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The PDF Decatur was originally the IAV Intrepid based in the Georgia System. It was commanded by Captain S. Hakuro. The Intrepid was sent to Blue Sun to assist with clean up and pursuit following the Reaver Skirmish of 2518. It did admirably and was moved to Blue Sun patrols following the conflict as other ships were sent back to the Ares/Boros for repairs. An outbreak on board of TSE34B caused them to seek assistance. Resistance operatives acting undercover as Mechanical and Medical technicians quarantined the ship and claimed damages on the vessel rendered it a total loss. When the last Alliance Naval personnel were removed from the vessel, a new crew of Resistance fighters boarded the vessel.

This constituted the single greatest act of space piracy and least violent as well, with zero injuries. The Alliance Crew were sent to the hospitals of Hera on transport vehicles. It is not known whether the Alliance is aware of the Decatur at this time.

The Decatur was commanded by Commander Val Senna until command of the ship was given to Shyla Kramer.

The Decatur is the flag ship of the PDF Planetary Defense Force.


Dimensions (LxBxH): 2200x700x900
Tonnage: 640,000 tons
Speed Class: 3 cruise/5 hard-burn
Crew Quarters: 240
Fuel Capacity: 24,000 tons (1200 hours)
Cargo Capacity: 24,000 tons
Passengers: 320

Agility d6
Strength d10
Vitality d8
Alertness d6
Intelligence d8
Willpower d10

Initiative d6+d6
Life 20
Athletics d4, Perception d4, Pilot d4, Heavy Weapons d4
Fuel Efficient, Memorable

Complexity: Very High
Price: 48,160,000
Maintenance Cost: 3,072,000 Credits per year

Main Dual Gun: 200lb projectile (d8), range x1.5 (newtech), 200 round magazine per barrel.
Interceptor Guns (12): 1 lb. autocannon (only basic damage in starship scale), 1000 round magazine
Standard missile load: 208 long range 100-lb missiles, 160 medium range 200-lb missiles, 1280 short range 10-lb missiles (jammers and decoys) Armor: W4 (newtech, weighs half normal tonnage)

Craft: The longbow carries a mix of Warhammer Interceptors and Foxbat Bomber/transports. It can carry 18 Interceptors on each side of the ship, or 6 Foxbats per side. Usual mix is 18/6. Although, if the vessel is going into dangerous territory, it may carry 36 interceptors. It can also carry vessels in its internal hangars. It can house ships as large as ASREVs in these spaces.


CO: Captain Shyla Kramer
XO: Commander Val Senna
Security Chief: Yu-Shin Harrington