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Transcript of a pirate broadcast given shortly after the initial prison break of the Band of Steel.

People of earth, hear us! People of earth, listen to our message!

Your heroes have failed you, but hope is not yet lost! Where they have failed, we shall succeed, for a new band rises to take the place of the old, and earth now has new protectors!

I am Doctor Steel, and I bring to you tonight the story of an intrepid band which even now plans the liberation of earth from its yoke of alien oppression. A band of patriotic, brave, bold adventurers who have struck their first blow for humanity against their alien overlords. It is the story of Madame Shade, powerful Voodoo Priestess, who raises the very spirits of the netherworld against the aliens. It is the story of War Cry, ancient aztec goddess, who will strike down those who profane her holy land. I speak of Noise, who has sworn the use of his overwhelming sonic talents to the cause of humanity. I speak of Boneyard, patriotic soldier who could not be held back from this fight even by death itself. I speak of Carnivore, reptillian traveller from beyond time who has agreed to to aid us in our time of need. And, I speak of myself — Doctor Steel, inventor, genius, friend of children, a man dedicated to the betterment of life for all mankind (unlike certain other more egotistical individuals who use the title Doctor, even though they clearly have no more than a Masters Degree in applied engineering and the money to build a fancy suit! But I digress....)

We have joined forces to stand in the face of alien oppression. To look these foul invaders in the eye and shout a defiant "enough". TO PUT THE PERIOD AT THE END OF THE LAST SENTENCE OF THE TERMINAL PARAGRAPH OF THE FINAL CHAPTER OF THE NOVELLA OF THEIR OCCUPATION OF EARTH! Do not fear us, people of earth, for we work on your behalf! Welcome us, people of Earth, for we shall free all of your lands. We are united in our cause, determined to succeed, bound to one another and to EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU BY BONDS OF KINSHIP AND FRATERNITY!

We are THE BAND OF STEEL! And we shall remove the yoke from around your necks and return earth to those who belong here — human, atlantean, hybrids, terrestrially raised spirits, and creatures from OUR past, OUR alternate earths, OUR parallel dimensions, NOT THEIRS!

Join with us, people of earth! Help us to fight this menace. We cannot succeed without your! We need your support, your assistance, your eyes and ears, your hearts and minds! Wait for our broadcasts, we will tell you more about how you can help! For now, take heart — the fight for earth is far from over and we will be victorious!

And now, a special message for the children. Doctor Steel knows that it is a frightening time for you, and Doctor Steel understands. But Doctor Steel wants all the boys and girls out there to know that he is working, day and night, to find a way to make them happy, to let them run and play once again free of the fears of vivisection or consumption by horrible alien beings. Be brave, children, for your bravery helps Doctor Steel to be brave too. Doctor Steel is counting on you to help him in this difficult time, and he believes that you can do it. When you sleep tonight, children, dream of Doctor Steel, and you have Doctor Steel's promise that he will watch out for you, and protect you as best he can.

Good night children. Sleep tight.

The Collected Speeches[edit]