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Wastes Full of Lightning


Pallour the Brainer


A huge, lumbering man whose metabolism keeps him morbidly obese even when food is scarce. There is not a single hair on his bulbous, fish-pale body, which is naked but for a sparse getup of spiked straps of black leather. His voice is high and soft, and his eyes small and deep-set. His demenour shifts between cringing fear, giddy delight and shrieking terror, not always due to any outside reason that anyone can make out.


Cool +1

Hard +1

Hot -2

Sharp +1

Weird +3


Preternatural at-will brain attunement: you get +1 weird (weird+3)

Deep brain scan: : when you have time and physical intimacy with someone — mutual intimacy like holding them in your arms, or 1-sided intimacy like they’re restrained to a table — you can read them more deeply than normal. Roll+weird. On a 10+, hold 3. On a 7–9, hold 1. While you’re reading them, spend your hold to ask their player questions, 1 for 1:

  • what was your character’s lowest moment?
  • for what does your character crave forgiveness, and of whom?
  • what are your character’s secret pains?
  • in what ways are your character’s mind and soul vulnerable?

On a miss, you inflict 1-harm (ap) upon your subject, to no benefit.

Brainer Special: If you and another character have sex, you automatically do a deep brain scan on them, whether you have the move or not. Roll+weird as normal. However, the MC chooses which questions the other character’s player answers.

Personal Gear

  • Ornate dagger (2-harm hand valuable)
  • Violation glove (hand hi-tech) For purposes of brainer moves, mere skin contact counts as time and intimacy.
  • Deep ear plugs (worn hi-tech) Protects the wearer from all braner moves and gear
  • Oddments worth 5-barter


Lockbox Hx +3

Suv Hx +2

Kara Hx +2

Rhyme Hx +3




Each time you improve, choose one of the following. Check it off; you can’t choose it again.

__ get +1 cool (max cool+2)

__ get +1 sharp (max sharp+2)

__ get +1 hard (max hard+2)

__ get +1 hard (max hard+2)

__ get a new brainer move

__ get a new brainer move

__ get a 2 gigs (detail) and moonlighting

__ get a holding (detail) and wealth

__ get a move from another playbook

__ get a move from another playbook

Wastes Full of Lightning