: You can place yourself in any scene that didn’t already have you there, and you give an extra d6 to the next roll that you or another Agent makes in that scene. You can’t activate this Talent if you’re heavily engaged elsewhere.